2021- Flower Garden Of The Hell (Original Soundtrack) Mp3 – [02-May-2021]

01. Ordinary Office Worker, NAOKO TANAKA (26)
02. Theme of Mad Dog SHIORI
03. Theme of Devil SHURI
04. It Is Not Ridiculous Octopus
05. Theme Of Large Monster ETSUKO
06. Try It If You Can Do It!!
07. Is This The Real You__
08. Development Such As What These Comics
09. RAN HOJO Like The Main Character Of Comics
10. Small Fish Yankee
11. I Want A Boyfriend
12. I Cannot Be Worked As
13. Oh, It Is Thank You
15. A Crash! One-On-One Fight Medley!
16. Blue Lightning TAEKO SAEKI
17. _Flower Garden Of The Hell_ -MAIN THEME-
18. It Was Not The Caliber Of The Main Character
19. The Case Happened For The Lunch Break
20. Female Office Worker REINA ONIMARU Of The Strongest Above The Ground
21. Company MITSUFUJI Vs Company TOMSON
22. I Seem To Have It Stolen If The Same
23. It Is Tattered And Stands Up For Nature Unsteadily
24. …I Wanted To Live As A Female Office Worker Commonly
25. I Kill All The Members In A Mass!!!
26. The One-On-One Fight Who Decides The Strongest Above The Ground
27. Fierce Quarrel
28. It Cannot Be Over Yet
29. First Japanese Female Office Worker
30. At First Let’s Go With Ability Inspection
31. I Forge It And Am Worth
32. _Flower Garden Of The Hell_ -Fierce Quarrel One-On-One Fight For Pride-
33. An Office Worker Does Not Need To Be Strong In A Quarrel