Hardcore best new songs – [26-Jun-2021]

Download and listen music in best quality Hardcore best new songs – [26-Jun-2021]
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Animal Tremor – Burn Thee [Recharged]
Animal Tremor – Underground Rave (feat. Hauz Raider) [Recharged]
COREvax – Gone [Smiley Tunes Digital]
Dasha – Moonriver (Trance Version) [Previous Records]
D-Charged – Passage [Scantraxx Silver]
Delius – Our Destiny (Extended Mix) [Rough Recruits]
Delius – Our Destiny [Rough Recruits]
Der Prediger – All Wrong [Alienator Black]
Der Prediger – The Hate [Alienator Black]
Gabberfucker – Don’t Take it Personal [Gabberhead Records]
Gabberfucker – Dying of the Light [Gabberhead Records]
Gabberfucker – Utopia [Gabberhead Records]
Gabberfucker – Visitors [Gabberhead Records]
Gabberfucker – Whirlwind [Gabberhead Records]
Nik a.k.a. NKM – Always the Same [NKM Records]
Reggio & Miguel Serna – Under the Sun (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) [Extended Mix] [Revealed Recordings]
Reggio & Miguel Serna – Under the Sun (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) [Revealed Recordings]
STARMAN – Heart Beat (Remix) [RPL Digital]
Unverz – Intelligent Life [Akkros Records]
Zero 5 – Venne (Ordinari Version) [Previous Records]

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