new DJ songs Afro House, Afro Beat – [17-Jul-2020]

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exclusive for members new DJ songs Afro House, Afro Beat – [17-Jul-2020]

Aliens Bad Brothers, Big Martino, Stephan Barbieri – No More
Altamirano, Lionel Escobar – Much Money
AR – Disturb!a
Belier & Ribass – Va A Caer
Brandon Caballero, Jordan Allinor – Feel Good (Reblok Remix)
Bress Underground – Once Again
Budda Sage, Kususa, Froote – Dimension (Original Mix)
Daniel Bracket – Everything I Need
Darksidevinyl, Balata – Boohe (Original Mix)
Deep Narratives, Pansula – Lengane (Original Mix)
Din Jay – I Gotta Know (SoulLab Instrumental)
Din Jay – I Gotta Know (SoulLab Radio)
Din Jay – I Gotta Know (SoulLab Vocal Remix)
DJ Angelo – Babel
DJ Angelo – Radar
Gettoblaster, Daddy Dino – I Need To Know (The Deepshakerz Raw Dub mix)
Gianluca Pegoiani – Numero 5 (Beatless Version)
Gianluca Pegoiani – Numero 5
Joseph Gaex – Africanist
Joseph Gaex – La Flauta
Joseph Gaex – La Tribu
Joseph Gaex – Murumbi
Joseph Gaex – Soul Mokassa (WDM Mix)
Joseph Gaex – TechnoAfro
Jose V – Mueve Mueve
JuJu – Freedom Fighter
JuJu – Nairobi _ Chants
JuJu, Roach Om – No Name #3 _ Love is… _ My N_gg_r & Me
JuJu, The Space Rangers – Got to Be Right on It (Original 45 Version)
JuJu, The Space Rangers – Plastic (Original 45 Version)
Kadenza – Make Me Feel
Kenny Brian – Baila Bonito
&lez – Idla
&lez – Issues (Darbuka Mix)
&lez – Issues
Luisito Quintero – Bonatune (Instrumental Demo Mix)
Luisito Quintero – Bonatune
Luisito Quintero, Chulius Of Los Amigos Invisibles, Jose Mangual Jr., Milton Cardona – Skinny Papa
Luisito Quintero, Claudia Acuna – Free My Soul
Luisito Quintero feat. Anane – Our Love (Nicola Conte Remix)
Luisito Quintero, Francis Mbappe – Gbagada, Gbagada, Gbogodo, Gbogodo (Louie Vega Remix)
Luisito Quintero, Hilton Ruiz – Quintero’s Jam
Luisito Quintero, Jose Mangual Jr., Milton Cardona – El Jibarito Y El Cubanito
Luisito Quintero, Josh Milan – Aquilas Coisas Todas (Louie Vega Remix)
Luisito Quintero, Josh Milan – Love Remains The Same (Louie Vega Remix)
Luisito Quintero, Louie Vega, Nina Rodriguez – Yemaya (Manoo’s Touch)
Luisito Quintero, Nestor Torres, OVEOUS – Tumbao (Louie Vega Remix)
Luisito Quintero, Nina Rodriguez – Music For Gong Gong
Manfredo Fest – Braziliana Nº 1
Manfredo Fest – Brazilian Dorian Dream
Manfredo Fest – Facing East
Manfredo Fest – Jungle Cat
Manfredo Fest – Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
Manfredo Fest – That’s What She Says
Manfredo Fest – Who Needs It
Mauro Venti – Like This
No One Name – Resembool
No One Name – Rockbell
Okyerema Asante – Asante Sana
Okyerema Asante – Sabi – Black Fire Mix
Oneness of Juju – African Rhythms (Album Version)
Oneness of Juju – African Rhythms Chant
Oneness of Juju – African Rhythms (Original 7′ Version Pt. 1)
Oneness of Juju – Be About the Future
Oneness of Juju – Bootsie’s Lament (Unreleased Version)
Oneness of Juju – Chants _ Don’t Give Up
Oneness of Juju – Follow Me
Oneness of Juju – Interlude_ African Rhythms II
Oneness of Juju – Interlude (African Rhythms)
Oneness of Juju – Interlude (Rhythms Timelesness)
Oneness of Juju – Nooky
Oneness of Juju, Plunky – Every Way But Loose
Oneness of Juju, Plunky – Higher
Oneness of Juju – River Luv Rite
Oneness of Juju – Space Jungle Funk
Oneness of Juju – The End of the Butterfly King
Oneness of Juju – West Wind
Rene Amesz, The Deepshakerz – Tribal Mantra (Tribe Mix)
Re-Tide, Mattei & Omich – Dark Shadows (Mattei & Omich Club Mix)
Road To Mana – The Rebirth of Kali (Original Mix)
Robbie Rivera, Georgia Train – Change (David Morales Extended Remix)
Rodriguez Jr., Liset Alea – What Is Real (Floyd Lavine Remix)
Rone White, Rowen Clark – Forever Young
Sage Monk, Boddhi Satva – Power to Africa
Tayllor – Low End
The Deepshakerz, Jako Diaz, Shyam P – No Questions (Ki Creighton Remix)
Tomi H – Vuka
Y.Y, Avi Vaker – Road to Maasai (Dub Mix)
Y.Y, Avi Vaker – Road to Maasai (Original Mix)

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