Electronica newest – [28-Dec-2021]

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__1101 – Hentai.Tmp [Astral Group Entertainment]
Alex Sadman – Last Action Hero (Side B) [Scratch Style Brothers]
Alex Sadman – Life in the Night (Side A) [Scratch Style Brothers]
Alex Sadman – Robotech [Scratch Style Brothers]
Alpha Mound – Hollow Light [Lamour Records]
Al Rug – Light & Simple [Noise Reduction Records]
Arshiyazi, Adoxa – Ecorche [Astral Records]
Brasko Sama – Hurry Up [Freshtunes]
Centhron & SynthAttack – Krampus (Synthattack Remix 2021) [Scanner]
DaMos – Down to the Wire [Beautyfarm Records]
DarkKnife – Level 1 [Freshtunes]
Discojack – Nr.15 [JK Records]
DJ P-Lu – High Compass [Mod-Records]
DJ Zombi – Re – Connect [Armadillo Records]
Dmitry Molosh – Wild Garden [Armadillo Records]
Eitan Reiter – Fade Away [Armadillo Records]
Eros – Heal Each Other (Atnarko Remix) [Infiltr8 Celebr8]
Eros – Heal Each Other [Infiltr8 Celebr8]
Eros – Heal Each Other (Sumsuch Remix) [Infiltr8 Celebr8]
Eros – Heal Each Other (Terron Darby Remix) [Infiltr8 Celebr8]
Filter Bear – Kind and Evergreen [Armadillo Records]
Klazina – Magic Spell [Yalong Bay records]
Krim3gia – Belcebu [Freshtunes]
Krim3gia – Explore Your Mind [Freshtunes]
Krim3gia – Eye of Orus [Freshtunes]
Krim3gia – I Hate Emotions [Freshtunes]
Krim3gia – La Legion De Medusa [Freshtunes]
Krim3gia – Magical Journey [Freshtunes]
Krim3gia – Magical Journey Massterized [Freshtunes]
Krim3gia – Magic Trick [Freshtunes]
Krim3gia – Nightmare [Freshtunes]
Krim3gia – The Other Side [Freshtunes]
Krim3gia – Witches and Goblins [Freshtunes]
Leonardo Lira & Eder Carrillo – La Hierva Santa [Freshtunes]
Li-Polymer – Fauna [Armadillo Records]
Luka Sambe – Sapiens [Armadillo Records]
Mishandinho – Deep Dive [Freshtunes]
Noisoteka – Heart [Multiza Distribution]
Noisoteka – I Brought You Flowers [Multiza Distribution]
Noisoteka – Pain [Multiza Distribution]
Noisoteka – Sincerity [Multiza Distribution]
Paul Kardos – Monsoon [Armadillo Records]
Pensées – Jingle Loop [Pensees Music]
Phallen – Floating [KOZA]
ReverbSounds – Disappear [Diptorrid Recordings]
ReverbSounds – Maybe or Not [Diptorrid Recordings]
ReverbSounds – Needed [Diptorrid Recordings]
Shilenge – It Doesn’t Stop [Garden Co.]
Shilenge – Stay In [Garden Co.]
Subandrio – Cascading Plateaus (Downtempo Version) [Armadillo Records]
TadIR – Arrival [Armadillo Records]
The Scientists – Quantum [Armadillo Records]
Zolex – After the Blackout [Zolex Records]
Zolex – Fiction [Zolex Records]
Zolex – Stargate (Mix Nr 2) [Zolex Records]
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