Psy-Trance popular new – [12-Jun-2021]

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Acid Note – Valhalla Psy-Party [Electronica Rave Records]
Alter Nature – The Best Day (Schameleon Remix) [Spin Twist Records]
Apach & Traffic Light – Detta [Galama Records]
Basso – Domestic Robots [Let It Out Records]
Basso & Saturn Six – Don’t Stop [Let It Out Records]
Benbek & Monja Coen – Consciência [Connection+]
Caterpillar Ktplr – The Song of Andromeda [Electronica Rave Records]
Cosmic Flow & Ghost Note – Space Center [Iono Music]
Cosmogonia – Mind Control [Electronica Rave Records]
Cosmonet – There’s No Planet B [Spin Twist Records]
Cymatic Effects – Analog Race [Sonitum Records]
Cymatic Effects – High [Sonitum Records]
D-Connect – Acid Shipping [PTL Music]
Dhermo – Spirit Walk [Dream Crew Records]
DJ Aydogan, Nihita & Ashtar (UK) – Chatha Kuethe [XLARGE RECORDS]
Elwood & Openmind – Supernatural [Dream Crew Records]
Evil Oil Man & Airi – Trauma Control [Zenon Records]
Evil Oil Man & Dirty Hippy – Blade Runner [Zenon Records]
Evil Oil Man – Dub Face [Zenon Records]
Evil Oil Man, Grouch & Dirty Hippy – Uber Bagusa [Zenon Records]
Evil Oil Man – House of Bass [Zenon Records]
Evil Oil Man & Hypogeo – Morphex [Zenon Records]
Evil Oil Man & Klipsun – Cells (Evil Oil Man Mix) [Zenon Records]
Evil Oil Man – Little Bits [Zenon Records]
Evil Oil Man & Miles from Mars – Strandloper [Zenon Records]
Evil Oil Man – Necrum Jungles [Zenon Records]
Evil Oil Man – Power Bar [Zenon Records]
Evil Oil Man – Progressive [Zenon Records]
Evil Oil Man – Scrabianian Nests [Zenon Records]
Evil Oil Man – Subterranean Transmission [Zenon Records]
Evil Oil Man & Xompax – Clamato Top Hat ‘O [Zenon Records]
FullSpektor – Easy Atmosphere [Let It Out Records]
FullSpektor – No Connection [Let It Out Records]
Groark – Opposite [Dream Crew Records]
Grushenko – Ekho (feat. Mary Carmen Camarena) [Electronica Rave Records]
Ital & Improvement – Microdose [Antu Records]
KaDusH – Memories of Shamanic Goa Talks [Electronica Rave Records]
Kakir – Remain Unknown [Dream Crew Records]
Lucadelic & Orokh – What the Eyes Cannot See [Ruda’ Records]
Multifrequencies – The Ocean’s King [Electronica Rave Records]
Noyx – Secrets of the Earth [Electronica Rave Records]
Overdeck – Spaceship [SY Records]
Pandyan – Mirroring [Dream Crew Records]
Paranoia – Persian [Electronica Rave Records]
Pixie Trap – SkovKatten [Dream Crew Records]
Psycho Abstract – Acelerate Weekend (2021 Remastered Version) [Abstract Studios]
Psycho Abstract – Forgot (2021 Remastered Version) [Abstract Studios]
Psycho Abstract – Hard Shake (2021 Remastered Version) [Abstract Studios]
Psycho Abstract – Hipnotica (2021 Remastered Version) [Abstract Studios]
Psycho Abstract – Hypno Field (2021 Remastered Version) [Abstract Studios]
Psycho Abstract – Los Colombaires Unicejas (2021 Remastered Version) [Abstract Studios]
Psycho Abstract – O Zone Machine (2021 Remastered Version) [Abstract Studios]
Psycho Abstract – Psychedelic Emotions (2021 Remastered Version) [Abstract Studios]
Psycho Abstract – Tia Puta (2021 Remastered Version) [Abstract Studios]
Psylocybins – Brain Control [Blue Tunes Records]
Qlipadelic – Cosmic Puzzle [Electronica Rave Records]
Quantum – Jodhpur Trip [Yokshaa Records]
Quantum – Raja Flip [Yokshaa Records]
Quasars – Unknown Source [BMSS Records]
Red Pulse – Inner Peace [Alien Records]
Samuel Roos – Odyssey [Electronica Rave Records]
Shivatrance Project – Illumination [Unicorn Music]
Shyisma – Karma [Electronica Rave Records]
Solunar – Trance in Grecia [Electronica Rave Records]
Spacebrothers – D.M.T Experience [Solar Tech Records]
Spacebrothers – Maxium Risk [Solar Tech Records]
Space Cruiser – Carpe Diem [Dream Crew Records]
StarLab (IN) – Primitive Future [DM7 Records]
Synthetic Samadhi – Gynostemma Pentaphyllum [Dream Crew Records]
The Trancemancer – A.I. (Quasars Remix) [BMSS Records]
Transient Disorder & MoRsei – Visionary Culture [Dacru Records]
Viper – Merqurius [Electronica Rave Records]
Wolfboy – Siguiente Nivel [Quantum Sorcery Records]
Xcursion – Carbon Chips [Dream Crew Records]
Xikin – Queen of Thoughts [Electronica Rave Records]
Zeg – Think Different [Mosaico]

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