Rock Pack – 477 Tracks music playlists – [23-Jul-2022]

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exclusive for members Rock Pack – 477 Tracks music playlists – [23-Jul-2022]
Balls Gone Wild – Bride of Satan
Balls Gone Wild – Feel My Love
Balls Gone Wild – Hangman
Balls Gone Wild – Killing One
Balls Gone Wild – Knocked Out
Balls Gone Wild – Masked City
Balls Gone Wild – Plata o Plomo
Balls Gone Wild – Ready for Love
Balls Gone Wild – School on Fire
Balls Gone Wild – Stay Wild
Balls Gone Wild – Twist of Fate
Black Stone Cherry – Again
Black Stone Cherry – Blame It On The Boom Boom
Black Stone Cherry – Blind Man
Black Stone Cherry – Burnin’
Black Stone Cherry – Cheaper To Drink Alone
Black Stone Cherry – Devil’s Queen
Black Stone Cherry – Drum Solo
Black Stone Cherry – Hell And High Watr
Black Stone Cherry – In Love With The Pain
Black Stone Cherry – In My Blood, Island Jam
Black Stone Cherry – Like I Roll
Black Stone Cherry – Lonely Train
Black Stone Cherry – Me And Mary Jane
Black Stone Cherry – Peace Is Free
Black Stone Cherry – Ringin’ In My Head
Black Stone Cherry – Soulcreek
Black Stone Cherry – Things My Father Said
Black Stone Cherry – White Trash Millionaire
Black Stone Cherry – Yeah Man
Envied by Angels – Suffocate
Fame on Fire – Back Then
Fame on Fire – Cut Throat
Fame on Fire – Dead or Alive
Fame on Fire, Ice Nine Kills – Welcome to the Chaos
Fame on Fire – Intro
Fame on Fire – Jaded
Fame on Fire – Ketamine
Fame on Fire, Kody Lavigne – Emo Shit
Fame on Fire – Lost In Doubt
Fame on Fire – Plastic Heart
Fame on Fire – Robbery
Fame on Fire – Rotting Away
Fame on Fire – Signs
Glass Tides – Black & White
Glass Tides – End Game
Glass Tides – Enough (feat. Will King)
Glass Tides – I’ll Be Free
Glass Tides – Irritated
Glass Tides – Knowing Me
Glass Tides – Paranoia
Glass Tides – Searching
Glass Tides – Wake Me Up
Glass Tides – Without You
Heischneida – Ade
Heischneida – Au er mi
Heischneida – Es duad no oiwei wah
Heischneida – Glosscheam & Bluad
Heischneida – HSD^2
Heischneida – Mia wean uns wieda seng
Heischneida, Monaco F – Draisine
Heischneida – Sandla
Heischneida – Schau i nauf
Heischneida – Schrauf
Heischneida – SUV
Heischneida – Vakaffts mei Gwand
Heischneida – Vanlife
Heischneida – Veglfanga
Heischneida – Wei -Blau
Jack White – All Along the Way
Jack White – A Madman from Manhattan
Jack White – A Tip from You to Me
Jack White – A Tree on Fire from Within
Jack White – Help Me Along
Jack White – If I Die Tomorrow
Jack White – I’ve Got You Surrounded
Jack White – Love is Selfish
Jack White – Please God, Don’t Tell Anyone
Jack White – Queen of the Bees
Jack White – Taking Me Back (Gently)
Joyce Manor – Dance With Me
Joyce Manor – Did You Ever Know
Joyce Manor – Don’t Try
Joyce Manor – Gotta Let It Go
Joyce Manor – NBTSA
Joyce Manor – Reason To Believe
Joyce Manor – Secret Sisters
Joyce Manor – Souvenir
Joyce Manor – You’re Not Famous Anymore
Karl Sanders – An Altered Saurian Theta State
Karl Sanders – Divergence The Long Awaited Third Primordial Ascension
Karl Sanders – Mask of Immutable Self Delusion
Karl Sanders – Nada Zaag
Karl Sanders – Nihil Emplexus
Karl Sanders – No Creature More Deserving of Cataclysmic Annihilation
Karl Sanders – Skull Fuck Ritual (Skull Breach Edition)
Karl Sanders – The Disembodied Yet Slither Among Us
Karl Sanders – The Evil Inherent in us All
Karl Sanders – The Sun Has Set on the Age of Man
Lessmann Voss – Fight For Our Love
Lessmann Voss – Look Around
Lessmann Voss – Medicine Man
Lessmann Voss – Rock Is Our Religion
Lessmann Voss – Runaway Days
Lessmann Voss – Sister Golden Hair
Lessmann Voss – Slow Dance
Lessmann Voss – Smoke Without A Fire
Lessmann Voss – Something Is Better Than Nothing
Lessmann Voss – Stay
Lessmann Voss – Take My Heart And Run
Lessmann Voss – What Feels Right
Lit – Mouth Shut (Clean)
Manic Street Preachers – All or Nothing
Manic Street Preachers – Borderline
Manic Street Preachers – Bright Eyes
Manic Street Preachers – Bring on the Dancing Horses
Manic Street Preachers – Endless Plain of Fortune
Manic Street Preachers – (Feels Like) Heaven
Manic Street Preachers, Finlay George – Jeans Not Happening
Manic Street Preachers – In Between Days
Manic Street Preachers – Let’s Stay Together
Manic Street Preachers – Pennyroyal Tea
Manic Street Preachers – Primitive Painters
Manic Street Preachers – Summer Wind
Manic Street Preachers – Sweet Child O’ Mine
Manic Street Preachers – The Instrumental
Manic Street Preachers – Under My Wheels
Manic Street Preachers – Vision Blurred
Manic Street Preachers – Wake Up Alone
Muse – Kill Or Be Killed
Nordic Union – In Every Waking Hour
Palisades – Better
Palisades – Closure
Palisades – Fade Away
Palisades – Fray
Palisades – Invincible (Die Down)
Palisades – My Consequences
Palisades – Reaching Hypercritical
Palisades – Sick Of The Attitude
Palisades – Sober
Palisades – Without You
Palisades – Your Misery
She Bites – Crazy
She Bites, Dan Reed – True Love
She Bites – Eye of the Storm
She Bites – Ghost
She Bites – Holy Ground
She Bites – Hunter
She Bites – Little Song
She Bites – Never ending Story
She Bites – Out in the open
She Bites – Running
She Bites – Say it
She Bites – Super Hero
Slipknot – The Dying Song (Time To Sing)
STONE – Radio Ready (Clean)
STONE – Radio Ready (Dirty)
The Killers – The Getting By II (Clean)
The Sadies – All the Good
The Sadies – Better Yet
The Sadies – Cut Up High and Dry
The Sadies – End Credits
The Sadies – Ginger Moon
The Sadies – Message to Belial
The Sadies – More Alone
The Sadies – No One’s Listening
The Sadies – So Far for So Few
The Sadies – Stop and Start
The Sadies – You Should Be Worried
VHS Collection – Survive (Clean)
Introspective – Caem as Trкs Mascaras do Desespero
Introspective – Clamo ao Fim em Latargia
Introspective – Falsas Sensaзхes de Estar Vivo
Introspective – Infesto Pela Cуlera do Profundo Isolamento
Introspective – Longa Noite, Eterna Escuridгo
Hatriot – Clemency Denied
Hatriot – Forceful Balance
Hatriot – Horns & Halos
Hatriot – Hymn For The Wicked
Hatriot – Mark Of The Tyrant
Hatriot – Murderous Tranquility
Hatriot – Only Red Remains
Hatriot – The Hate Inside
Hatriot – The Twenty Fifth Hour
Hatriot – Vale Of Shadows
Hatriot – Verminous And Vile
Human Barbecue – Amazonian Predatory Frenzy
Human Barbecue – Barbaric Annihilation
Human Barbecue – Digested by Savages
Human Barbecue – Gorging on Sacrifices
Human Barbecue – Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered
Human Barbecue – Hatchet Homicide
Human Barbecue – Ravenous Swarm
Human Barbecue – Red Sun Rising
Human Barbecue – Sacrificial Engorgement
Human Barbecue – Sickening Hunger
Teethgrinder – Ascendance
Teethgrinder – As I Believe the World to Be, So It Is
Teethgrinder – Birthed into Suffering
Teethgrinder – Blood Ritual
Teethgrinder – Cloaked
Teethgrinder – Disgrace
Teethgrinder – Dystopia
Teethgrinder – God Complex
Teethgrinder – Our Failing Species
Teethgrinder – Worthless
Wake – Bleeding Eyes of the Watcher
Wake – Infinite Inward
Wake – Mourning Dirge (Repose of the Dead)
Wake – Observer to Master
Wake – Pareidolia
Wake – Swallow the Light
Wake – The Translation of Deaths
Wake – Venerate (The Undoing of All)
Highway Sentinels – Afterlife
Highway Sentinels – All Comes Trashing Down
Highway Sentinels – Face In The Crowd
Highway Sentinels – Hell In A Handbasket
Highway Sentinels – How To Be Real
Highway Sentinels – I Don’t Care Anymore
Highway Sentinels – I’m A Loser
Highway Sentinels – Love And Hate
Highway Sentinels – Not Too Late
Highway Sentinels – Tortured Soul
Highway Sentinels – Victim Of The Night
Highway Sentinels – We Won’t Be Forgotten
Mammoth – Apocalipse (Live Lira Paulistana 1985)
Mammoth – Apocalipse (Live SESC Pompйia 1985)
Mammoth – Apocalipse
Mammoth – Corrupзгo (Live Lira Paulistana 1985)
Mammoth – Head Banger (Live SESC Pompйia 1985)
Mammoth – Instrumental (Live Lira Paulistana 1985)
Mammoth – Mammoth (Live Lira Paulistana 1985)
Mammoth – Mammoth (Live SESC Pompйia 1985)
Mammoth – Nгo Esquentar a Cabeзa (Live Lira Paulistana 1985)
Mammoth – Por Vocк (Live Lira Paulistana 1985)
Mammoth – Por Vocк (Live SESC Pompйia 1985)
Mammoth – Possesso
Mammoth – Vнtima (Live Lira Paulistana 1985)
American Terror – Attitude
American Terror – End Of America
American Terror – I’m Fucked
American Terror – Just A Victim
American Terror – Lies
American Terror – No Lives Matter
American Terror – Self-Control
American Terror – Soulless
American Terror – State Of The Union
American Terror – Take Out A Bully
American Terror – The System
Critical Defiance – Altering the Senses
Critical Defiance – A World Crumbling Apart
Critical Defiance – Dying Breath
Critical Defiance – Edge of Consciousness
Critical Defiance – Elephant
Critical Defiance – Kill Them with Kindness
Critical Defiance – No Life Forms
Critical Defiance – The Last Crusaders… Bringers of Death!
Critical Defiance – Warhead (Emotional Fallout)
Critical Defiance – We Were Never Here to Stay
Edguy – Eyes of the Tyrant (Demo Version)
Edguy – Eyes of the Tyrant
Edguy – Frozen Candle (Demo Version)
Edguy – Frozen Candle
Edguy – Hallowed (Demo Version)
Edguy – Hallowed
Edguy – Key to My Fate (Demo Version)
Edguy – Key to My Fate
Edguy – Misguiding Your Life (Demo Version)
Edguy – Misguiding Your Life
Edguy – Power and Majesty (Demo Version)
Edguy – Power and Majesty
Edguy – Roses to Noone (Demo Version)
Edguy – Roses to No One
Edguy – Sacred Hell (Demo Version)
Edguy – Sacred Hell
Edguy – Sands of Time (Demo Version)
Edguy – Sands of Time
Farewell to Fear – Brainwashed
Farewell to Fear – Crash and Burn
Farewell to Fear – Falling
Farewell to Fear – Fall in Line
Farewell to Fear – Forgive it All
Farewell to Fear – If Tomorrow Never Comes
Farewell to Fear – Played Again
Farewell to Fear – Powertrip
Farewell to Fear – Surprise! You’re Dead!
Farewell to Fear – Weight of the World
Imperial Triumphant – Bezumnaya
Imperial Triumphant – Chump Change
Imperial Triumphant – Death on a Highway
Imperial Triumphant – In the Pleasure of Their Company
Imperial Triumphant – Maximalist Scream
Imperial Triumphant – Merkurius Gilded
Imperial Triumphant – Metrovertigo
Imperial Triumphant – Tower of Glory, City of Shame
Leo – 99 Problems (Metal Version)
Leo – ABCDEFU (Metal Version)
Leo – As It Was (Metal Version)
Leo – Bury a Friend (Metal Version)
Leo – Cocaine (Metal Version)
Leo – Eleanor Rigby (Metal Version)
Leo – Enemy (Metal Version)
Leo – Fight for Your Right (To Party!) (Metal Version)
Leo – Fraggle Rock (Metal Version)
Leo – Genius (Metal Version)
Leo – Gummi Bears Theme (Metal Version)
Leo – Highway to Hell (Metal Version)
Leo – Hip to Be Square (Metal Version)
Leo – Immigrant Song (Metal Version)
Leo – It Must Have Been Love (Metal Version)
Leo – Maniac (Stray Kids Metal Version)
Leo – Milkshake (Metal Version)
Leo – Rock and Roll Is Dead (Metal Version)
Leo – Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Metal Version)
Leo – Something in the Way (Metal Version)
Naufragant – A Short Life
Naufragant – Blackbeard
Naufragant – Hoist the Colours
Naufragant – Of War, Hurricanes & Bane
Naufragant – On the Traitor’s Trace
Naufragant – Pirate Blood
Naufragant – The Battle for Gibraltar
Naufragant – The Black Corsair
Naufragant – The Oath
Nicolas Cage Fighter – A Great Ruinous Deed
Nicolas Cage Fighter – Compound and Fracture
Nicolas Cage Fighter – Coughing Nails
Nicolas Cage Fighter – Foundation
Nicolas Cage Fighter – Grey Eye
Nicolas Cage Fighter – Heretic’s Vow
Nicolas Cage Fighter – Shrine of Wire
Nicolas Cage Fighter – Static Abyss
Nicolas Cage Fighter – The Bones That Grew from Pain
Nicolas Cage Fighter – Weeping Sores
Oceans of Slumber – Hearts of Stone
Oceans of Slumber – House of the Rising Sun
Oceans of Slumber – Just a Day
Oceans of Slumber – Red Forest Roads
Oceans of Slumber – Salvation
Oceans of Slumber – Star Altar
Oceans of Slumber – The Hanging Tree
Oceans of Slumber – The Lighthouse
Oceans of Slumber – The Shipbuilders Son
Oceans of Slumber – The Spring of 21
Oceans of Slumber – The Waters Rising
Officium Triste – Burning All Boats and Bridges
Officium Triste – Interludium
Officium Triste – Like Atlas
Officium Triste – One with the Sea (Part II)
Officium Triste – The Wounded and the Dying
Officium Triste – To the Gallows
Officium Triste – Your Fall from Grace
Officium Triste – Your Heaven, My Underworld
Scar For Life – Ballerina
Scar For Life – Bullet To Spare
Scar For Life – Clockwork Hysteria
Scar For Life – Don’t Stand In My Way
Scar For Life – Flying High
Scar For Life – In Our Sights
Scar For Life – Numb
Scar For Life – Rise Again
Scar For Life – Send Me An Angel
Scar For Life – Strike Down
Scar For Life – Walk Away
Scar For Life – Wasteland
Source of Rage – Aware
Source of Rage – Construe the Last Word
Source of Rage – Dark Project
Source of Rage – My Silent Hollow Self
Source of Rage – Path Ways
Source of Rage – Purify Me
Source of Rage – Solitude Fortitude
Source of Rage – The Eyes of the Restless
Source of Rage – The Louder, the More Right
Source of Rage – Witness the Mess
Spite – Dedication To Flesh
Vanquisher – Battleborn
Vanquisher – Cimmeria
Vanquisher – Nemedian Chronicle
Vanquisher – Ode to the Slain
Vanquisher – Priests of Set
Vanquisher – Reaver
Vanquisher – Savage Sword
Vanquisher – Serpent God
Vanquisher – Storming Venarium
Vanquisher – The Pride of Aquilonia
Vanquisher – Trapped on Shamu’s Plain
Villain of the Story – Don’t Go
Villain of the Story – Jester
Villain of the Story – Karma
Villain of the Story – Losing Control
Villain of the Story, Loveless – Divided
Villain of the Story – Never Again
Villain of the Story – Under My Skin
Villain of the Story – Wrong
Nebula – Existential Blues
Nebula – Highwired
Nebula – I Got So High
Nebula – Melt Your Head
Nebula – The Four Horseman
Nebula – Transmission From Mothership Earth
Nebula – Warzone Speedwulf
Nebula – Wilted Flowers
Haunted Horses – Cold Medicine
Haunted Horses – Golden Stairs
Haunted Horses – House of the World to Come
Haunted Horses – Pig
Haunted Horses – Severed Circle
Haunted Horses – Swarms
Haunted Horses – The Garden
Haunted Horses – The Worst
Haunted Horses – Thorns
Haunted Horses – Window Sung
Zymt – Die Magie der Pharmazie
Zymt – Die Pampaboys vom Kamener Kreuz
Zymt – Gonzo-Zeit
Zymt – Ist der Droid bestellt
Zymt – Kasse Vier
Zymt – Kaum passt du nicht auf, bist du reich
Zymt – Kultiviert um jeden Preis
Zymt – Mallorca ohne Andi ohne Stefan ohne Dirk
Zymt – Prestige und Protein
Zymt – Sprengschlamm
Zymt – Tramazolin
Zymt – Was kannst du fur Armin Laschet tun
Zymt – Wir sind Zymt
Atozigaxion – Muerte en Cuarentena
Atozigaxion – Siglos de Caos
Dexenfreno – Las Ganancias del Terror
Dexenfreno – Otro Puto Dнa en la Prisiуn
Dikotomia – Ambiciуn y Poder
Dikotomia – Mundo Desigual
Eskabiozis – Guerra Mundial
Eskabiozis – Hps Todos Conspirete
Gastritis Crуnico – Gastritis Crуnico
Gastritis Crуnico – Vida de Perro No al Servicio Militar
Iconoclastas – 1984
Iconoclastas – Condenados
Infexxion Sikosis – Aburrido
Infexxion Sikosis – Rigor Mortis
Inspirados Por el Odio – Asesino sin Piedad
Inspirados Por el Odio – La Danza del Cerdo
Lio – Las Bestias
Lio – No me da Miedo a mi que me Debe Manual del Punk
L.O.L (Locos Obsesivos Letales) – El Arte de la Destrucciуn
L.O.L (Locos Obsesivos Letales) – Naranja Mecбnica
Los Luffers – Maldito Patrуn
Los Luffers – Policerdos
Manicomio Punk – El Rock de los Muertos
Manicomio Punk – Falsos Positivos
Slam – Aсos 80’s
Slam – Punk y Hardcore
Sociedad Decadente – Cuantos Desaparecidos
Sociedad Decadente – El Umbral de la Caverna
Sociedad Punk – Orgullo
Sociedad Punk – Violador
Resistance – Awaken the Necromancer
Resistance – Call to Arms (Intro)
Resistance – Earthshaker
Resistance – Empires Fall
Resistance – Metallium
Resistance – Nordic Witch
Resistance – On Dragon Wings
Resistance – Templar’s Creed
Resistance – Valhalla Has Locked It’s Doors
Witchery – A Forest of Burning Coffins
Witchery – Churchburner
Witchery – Crucifix and Candle
Witchery – Don’t Burn the Witch
Witchery – Er steht in Flammen
Witchery – Left Hand March
Witchery – Nightside
Witchery – Popecrusher
Witchery – Storm of the Unborn
Witchery – Under the Altar
Witchery – Witching Hour
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