100 Sad Lofi Beats Playlist Spotify (2020) [MP3] – [15-May-2020]

A L E X, imagiro, tapei – i can’t see their beauty through their fear (imagiro & tapei remix)
A L E X, Kendall Miles – Don’t Read Too Much
A L E X – No One Would Miss Me
A L E X – This Week
Alicks – Empathy
Bard, Tra$h – Way Out
beaurial – If I Close My Eyes
Blimpflyinghigh – Alone in Space…
Bonjr, Thomas Reid, versor – i want you to help me live
Casilofi – The Little Things in Life
cursedearvy.jpeg, Linsy – No I’m Not for You
Dabin, Lexi Norton – In Flames
Dyslm, DNAKM – I Never Did
Dyslm – You Belong Here
Dysphoria – Im Lost Without You
Fudasca, Resident – Tell Me What’s on Your Mind
furino – it’s never enough to say i’m sorry
GentleBeatz, w00ds – Still
Get You The Moon (feat. Snøw)(2)
Get You The Moon (feat. Snøw)
Hashir – Down
Houch – holding your hand
Idealism – last time
Idealism – Lonely
i’m closing my eyes (feat. shiloh)
Imfinenow – No I’m Not
Imfinenow, w00ds – I Loved You But Yeah That’s All
Jordy Chandra – At Night I Miss You the Most
j’san – i’m in love with u, sorry
Kasper Lindmark – Are You Leaving
Kayou. – birds and bees
Kayou. – blame it all on me
Kayou. – happy when i’m sad
Kayou. – Heartache
Kayou. – I Can’t Forget You
Kayou. – I Had a Memory So Painful It Made Me Cry
Kayou. – I’m So in Love With You
Kayou. – I Thought I Had You
Kayou. – It Was Only an Autumn Tale
Kayou. – It Won’t Be Easy
Kayou. – Like You
Kayou. – lost without you
Kayou. – Memories of a Winter Day
Kayou. – New York City Nights
Kayou. – On the Run
Kayou. – Seele
Kayou. – spring love
Kayou., w00ds – I Guess I Was Nothing to You
Kayou. – We Will Never Be One Again
Kayou. – You Still Mean the World to Me
Kayou., Zaini, Cold Illumination – gave you my heart
Kayou., Zaini, Cold Illumination – Sad Boi
keshi – over u
Knowmadic – Faces
Kochetkovv – I Love You, That’s the Problem
kokoro – january
Kupla, j’san – Memories Fade – Nymano Remix
Last Summer – One Last Time
Late June – All My Friends Live Close
Leavv – Wind
Lil Bo Weep, killedmyself – i wrote this song 4 u
Michael FK, Groundfold – Lullaby
mommy, Philanthrope – throwback port
Monty Datta, Roiael – Bleeding Out
Monty Datta, Shiloh Dynasty – Sing to You
moow, Lotte Kestner – You’re in My Head
North Elements, Ayelle – It’s Always Been ~ You
Ondi Vil, Diza – I Know You So Well
Ondi Vil, Mishaal – Scars
potsu – i’m closing my eyes (feat. shiloh)
Powfu, Sarcastic Sounds – I Can’t Sleep
redrose – Serene Moments
Rnla, Resident – Save Me
Rook1e – I Fell in Love with You One Night in September
sagun – I’m Drunk And Confused
Sarah Meow, Shiloh – I Know You so Well
Sarcastic Sounds – I Don’t Sleep
Sarcastic Sounds – I Miss You
Sarcastic Sounds – It’s OK to Cry
Sensi Sye – Behind
Shae Delea – A Lost Promise
SPEECHLESS – i don’t miss you
SPEECHLESS – Impossible
SVMP, yaeow – Take Me Back
Tanerelle, Barnes Blvd. – Love from NGC 7318
Teqkoi – Some Days I Forget
Timmies – Loosing Interest
Tokyo Twilight, DVNA – Little Things
towser – say anything
Tra$h – Nothing
Tra$h – Worry
w00ds – Lost Souls
w00ds – Part of You
What I Wish – I Don’t Want to Be Alone.
White Shinobi – garden in a bottle
WYS – Close My Eyes
WYS – Hope
WYS – Softness
Yuutsu – Bloom

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