Beatport Best New Minimal, Deep Tech May 2021 – [07-May-2021]

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007 – Céssy – Pleasured (Original Mix)
046 – Tapesh, Saintès – Cosmic Gate
062 – Martín Mosquera – White Rat
Acid Kids – Sending Love (Alessio Viggiano Remix)
Alann M – Saturn
Ale Castro, martinko – The Droplets
Alexander Louis – Check This Groove (Extended Mix)
Avstin Frank – Imperial Goods (Ennio Skoto Aerial Remix)
Avstin Frank – Imperial Goods
Ben Murphy – Want Me To (Ramin Rezaie Remix Extended Mix)
Brad Brunner – No Sleep
Butane – Everybody’s Talkin (Pandemic Mix)
Caal, BAUM – I Wish
Ciclo – Remote Control
Cuartero – Rame
Daniele Bussoleni – La Farfalla
Dani Pana, ASH-R – Fantasizing (ASH-R Extended Mix)
Darius Syrossian – Dream Thief
Degrand – Seriously Sound
Detlef – Back2bacK
Dimmish – Planet Zero
Dipzy – The Notion
Eddy M – All Good
Eddy M – Like A Bee
Elias R – U & Me
Fede Aliprandi – Groove Hour
Fernando Mesa – Stratos (Edit)
Franco Radetich – Answer 1
Greco (NYC), Xtn – Trippin (Tom Spark Remix)
Guilherme Rossi – Exodus (Original Mix)
Hanfry Martinez – Candelaria 6am (Voigtmann Remix)
Ildec – Dmoni (Giorgio Maulini Remix)
Immature – Push It
James Dexter, Jack Swift – Don’t Need You
James Saunders (UK) – Wurlitzer Spritzer
Jeremy Weeks – Feel The Groove
Josh Baker – Jaffa
Juan (AR), Jiggy (IT) – Midi Fight
Justin Vilhauer – Unwind
KC Wray – Deep Motion
Kreech, Eli Samuel – Lovin’ U
Late Replies – Our Grind (Extended Mix)
Local Dub – Glow Ride
Luca Donzelli – Reach Me
Luca Donzelli – Rebelz of 2021
Lucio Agustin, Elleot – Rubber
Luuk Van Dijk – Lose Control
Matt Egbert – Swing 63
Miguel Lobo, Cristian Merino – Like Father Like Son
Milion (NL) – Treat U Right
Odette – Eyes Wide Shut
Parsec, Yogi P – What You Know
Prunk & Project89 – Telling You The Truth (Original Mix)
Reelow – Hungarian Cartel (Album Mix)
Rich NxT, Shyam P – Other Side (Rossi. Remix)
Richy Ahmed, Jamie Jones – I Need It (Ray Mono Remix)
Rigzz – Peek 8
Roberto Pagliaccia, MizBee – Out of Tune (Prok & Fitch Extended Remix)
Robin Fett – Mood Hoover
Rone White, Rowen Clark – Doin Nuttin
Rudolf C – Gamma!
Ryan Resso – Morning Sunrise (Wheats Extended Mix)
Saktu – Eye of Detroit (Original Mix)
Sly Turner – Funktional (Morpei Remix)
Sous Sol – I’m Back (Londonground Remix)
T.Bunts – Brimstone (Radio Edit)
The Mekanism – Just A Feeling Now
The Willers Brothers – Come With Me (Original Mix)
Truvor – Capsula
Vales – Desire (Edit)
Wave Particle Singularity – Photoelectric (Original Mix)
Weird. – Rhymers (Kodewerk Remix)
Wyatt Marshall – Building Blocks
Yogi P – HYYGE
Zar Zar – Sharky and George

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