Drum & Bass popular new – [12-Jun-2021]

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A-DD,L – Riboflavin [Expression Audio]
Assistent – Eastern Wind [Gravitation]
Breaking Beats – Agenda [Liquid Flow]
Breaking Beats – I Don’t Need You [Liquid Flow]
Breaking Beats – Signals [Liquid Flow]
Breaking Beats – Warped [Liquid Flow]
Bytecode & Transforma – Mindflayer Vip [Korsakov Music]
Caim – Objective Vision [Emphaseas Music]
Code 3 – Eight Ball [CX Exclusive]
Code 3 – Lannding Forty Two [CX Exclusive]
Code 3 – Vauxhall Bridge [CX Exclusive]
Conflate – Bone Breaker [AFT Records]
Conflate & Dissonant – Russian Empire [AFT Records]
Danger – Avenge [Subway Soundz]
Danger – Homicide [Subway Soundz]
David Synth – Beta Decay (Black Barrel Remix) [Gutting Audio]
Dawn Raid – Desire (feat. Kiara) [ScattyOne Remix] [Ghetto Dub Recordings]
Dreaman & Tenzor – Dark Offensive [Emphaseas Music]
Droptek – Crikey [Korsakov Music]
Echomatics – The Other Side [Erculean Recordings]
Echomatics – What Else [Erculean Recordings]
END – Algorithmic Thoughts [Suspect Device Productions]
END – Cough [Suspect Device Productions]
END – Slow Dive [Suspect Device Productions]
Fearless – Black Dragon (Impak Remix) [Gutting Audio]
Godderz – Come Again [Erculean Dark]
Godderz – Espionage [Erculean Dark]
Godderz – Stagnate [Erculean Dark]
Grim Hellhound – Compressed Space [Emphaseas Music]
Hebra – Mi Neurosis (Cza Remix) [Gutting Audio]
Hybert Phillips – Moment [Sinuous]
Hybert Phillips – Riot [Sinuous]
Hybert Phillips – Serafin [Sinuous]
Hybert Phillips – Witch [Sinuous]
Impression – Ingenuity (feat. Stunna) [FX909 MUSIC]
Impression – Let Me Out (feat. Stunna) [FX909 MUSIC]
InciteDnb – Rage [Eternal Muzic Records]
InciteDnb – Reign [Eternal Muzic Records]
InciteDnb – Secrets [Eternal Muzic Records]
InciteDnb – Severity [Eternal Muzic Records]
InciteDnb – The Punisher [Eternal Muzic Records]
Jade & Mindscape – Dangerous [Korsakov Music]
Jade & MNDSCP – Dangerous Vip [Korsakov Music]
Jaguar Paw – Nastya (Mshcode Remix) [Ghetto Dub Recordings]
Jay Aftermath – Situation Untold (SR Remix) [Ghetto Dub Recordings]
Jaycut & Kolt Siewerts – Altobelly [PLAY! Music]
Just A Dolphin – Igris [Darling Music Group]
Justin King Perri – Elm-St [Clubbers Culture]
Justin King Perri – Pure [Clubbers Culture]
Justin King Perri – Take Me [Clubbers Culture]
Justin King Perri – With You [Clubbers Culture]
Kodin – We Won’t Obey [Korsakov Music]
Kodin – We Won’t Obey Vip [Korsakov Music]
Krot & CVPELLV – Roller Soldier [Emphaseas Music]
Kwang – City Girl [Dirty Beatz Records]
Lee Mvtthews, NÜ & Trei – Lights Out (feat. NÜ) [Original] [Viper Recordings]
Lee Mvtthews & Trei – Control (Original) [Viper Recordings]
MADSTER – Amygdala [Korsakov Music]
Mancha – Aftermath (Kursiva Remix) [Gutting Audio]
Maniatics – Out of Control (Nickbee Remix) [Gutting Audio]
Mazare & Bloodhounds – Wake Up [Monstercat]
Mazare & CloudNone – Promises [Monstercat]
Mazare, Keepsake & Liel Kolet – Open Heart [Monstercat]
Mazare & Machine Age – Scared [Monstercat]
Mazare & Saint Agnes – Light It Up [Monstercat]
MLD – Lets Go [N.W.S Digital]
MLD – Life Moves [N.W.S Digital]
MLD – No Contest [N.W.S Digital]
MLD – Troublesome [N.W.S Digital]
Modu – Knuckle Jousting [C4C Limited]
Modu – Lost in Sector 6 [C4C Limited]
Modu – Toe Tag [C4C Limited]
Motiv & Surreal – Victoria [Fokuz Recordings]
Motiv – The Love Experiment [Fokuz Recordings]
NIVERSO – Higher [DeVice]
Primal Tribes – Ambient Abuse (feat. Deleted Sound) [Lost Recordings]
Primal Tribes – Losing Control [Lost Recordings]
Primal Tribes – Sir David’s Retrobution [Lost Recordings]
Primal Tribes – Temple Ov Time [Lost Recordings]
Qkhack – Psicodelic Experience (Dub Elements Remix) [Gutting Audio]
Qo & Computerartist – Venom [Hoofbeats Music]
Rigel – My Way [Darling Music Group]
Rigel – My Way (Extended Mix) [Darling Music Group]
Royal Vagrant – Far from Home [Papa Bear Records]
Simao – Riot [Sinuous]
Smooth – Capacitor [Korsakov Music]
Smooth – Capacitor Vip [Korsakov Music]
Sound Shifter – Dis Jungle (Vinyl Junkie Remix) [Ghetto Dub Recordings]
Sound Shifter – Feel (Riffz Remix) [Ghetto Dub Recordings]
Sound Shifter – What I Had (Duburban Remix) [Ghetto Dub Recordings]
Sovryn – Invasion [Korsakov Music]
Sovryn – Invasion Vip [Korsakov Music]
SR – Special Ops (Mad Vibes Remix) [Ghetto Dub Recordings]
Surreal – You’ll Find Someone [Fokuz Recordings]
Symptom – Stay Tough (Vinyl Junkie & SR Remix) [Ghetto Dub Recordings]
Transforma & Bytecode – Mindflayer [Korsakov Music]
Unknown Face – Duplicate [Flavaz Recordings]
Unknown Face – Lazerdrome [Flavaz Recordings]
Unknown Face – New Beginnings [Flavaz Recordings]
Unknown Face – Static Tones [Flavaz Recordings]
Unkoded – Run Dis [Liquid V]
Unkoded – Step It to ‘Em (Booyaka) [Liquid V]
Vandermou – Horfield (Save the Rave Remix) [Gutting Audio]
Veak – Lawd a Mercy (Sasha Khan Remix) [Ghetto Dub Recordings]
Vinyl Junkie & Sound Shifter – Come Rude Boy (SR Remix) [Ghetto Dub Recordings]
Warm Roller – Critical Vibe [C Recordings]
Warm Roller – Empty [C Recordings]
Yatuza – Comosea (feat. Souldier) [Murky Digital]
Yatuza – Dark Wax [Murky Digital]
Yatuza – Modern Science [Murky Digital]
Yatuza – Other Realm [Murky Digital]
Yatuza – Rolloz (feat. Asura) [Murky Digital]
Yatuza – Seeing Things [Murky Digital]
Zar & Motiv – Lost in Space (feat. Duskee) [Surreal Remix] [Fokuz Recordings]
Zonna – Under [Korsakov Music]
Zonna – Under Vip [Korsakov Music]

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