Rock Pack – 742 Tracks top 40 – [25-Jul-2022]

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Diesel – Bitter and Twisted
Diesel – Brand New Day
Diesel – Coming Home
Diesel – Fortune Favours the Brave
Diesel – Into the Fire
Diesel – Let’s Take the Long Way Home
Diesel – Love Under Cover
Diesel – Skin and Bone
Diesel – So What Is Love
Diesel – Starting Over
Diesel – Told You So
Diesel – What You See Ain’t What You Get
Fight The Fade – Buried
Fight The Fade – Composure
Fight The Fade – Cut & Run
Fight The Fade – Lost It All
Fight The Fade, Massie – Letting Go
Fight The Fade – Matter Of Time
Fight The Fade – Metaphysical
Fight The Fade – Monster
Fight The Fade – (Not) Enough
Fight The Fade – Old Wounds
Fight The Fade – On My Own
Fight The Fade – Revival
Fight The Fade – Stratosphere
Fight The Fade – Where You Go I Go
Goon – Angelnumber 1210
Goon – Another Window
Goon – Bend Back
Goon – Buffalo
Goon – Emily Says
Goon – Last Light On
Goon – Lyra
Goon – Maple Dawn
Goon – Ochre
Goon – Pink and Orange
Goon – Wavy Maze
Greg Puciato, Reba Meyers, Headless Horseman – Lowered (Headless Horseman Remix)
Greg Puciato, Reba Meyers – Lowered (Acapella)
Greg Puciato, Reba Meyers – Lowered (GPRM Remix)
Greg Puciato, Reba Meyers – Lowered (Instrumental)
Greg Puciato, Reba Meyers – Lowered
Ozzy Osbourne – Degradation Rules (Feat. Tony Iommi)
Paralyzed – Black Trees Pt.1
Paralyzed – Black Trees Pt.2
Paralyzed – Coal Mine
Paralyzed – Devil’s Bride
Paralyzed – Mayday
Paralyzed – Orange Carpet
Paralyzed – Pilgrim Boots
Paralyzed – White Jar
Pool Kids – Almost Always Better (Almost Always Worse)
Pool Kids – Arm’s Length
Pool Kids – Comes In Waves
Pool Kids – Conscious Uncoupling
Pool Kids – Couch
Pool Kids – Further
Pool Kids – I Hope You’re Right
Pool Kids – Pathetic
Pool Kids – Swallow
Pool Kids – Talk Too Much
Pool Kids – That’s Physics, Baby
Pool Kids – Waking Up
Sick Joy – alive on the inside
Sick Joy – belly aching beast
Sick Joy – deep dream
Sick Joy – don’t feel like dying
Sick Joy – i’ve got more than i need (and i don’t have much)
Sick Joy – nothing better
Sick Joy – rich hippies
Sick Joy – sadisfaction
Sick Joy – stay numb
Sick Joy – talking to the drugs
Sick Joy – the blood & the bliss
Sick Joy – ultimately
Tedesci Trucks Band – Ain’t That Something
Tedesci Trucks Band – All The Love
Tedesci Trucks Band – Hold That Line
Tedesci Trucks Band – La Di Da
Tedesci Trucks Band – Playing My Emotions
Tedesci Trucks Band – Rainy Day
Tedesci Trucks Band – So Long Savior
The Rolling Stones – All Down The Line
The Rolling Stones – Around And Around
The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar
The Rolling Stones – Crackin’ Up
The Rolling Stones – Crazy Mama
The Rolling Stones – Dance Little Sister
The Rolling Stones – Fool To Cry
The Rolling Stones – Hand Of Fate
The Rolling Stones – Honky Tonk Women
The Rolling Stones – Hot Stuff
The Rolling Stones – It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It)
The Rolling Stones – Jumpin’ Jack Flash
The Rolling Stones – Let’s Spend The Night Together
The Rolling Stones – Little Red Rooster
The Rolling Stones – Luxury
The Rolling Stones – Mannish Boy
The Rolling Stones – Melody
The Rolling Stones – Rip This Joint
The Rolling Stones – Route 66
The Rolling Stones – Star Star
The Rolling Stones – Tumbling Dice
The Rolling Stones – Worried About You
The Rolling Stones – Worried Life Blues
Aegrus – Flesh and Blood
Aegrus – In Death Rapture
Aegrus – Moonlit Coffinspirit
Aegrus – The Carnal Temples
Bekor Qilish – Cryptic Hatred
Bekor Qilish – Ocean of Malice
Bekor Qilish – Self-Destructed Destruction
Bekor Qilish – Total Infection
Bekor Qilish – Verminous Barrier
Bekor Qilish – Wretched Dawn
Conqueror – Christ’s Death (Sarcуfago Tribute)
Conqueror – Command for Triumph (Hell Storm of Evil Vegeance)
Conqueror – Domitor Invictus
Conqueror – Hammer of Antichrist
Conqueror – Hammer of Supremacy (World Domination Comp)
Conqueror – Ross Bay Damnation Chaos Domination
Conqueror – The Curse (Slaughter Cover)
Esoctrilihum – Aath
Esoctrilihum – Scaricide
Esoctrilihum – Shohih
Esoctrilihum – Spiritu s Flesh
Esoctrilihum – Sydtg
Esoctrilihum – Tharsei dhon
Esoctrilihum – Thertrh
Orn mental Shine – Apokathastasis
Orn mental Shine – Mysterium Tremendum Et Fascinans
Orn mental Shine – Numinous Presence
Prometheus – Epiclesis
Prometheus – Mnemosyne
Prometheus – Slithering Tongue of Lethe
Prometheus – The Alpha and the Omega Revealed – Part II
Prometheus – The Alpha and the Omega Revealed – Part I
Prometheus – The Devouring Chasm
Prometheus – Vessel of Empiricism
The Elder Flame – Fields of Ironfall (Instrumental)
The Elder Flame – Fields of Ironfall
The Elder Flame – Ruined City of a Forgotten Time
The Elder Flame – Undead King of Endma
The Elder Flame – Wander of Saburac (Pt. 2)
The Elder Flame – Wander (Pt. 1)
The Elder Flame – When Good Men Die
Dreamtide – A Fairy Prank
Dreamtide – All Of Us
Dreamtide – Around
Dreamtide – Dawn
Dreamtide – Drop The Curtain
Dreamtide – For the Fairies
Dreamtide – Leisure Saints
Dreamtide – Merciless Sun
Dreamtide – Ni Dos Ni Agua
Dreamtide – One Rule
Dreamtide – Spin
Dreamtide – Stop Being Deep
Anatomical Amusements – Cadaverism
Anatomical Amusements – Close the Chapter Farewell in Crematory Stoves
Anatomical Amusements – Decay Fever
Anatomical Amusements – Fatal Scenarios
Anatomical Amusements – Suppurative Fugues and Purulent Etudes
Anatomical Amusements – Trends in Pathology
Antigama – 2222
Antigama – Align
Antigama – Debt Pool
Antigama – Disasters
Antigama – Dust Farm
Antigama – Hindrance
Antigama – Holy Hand
Antigama – Muteness
Antigama – The Howler
Antigama – Unclear Conversions
Antigama – Undeterminate
Bleeding Display – 213
Bleeding Display – Basement Torture Killing
Bleeding Display – Dawn of a Killer
Bleeding Display – Green River Killer
Bleeding Display, Hugo Andrade, Switchtense – Hungry Beast
Bleeding Display, Nelson Rebelo, The Voynich Code, Alexandre Ribeiro, Grog – The Gray Man
Bleeding Display – Out of Chaos
Bleeding Display – The Nightstalker
Bleeding Display – The Skin
Bleeding Display – White Night
Caveman Cult – Bestial Carnage
Caveman Cult – Blood and Extinction
Caveman Cult – Cannibal Feast
Caveman Cult – Conquistador de Hierro
Caveman Cult – Eternal Warfare
Caveman Cult – Instrumento de Ira
Caveman Cult – Plunder and Bondage
Caveman Cult – Putrid Earth
Caveman Cult – Violencia Arraigada
Cerebral Extinction – Asymmetrical Trap Body
Cerebral Extinction – Escape From Illusion
Cerebral Extinction – Hemorrhage Of A God
Cerebral Extinction – The 4 Eyes Of Chaos
Cerebral Extinction – The Evocation Of The Black Servant
Cerebral Extinction – The Intruder Part II
Cerebral Extinction – The Intruder Part I
Cerebral Extinction – The Ruins Of R’lyeh
Cerebral Extinction – Transmutation
Cerebral Extinction – Xinaian
Demonic Resurrection, Misstiq, David Diepold – Necromancer (Instrumental)
Demonic Resurrection, Misstiq, David Diepold – Necromancer
Demonic Resurrection, Misstiq, David Diepold, Pratika – Non Serviam (Instrumental)
Demonic Resurrection, Misstiq, David Diepold, Pratika – Non Serviam
Demonic Resurrection, Misstiq, Kevin Paradis, Pratika – The Eye of Eternity
Demonic Resurrection, Misstiq, Kevin Paradis – The Eye of Eternity (Instrumental)
Demonic Resurrection, Misstiq, Kevin Paradis – The Mask (Instrumental)
Demonic Resurrection, Misstiq, Kevin Paradis – The Mask
Eciton – Commercial Replay
Eciton – Desperate Humans
Eciton – Fanatical
Eciton – Idealized Scum
Eciton – Incarceration of Madness
Eciton – Inhumanity Rules
Eciton – Peeled off Intelligence
Eciton – Repeal and Replace
Eciton – The Autocatalytic Process
Eciton – Troglobites
Ernia – 2-D
Ernia – A Mute Florist
Ernia – Dharma
Ernia – Farewell, Sputnik
Ernia – Frustration Theory
Ernia – Helium-3
Ernia – Ikigai
Ernia – New Aesop’s Fables
Ernia – Q
Ernia – Room Full of Paper Cranes
Ernia – THE Deer Chaser
Ernia – THE O’neill Cylinder
Ernia – This Life is Rotten History
Holocausto Canibal – Ad Bizarrem Morem
Holocausto Canibal – Anatemas Nefandos
Holocausto Canibal – Ancestrais Ritos Hipoxicos
Holocausto Canibal – Aniquilacao Suidea
Holocausto Canibal – Apresto Executorio
Holocausto Canibal – Avida Tragacao
Holocausto Canibal – Campas do Negro Breu
Holocausto Canibal – Congregacao da Flama Felidea
Holocausto Canibal – Epicedio Madrigaz
Holocausto Canibal – Esquartejado em Segundos
Holocausto Canibal – Exodo Mortuoso
Holocausto Canibal – Girandolas da Agonia Profunda
Holocausto Canibal – Miasmas Onanizantes
Holocausto Canibal – Prenuncios da Vinganca Cavicornea
Holocausto Canibal – Psicotico Interludio
Holocausto Canibal – Querulo dos Finados
Holocausto Canibal – Sinaxe do Sepulcro Tafofobo
Holocausto Canibal – Sortilegio da Perversao
Holocausto Canibal – Suprema Dominancia Taurina
Massen – Born by the Raven Claws
Massen, Chris Harms – When Everything Fades
Massen – Fog Is Everywhere
Moonshade – As We Set The Skies Ablaze
Moonshade – Blood Of The Titans
Moonshade – Epitaph
Moonshade – Everlasting Horizons
Moonshade, Sandra Oliveira – Artemis
Moonshade, Sandra Oliveira – A Treatise Of Human Nature
Moonshade, Sofia Beco – The Antagonist
Moonshade – The Shadows Of My Dissent
Moonshade – Valley Of Dying Stars
Night Attack – Beyond What Lies
Night Attack – Merciless Attack (Demo)
Night Attack – Merciless Attack
Night Attack – Radiation Death
Night Attack – Ride the Whirlwinds
Night Attack – Ripped to Shreds
Serpent Ascending – Growth of the Soil
Serpent Ascending – Hyperborean Folklore
Serpent Ascending – Ska i’s Longing for the Mountains – Njor r’s Desire of the Sea
Serpent Ascending – Stallus Hideout
Serpent Spawn – Carnage Divine
Serpent Spawn – Conquering the Trinity
Serpent Spawn – Crypt of Torment
Serpent Spawn – Skinned and Gutted
The Chasm – A Chronicle From The Parallel World
The Chasm – A Keen But Empty Sight
The Chasm – An Occult Gift Responds
The Chasm – Return of the End (The Ancient Spirit that Makes me Aware)
The Chasm – Spectre Of The Arcane Cognition
The Chasm – The Constellations Stagger
The Chasm – The Funeral Cortege Sepulchre Final Flight Of The Hateful Raven Portal To The Isolated Domain
The Chasm – The Nightfall Ills With Deathly Symbols
The Chasm – The Paths That Led To The Abysm
The Wakedead Gathering – Adaptive Mutation
The Wakedead Gathering – Empirical Flesh
The Wakedead Gathering – Intro
The Wakedead Gathering – Lab 333
The Wakedead Gathering – Nervous System
The Wakedead Gathering – Recessive Society
The Wakedead Gathering – Sentenced at Birth
The Wakedead Gathering – Sequence 13
The Wakedead Gathering – The Fates
The Wakedead Gathering – The High Court of Biological Disposition
Void Rot – Black Embrace
Void Rot – Descending Pillars (Live)
Void Rot – Inversion (Live)
Void Rot – Liminal Forms (Live)
Void Rot – Telluric Dismemberment
Berator – Cultural Rot
Berator – Delusion III
Berator – Delusion II
Berator – Delusion I
Berator – Delusion IV
Berator – Delusion of Many
Berator – Flicker
Berator – I Know How This Will End
Berator – Imaginary Shoreline
Berator – Reinvention
Berator – (Skulk) (feat. Ryan Vцlfman Bilunka)
Berator – The World Has Lost Something
Cacofonia – Adios Mi Amor
Cacofonia – Cacofonia
Cacofonia – Lluvia Acida
Cacofonia – Nunca Falta un Malo en la Pelicula que Siempre Perde al Final
Cacofonia – Salman Rushdie Debe Morir
Chidori – Ocean Consumes Vessel
Children Of The Flesh – End of the world
Children Of The Flesh – I like porn
Children Of The Flesh – Mr.Peterson (Demo)
Children Of The Flesh – Mr.Peterson
Children Of The Flesh – Shattered glass scars
Children Of The Flesh – Suffocation
Compassion – Endgame
Compassion – In Ourself
Compassion – More Than Ever
Compassion – Time To Realize
Couture – Acorralado
Couture – A por Ellos
Couture – Encadenado
Couture – Frente a Frente
Couture – Mi Libertad
Couture – Resurge la Bestia
Couture – Sin Miedo
Couture – Venganza
Cruel Idols – Disavowed
Cruel Idols – Last Rites
Cruel Idols – Prayer
Cruel Idols – Rage
Cruel Idols – Reckoning
Crustaceanz – Captain Kaptivator
Crustaceanz – Chemical Cowboys
Crustaceanz – Hallway of Mirrors
Crustaceanz – Killer Crab
Crustaceanz – Nervгssг Penгssг
Crustaceanz – Scooter Boi
Crustaceanz – Steve
Crustaceanz – You and Your Mates!
Decomp – Condemned to Earth
Decomp – Disease
Decomp – Execution
Decomp – Install
Decomp – Mortal Struggle
Decomp – Nuclear Fire Death
Decomp – Paranoid Coward
Decomp – Rotted State
Decomp – Who’s Dead
DemsFightinWords – Di$position
DemsFightinWords – itsgonnagetfuckinugly
DemsFightinWords – Runnit
Eternal Discipline – Eternal Discipline
Eternal Discipline – Illusion of Choice (feat. Dropset)
Eternal Discipline – Mask of Deceit
Eternal Discipline – No Hope
Eternal Discipline – Peace of Mind
Eternal Discipline – Self Sacrifice (feat. Full Contact)
Eternal Discipline – Seventh Circle
Eternal Discipline – Solace (feat. Frantic State)
Eternal Discipline – Underworld
Eternal Discipline – War of Attrition
Fixation – Black Clouds
Fixation – Dissociative Identity Disorder
Fixation – F.M.E.G.
Fixation – I Tried To Pull Down The Sky
Fixation – Lachrymose
Fixation – Motion Sickness
Fixation – Purgatory
Fixation – Scituate
Fixation – The Art Of Playing Dead
Fixation – Toledo
Fixation – Violence
Force Of Denial – Part Of Me
Force Of Denial – The Cure
Gangguan – Basa Basi Busuk
Gangguan – Darurat
Gangguan – Fuck Skill No Budget
Gangguan – Gangguan
Gangguan – Jagoan Bola Plastik
Gangguan – Lemmy Motцrhead Sebagai Panutan
Gangguan – Namanya Juga Manusia
Gangguan – Pembohong
Gangguan – Serakah
Gangguan – Tidak Ada Kontrol
Hatefiles – Burning Man
Hatefiles – Hatefiles
Hatefiles – No
Hive – Parallel Lines
Hive – So It is Done
Horsepower – Anguish Of Desire
Horsepower – Animal Instinct
Horsepower – Do It
Horsepower – Pass Me The Knife
Lockdown – Lockdown
Lockdown – No Show
Lockdown – Respect Your Surroundings
Lockdown – Roundhouse Kick
Lockdown – The Target Is You
Monster Squad – 40 Boys
Monster Squad – Brotherhood and Unity
Monster Squad – Hey Mr. Nazi
Monster Squad – I Love Punk
Monster Squad – Oi to Marty
Monster Squad – Song 1
No Way Out 58 – Contempt (feat. Root of All Evil)
No Way Out 58 – Misery
No Way Out 58 – Sinner
No Way Out 58 – Storyteller
Out Of Whack – Burn That Bridge
Out Of Whack – Equalize
Out Of Whack – Feel Free
Out Of Whack – Fucking Sleep
Out Of Whack – How It Feels
Out Of Whack – Interlude
Out Of Whack – Nobody Hears… The Last Stand
Out Of Whack – Poserkiller
Out Of Whack – Smile & Slam
Out Of Whack – This Is Crossover
Out Of Whack – War Inside My Head
Out Of Whack – We Live They Sleep
Putrid Scum – Cacofonia – Courage for Peace
Putrid Scum – Cacofonia – Gandhi
Putrid Scum – Cacofonia – Post Nuclear
Putrid Scum – Cacofonia – Putrid Misery
Putrid Scum – Cacofonia – Toxic Wastes
Reversal Of Man – 11b
Reversal Of Man – 1 of 3
Reversal Of Man – A Child’s Dream
Reversal Of Man – Assembly
Reversal Of Man – Aura
Reversal Of Man – B.A. Baracus
Reversal Of Man – Bless the Printing Press
Reversal Of Man – Burial of the Dead
Reversal Of Man – Butterflies
Reversal Of Man – Chupacabra (Goatsucker)
Reversal Of Man – Conjecture
Reversal Of Man – Control
Reversal Of Man – Death By Water
Reversal Of Man – Dying On Cue
Reversal Of Man – Eagle and Arrow
Reversal Of Man – Enoch Arden
Reversal Of Man – Fashion Cowboys
Reversal Of Man – Fire Sermon
Reversal Of Man – Game of Chess
Reversal Of Man – Get the Kid With the Sideburns
Reversal Of Man – Hand Me Complaints Please
Reversal Of Man – Hills Have Eyes
Reversal Of Man – Hollowbody
Reversal Of Man – Idle Adolescents
Reversal Of Man – I’m a New York City Detective that Strays from Cheap Suits and Short Sleeve Shirts and Ties
Reversal Of Man – Independence Day
Reversal Of Man – January Twenty Second
Reversal Of Man – Look Back and Laugh
Reversal Of Man – Mercy1
Reversal Of Man – Mercy
Reversal Of Man – Mittens and Muzzles
Reversal Of Man – No Longer1
Reversal Of Man – No Longer
Reversal Of Man – Obsession
Reversal Of Man – P3-1
Reversal Of Man – Patty’s Lucky Number 7
Reversal Of Man – Pilot Gumby
Reversal Of Man – Plaster of Paris
Reversal Of Man – Quantis (Live)
Reversal Of Man – Quantis
Reversal Of Man – Roswell1
Reversal Of Man – Roswell
Reversal Of Man – Rubberneck Telepathy
Reversal Of Man – Scenery
Reversal Of Man – Silver Pieces of Eight
Reversal Of Man – Slingshot
Reversal Of Man – Song 7
Reversal Of Man – Spectacle
Reversal Of Man – The Houngen
Reversal Of Man – The Lottery
Reversal Of Man – Theory of La Mastra
Reversal Of Man – These Hills Have Eyes
Reversal Of Man – The Set Up
Reversal Of Man – Transfer Zounds
Reversal Of Man – Twenty Second Example Of Repetitive Nature
Reversal Of Man – What the Thunder Said
Reversal Of Man – Wives Tale
Sonagi – Ambivalence
Sonagi – Attachment Theory
Sonagi – Blue Ticket
Sonagi – Newbold
Sonagi – Pansori
Sonagi – Projective Identification
Sonagi – Who Could See You and Forget
Spaced – Bad Energy
Spaced – Not Like You
Spaced – Point of View
Spaced – Prove You Wrong
Spaced – Spinning
Spaced – Tear It Apart
Spaced – Tear Me Down
Spaced – Think I Am
Spaced – Your Universe
Stand Still – Id (Live)
Stand Still – Lockbox (Live)
Stand Still – Loose Ends
Stand Still – There’s No Autumn Here (Live)
Stand Still – Trading Places (feat. Innerlove)
Stand Still – With All My Love
The Gredd – Crazy Little Thing
The Gredd – Descent
The Gredd – Nothing About Me
The Gredd – Spдt
Thoughtcrimes – Keyhole Romance
Thoughtcrimes – Panopticon
Thoughtcrimes – The Drowning Man
Tracheotomy – Dissimulation
Tracheotomy – Lithobid
Tracheotomy – Wasted Evolution (feat. Adam Warren)
Tracheotomy – Who Do You Belong To
Tracheotomy – Your Enemy, Your Mind
Wasp Mother – Anesthesia Awareness
Wasp Mother – Malignant Hyperthermia
Wasp Mother – Shaking Hands
Wasp Mother – Vertical Incisions
Bells and Ravens – 1773 (Symphony No. 25 in G Minor KV 183 I. Allegro Con Brio)
Bells and Ravens, Jurgen Volk – Zone Of Pain
Bells and Ravens, Selin Schonbeck – Martyrs & Illusionists (Victory), Pt. I
Bells and Ravens, Tim Ripper Owens – Master Of My Fate
Bells and Ravens, Tim Ripper Owens – The Headless Horseman
Bells and Ravens, Tobias Hubner, Andreas Mozer, Thomas Schmeer – Beyond Redemption
Bells and Ravens, Tobias Hubner – Martyrs & Illusionists (Home), Pt. II
Bells and Ravens, Tommy Laasch – Dishonored
Bells and Ravens, Tommy Laasch, Julian Scott – Your Last Sacrifice
Bells and Ravens, Zak Stevens – Scourge Of The Seven Seas
Blizzard Hunter – Battlefield
Blizzard Hunter – Born to Be Free
Blizzard Hunter – Final Flash
Blizzard Hunter – Lost in My Madness
Blizzard Hunter – On the Warpath
Blizzard Hunter – Prisoner of Adrenaline
Blizzard Hunter – Redemption for Tomorrow
Blizzard Hunter – Screaming (My Bloody Anger)
Blizzard Hunter – S.I.D. (Shining in Disguise)
Blizzard Hunter – The Last Time
Blizzard Hunter – The Path of Triumph
Jake Weber, Grant Burns – One With The Soil
Jake Weber – Opening Ceremony
Scarlet Aura – Frostbite (Acoustic Version)
Scarlet Aura – Glimpse in the Mirror (Acoustic Version)
Scarlet Aura – Ya Svoboden I Am Free
Combichrist – Compliance
Combichrist – Heads Off
Combichrist – Modern Demon
Combichrist – Not My Enemy
False Gods – Belief Crimes
False Gods – Ghost Story
False Gods – I, Cemetery
False Gods – In Contrast of Sin
False Gods – Peloquin
False Gods – Phantasmawhoria
False Gods – To Defy Purity
False Gods – Your Thoughts are Void
Gates to the Morning – Chapel Perilous
Gates to the Morning – Chasing Shadows
Gates to the Morning – Fortress (Piscean Reprise)
Gates to the Morning – King Obscure
Gates to the Morning – Moon in the Mid-Day Sky
Gates to the Morning – Paradigms Fall
Gates to the Morning – Piscean Daydream
Gates to the Morning – Return to Earth
Gates to the Morning – Sacrament
Gates to the Morning – Terra Incognita
Greylotus – Azure Rain
Greylotus – Capgras Delusion
Greylotus – Chiaroscuro
Greylotus – Currents
Greylotus – Dawnfall
Greylotus – Hoarfrost
Greylotus – Rectilinear Motion
Greylotus – Shadow Archetype
Greylotus – Syzygy
Megadeth, Ice T – Night Stalkers
Megadeth – We’ll Be Back
Mosara – Magissa
Mosara – Only the Dead Know Our Secrets
Mosara – The Permanence of Isolation
Mosara – Zion’s Eyes
Northless – A Path Beyond Grief
Northless – Carried
Northless – Forbidden World of Light
Northless – Nihil Sanctum Vitae
Northless – Nothing That Lives Will Last
Northless – Of Shadow and Sanguine
Northless – What Must Be Done
Odyssey – Becoming
Odyssey – Cult Of The Word
Odyssey – Death Fixation
Odyssey – Harsh Truths
Odyssey – Litany
Odyssey – Liturgy
Odyssey – Ritual
Odyssey – Venomous Rhetoric
Oknos – Burning Heart
Oknos – Coming Home
Oknos – Confrontation
Oknos – Everything Affects Everything
Oknos – From Ashes
Oknos – Haven of Tranquility
Oknos – Heresy
Oknos – Inner Voice
Oknos – Loreley
Oknos – Lost in the Matrix
Oknos – Memories
Oknos – Power of Mind
Oknos – Rotten to the Core
Oknos – Searching
Oknos – Waves
Oknos – World of Insanity
Opponent – Betrayed
Opponent – Fading
Opponent – Forgotten
Opponent – Overture
Opponent – Reflection
Opponent – Remember
Opponent – Rival
Opponent – Running
Opponent – Sentinel
Opponent – Shadows
Patient Sixty-Seven – Colours (feat. Loveless)
Patient Sixty-Seven – Damage Plan
Patient Sixty-Seven – Fatebringer (feat. Brian Wille)
Patient Sixty-Seven – Fault Line
Patient Sixty-Seven – Feel Alive (feat. Kellin Quinn)
Patient Sixty-Seven – Scattered
Patient Sixty-Seven – Stay Paranoid II
Patient Sixty-Seven – Try Hard
Patient Sixty-Seven – Wayfarer
Patient Sixty-Seven – Who You Chose To Be (feat. Joey Varela)
The Cimmerian – Emerald Scripture
The Cimmerian – Howls of Lust and Fury
The Cimmerian – Neckbreaker of the Mountain
The Cimmerian – Silver and Gold
Tortured Saint – Anamnesis
Tortured Saint – Army of None
Tortured Saint – Atrocity
Tortured Saint – Diemanthia
Tortured Saint – Into the Dark I Stray
Tortured Saint – Pathogen
Tortured Saint – Smolder
Tortured Saint – Through the Halls of Purgatory
Undertow – Call of the Sin
Undertow – I Remain
Undertow – Life Kills
Undertow – On Fire
Undertow – Shadows
Undertow – The Longest Breath
Undertow – Undertow
Undertow – Unstoppable
Undertow – When Tears Became Scars
Wolf Counsel – Aeons
Wolf Counsel – Farewell
Wolf Counsel – Healer
Wolf Counsel – Initivm
Wolf Counsel – On Stranger Shores
Wolf Counsel – Raven Dawn
Wolf Counsel – Ruins
Wolf Counsel – The Old Ways
Wolf Counsel – Torchbearer
Artnat – A view from above
Artnat – Celebration
Artnat – Cosmic Machinery
Artnat – Eternal dance of love
Artnat – Finale
Artnat – From Chaos to Beauty
Artnat – Return to OM
Artnat – Riding the edge of Darkness
Artnat – The complex Art of Creation
Artnat – The dramatic beauty of Life
Artnat – The mirror effect
Vast Conduit – 500 Miles
Vast Conduit – Always Be There
Vast Conduit – Barrier
Vast Conduit, Bert Lams – Early Eclipse
Vast Conduit – Endless Days
Vast Conduit – Odessa
Vast Conduit – Of a Feather
Vast Conduit – Soul Tuck
Vast Conduit, Tom Abraira – Philly Etymology
Vast Conduit – Too Busy
Vast Conduit – Wesley Save Us
Coquettish – Burn
Coquettish – Falling Down
Coquettish – I Feel
Coquettish – Song #3
Coquettish – You Decide
The Suicide Machines – Accelerate The Decline
The Suicide Machines – Awake
The Suicide Machines – Slipping Into Darkness
The Suicide Machines – Theater of the Absurd
Twenty2 – Adulteen
Twenty2 – Before You Save Us
Twenty2 – Conditioned
Twenty2 – Erase Your Fear
Twenty2 – Fuck Your Rules
Twenty2 – Grudge
Twenty2 – I Know It’s You
Twenty2 – I’m (Not) Done
Twenty2 – Out Of My Head
Twenty2 – Pre-Conditioned
Twenty2 – Setup From The Start
Twenty2 – Underneath
Twenty2 – What She Did
Violent Way – Bleed
Violent Way – Bow to None
Violent Way – Conditioned
Violent Way – Our Stand
Violent Way – Reason for My Sin
Violent Way – Skinhead
Violent Way – Stand Accused
Violent Way – VWS
Violent Way – We Don’t Need You
Violent Way – You Are the Fool
Sanguinary – Coded to Kill
Sanguinary – Detested
Sanguinary – Impunity in Death
Sanguinary – Noxious Gas
Sanguinary – Philosopher’s Neurosis
Sanguinary – Practice and Depravity
Sanguinary – Servants of Moloch
Sanguinary – Shadowmass
Sanguinary – Smite the Meek
Sanguinary – Testament to Pain
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