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Amal Nemer – Love Has No Measure [PULSE WAVE]
Amal Nemer – No Control [PULSE WAVE]
Andrea Oliva – Cyrus [Revival New York]
Andrea Oliva – Sentinels [Revival New York]
Andrea Oliva – Zion [Revival New York]
Andreas Henneberg & Mikey Lion – Surfliner [Desert Hearts Records]
Andreas Henneberg & Mikey Lion – The Tortilla Rap [Desert Hearts Records]
Andre Salmon & Apollo 84 – Hidden Poem, I Am What I Am [ARRITMIA]
Andre Salmon & Apollo 84 – Kome to Me [ARRITMIA]
Andres Shockwave – Start Point [PULSO]
Andrew Cosma – Yasmina [Maniana Records]
Archie B – Can’t Handle It (Extended Mix) [STEREOHYPE]
Archie B – Can’t Handle It [STEREOHYPE]
BaMoo! – I’m Awake [Razzer Records]
Beki M – Give Me the Sunlight (Extended Mix) [There Was Jack]
Beki M – Give Me the Sunlight [There Was Jack]
BRADII – Everything (GruuvElement’s Remix) [Way Out Records]
BRANCA, Jeff Sorkowitz – EMPR (Original Mix)
BRANCA, Jeff Sorkowitz – Spark It Up (Original Mix)
Branzei & TZEN – Inside Ya Head [Hot Fuss]
Branzei & TZEN – Inside Ya Head (Radio Mix) [Hot Fuss]
Bruno Afterall – Mikatreta [Diversall Music]
Bruno Mendoza – You (Carlo Medel Remix) [Desande Oficial]
Bruno Mendoza – You [Desande Oficial]
Carlos Bacchüs – Curumani [Maniana Records]
Carmelo Prato – Crimewave [Hotfingers]
Catz N Motion – Haham [WyldCard]
Cele & MYMA – Collab [blaah! Raw]
Charlie de Ville – I’ll Try [CamelMusic Records]
Charlie de Ville – Pushin It [CamelMusic Records]
Chris Brooks & Tomas Bisquierra – Rollin’ Back [Techaway Limited]
Chris Brooks & Tomas Bisquierra – Want to Bring [Techaway Limited]
Concha – Body [Joiku Musik]
Concha – Something to Feel [Joiku Musik]
Dagoro – Crazy Hoops [Techaway Records]
Dagoro – You [Techaway Records]
Dani Sinergia – I’m Back (Original Mix)
Dani Sinergia – Tripmaster (Original Mix)
Davdavis – Transporting [Razzer Records]
Davide Mentesana – Night Room [Surreal Music]
Dhyk Bass – Heat [Vnylside]
Dhyk Bass – Vibration in Your Body (Josan Hernandez Remix) [Vnylside]
Dhyk Bass – Vibration in Your Body [Vnylside]
Dj Face Off – Hey Mama [Porky Records]
Dj Face Off – Train [Porky Records]
DJ PIZZINI – Make It Up [Razzer Records]
D-Richhard – How the World Should Be [Razzer Records]
DYI Mob – Kefka [PULSO]
Elias R & Santiago M – Huzla Happenz (MEEN Remix) [PULSO]
Emilio Centeno – Slap [Clover Records]
Emilio Centeno – Slap (Extended Version) [Clover Records]
Emilio Centeno – Take It [Clover Records]
Emilio Centeno – Take It (Extended Version) [Clover Records]
Funkyst – I Can Hear You (Original Mix) [Smart Lab Music]
Funkyst – I Can Hear You [Smart Lab Music]
Funkyst – Tilt Girl [Smart Lab Music]
GOOVA – Unlogical [Razzer Records]
Greck B, TULVAN – I’ll Be A Fool For You (Carlos A Remix)
Greck B, TULVAN – I’ll Be A Fool For You (Original Mix)
Greck B, TULVAN – On My Own (Original Mix)
Groove Cartel – The Beat (Extended Mix) [Future Freaks Records]
Groove Cartel – The Beat [Future Freaks Records]
Groove Cartel – The Way You Move (Extended Mix) [Future Freaks Records]
Groove Cartel – The Way You Move [Future Freaks Records]
Hynka – Brother! [Razzer Records]
Italo Perez – Feelin [Beatrain Records]
Jaded Soul – Intenso [Machine Control Records]
Jaded Soul – Quantum Science [Machine Control Records]
JAEN – Ensemble [Tamango Records]
JAEN – Havana [Tamango Records]
JAEN – Spiced But Natural [Tamango Records]
Jemss – Vocal Rum [Surrealismrec.]
Joe Vanditti – Call Emergency [Nervous Records]
Jonathan Jaramillo – Drum Killah [Playmobil]
Jonathan Jaramillo, Victor Vergara – Lluvia con Nieve [Playmobil]
Julian Millan, LaeHz – Arkadia Gate (Original Mix)
Julian Millan – Tangerine (Original Mix)
Kabaya – Time [Razzer Records]
Kassier, Luis Fruelas – Bring Your Booty (Original Mix)
Kassier, Luis Fruelas – Shake It (Original Mix)
Leonidas K. – No Sweat (Leonidas K. Dub) [Maniana Records]
Level Groove – Modulation [And Dance]
Level Groove – That It [And Dance]
Lucas Ferreyra – Lotus Flower [Ibiza Talents]
Lucas Ferreyra – Weird Situation [Ibiza Talents]
Lucas Rotela & Max Murillo – Bass Eyes [Sonido D Club Records]
Lucas Rotela & Max Murillo – Puerta Del Sol [Sonido D Club Records]
Lucas Rotela & Max Murillo – Suave [Sonido D Club Records]
Lujan Fernandez – Mi Gente (Original Mix)
Lujan Fernandez – Never Stop (Original Mix)
LuK Ros – More Me [Razzer Records]
Luzio – Sneakers (Luzio Remix) [Raid Records]
LWRNCE & CONNMAC – Calibrate [issues]
Magnvm – So Not Italian [POPGANG Records]
malvin (br) – Divider [Cactunes Records]
Marc Twelker – I Wanna Live (Original Mix)
Marc Twelker – Talk (Original Mix)
Mario Da Ragnio – Next to Me [Great Stuff Recordings]
Mario Da Ragnio, Oliver Oza – Bombay [Great Stuff Recordings]
Martin Caggiani – Mistery Call (Original Mix)
Martin Caggiani – Snappy Seven (Original Mix)
Marzziano – 90’s [House Keepers Records]
Marzziano – 90’s (Slugg Remix) [House Keepers Records]
Marzziano & Andre Salmon – You Can Go (feat. Cami Jones) [House Keepers Records]
Matheo Velez – Berlouse [PULSO]
Max Palmer – Plastic [Raid Records]
Max Palmer – Sneakers [Raid Records]
MKEY (UK) – House Music (Brett Holmes UK Remix) [UNOU Records]
MORÁZ (BR) – Plan (Original Mix)
MORÁZ (BR) – You Be There (Original Mix)
Morgan Cole – Initiate (Original Mix)
Morgan Cole – Real Funk (Original Mix)
Morgan Cole – System Error (Original Mix)
Mr. Nunez, Jhay Vallez – Ladies (Original Mix)
Mr. Nunez, Jhay Vallez – Like A Drum (Original Mix)
Nikko Culture – Cornerstone (Sam Readow Remix) [Maniana Records]
Nook – Digital Feeling [PULSO]
Obando – How High [PULSO]
Otm Shank – Powder [Pinkturban]
Otm Shank – Powder (Saqib Remix) [Pinkturban]
Pacho, Pepo – Acid [303lovers]
Pacho, Pepo – Liberte [303lovers]
Paxxo – Limitless [Maniana Records]
PENZ – The Right Way [Maniana Records]
Pepo, Pacho – Acid (Original Mix)
Pepo, Pacho – Liberte (Original Mix)
R3WIRE – Save Me (Extended Mix) [STEREOHYPE]
Raized – How Is the Feeling [PULSO]
RAZZER – Slave [Razzer Records]
Real Damyn – Tequila [Maniana Records]
Reza & JJ Mullor – Don’t Ever Stop (Extended Mix) [TONSPIEL Recordings]
Reza & JJ Mullor – Don’t Ever Stop [TONSPIEL Recordings]
Richard C. – Love Fans [Razzer Records]
Rodrigo Serna – Hands Together (Extended Mix) [NØID]
Rodrigo Serna – Hands Together [NØID]
Roze Wild – Polkadot (Extended Mix)
Rupert Harvey – Believe in Love (Adoration Mix) [Material]
Rupert Harvey – Believe in Love (Passion Mix) [Material]
Rupert Harvey, JLN, Mr Phonic – Im Not Ready to Go Home [Material]
Ryan Truman – Autopilot [Subcommittee Recordings]
Ryan Truman – Extra Five [Subcommittee Recordings]
SAC – Boggie [PULSO]
Savvas Night – Say It [Maniana Records]
Sean Random – Multiways [PULSO]
Sebastian Darez & Lexan – Drogon [Herloop Records]
Sebastian Darez & Lexan – Rhaegel [Herloop Records]
Sebastian Darez & Lexan – Stark [Herloop Records]
Sebastian Darez & Lexan – Targaryen [Herloop Records]
Shavezz – UVY (Radio Edit) [ToolBox House]
Shavezz – Uvy [ToolBox House]
shiino – Follow Me [Siena]
shiino – Wet Gush [Siena]
Skedar – Vibrations [CUFF]
Skedar – Vibrations (Original Mix)
Soundkraft – Solid Grooves [Secret Family]
Spacefunk Dub – Get My Lovin’ [Marba Records]
Steve Linney – Danza [s77 recordings]
Steve Linney – Make up Your Mind [s77 recordings]
Theo Short – Abstract Life [Sk.Pro-Records]
Tomas Bisquierra, Chris Brooks – Rollin’ Back (Original Mix)
Tomas Bisquierra, Chris Brooks – Want To Bring (Original Mix)
Tonio Barrientos, Angelo Labita – Get Me Out (Jürgen Kaisr Remix)
Torha – Choices [Sugar Loaf Recordings]
Tuff London – Take You Up (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Tyler Coey – Now I Get You (Extended Mix) [STEREOHYPE]
Tyler Coey – Now I Get You [STEREOHYPE]
Undergroove – Elephant Whistle (Extended Mix) [Untidy]
Undergroove – Elephant Whistle [Untidy]
Undergroove – We’re Gonna Party (Extended Mix) [Untidy]
Undergroove – We’re Gonna Party [Untidy]
V3O – My Dad Call Me Jr [PULSO]
WastReal – Man Son [Maniana Records]
Waze – Bowery [W&O Street Tracks]
Withoutwork – Elegance Soul (Original Mix)
Withoutwork – This Feeling (Original Mix)
Younus Sakoor – Lonely (Original Mix)
Younus Sakoor – Tink Meh Dun (Original Mix)
Danilo Milani – After Party [Kubbo Records]
Igor Zanga – Gimme the Loot [Kubbo Records]
J.HERRERA – Not Yet [Kubbo Records]
LeoK & Maty Badini – Old Wild West [Kubbo Records]
Lessandro & DZR – Don’t Like [Kubbo Records]
Luis Pergo – Wanna Be [Kubbo Records]
Mario Niain – Fresheep [Kubbo Records]
NicoRozas – Bumps [Kubbo Records]
PedroShum – Say What [Kubbo Records]
Plakinoff – Passion in the Music [Kubbo Records]
Abraham – Looks So Good [Late Night Munchies]
Calicko & Stateline – Bump It [Late Night Munchies]
Deljoi – Sweating On Moves [Late Night Munchies]
FunkTonix – Vibe Inside the Ride [Late Night Munchies]
Hybridphonic – 1965 [Late Night Munchies]
Ian Hart – My Record [Late Night Munchies]
Jake Beautyman & Luke Humbles – Stir Fried [Late Night Munchies]
Noise88 – Highly Addictive [Late Night Munchies]
Skolo & divaDanielle – Say What I Mean [Late Night Munchies]
Smith & Reckless – Pop That Kitty [Late Night Munchies]
So & So – Losing My Mind [Late Night Munchies]
Tony H – That’s Enough [Late Night Munchies]
Walt-J – Feel It [Late Night Munchies]
Bek (DE) – Ara (Bek’s Blue Ara Mix)
Benoit (IT), LENny (IT), January Thompson – Feels so Distance
Calo Divinti – Lluvia de Oro
Claxy – Enav
Dario (DE) – Another Star
Dmitri Saidi, Groove Killah – El Camichin
Faucon – Dakar (Wally Lopez Remix)
Frank Maurel, Mario Franca – Get Over
Henotik – Two Neon Steps
Inertion – Last Rites
LEDIO – Blooming
Leomar – Silene
Mick Whitehouse – Argon
RUAI – Together
Saive, Kleiber – Rain Upon My Skin
SERVAL (ARG) – Posmoderna
SORRYCAT – Destination
Tenzig – Atlas
Trigger Finger – The Light
Ben Miller (Aus) – The Lead
Blame Mate – Mosula
DEM2 – Palmas
MUUS – Good Great
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