Psy-Trance exclusive – [01-Aug-2022]

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Aamun Koi – Dust [KNOCK KNOCK]
Aamun Koi – Now All Get Down [KNOCK KNOCK]
Aamun Koi – Oscillate [KNOCK KNOCK]
Aamun Koi – Synthetic Narcotics [KNOCK KNOCK]
Alderaan – Forbidden Planet (Original Mix)
Alderaan – Moonlight (Original Mix)
Alderaan – Neutronique (Original Mix)
Alderaan – Sphere (Original Mix)
Alderaan – Time (Original Mix)
Alderaan – Universe (Original Mix)
Alderaan – Vega (Original Mix)
Algia – Abduction Report [Another Psyde Records]
Algia – First Encounter [Another Psyde Records]
Algia – Indigenous People [Another Psyde Records]
Algia – Neutralizing Effect [Another Psyde Records]
A-tech & Yestermorrow – Seed Of Life (Original Mix)
Bassam Jalid – Mummies and Ovnis From Outer Space [360 Music]
Blue Cod3 – Cosmic Energy (Original Mix)
Blue Cod3 – LSD Symptoms (Original Mix)
Blue Cod3 – Unknow (Original Mix)
Cloud6 – My Future & My Past (Original Mix)
Cyberattack & 3D-Ghost – Cyberfusion (Cyberattack Remix) [Progg’n’Roll]
Cyberattack & 3D-Ghost – Cyberfusion [Progg’n’Roll]
DX & HNT – Listen (Original Mix)
Fikus – Ceremony [DoubSquare Records]
Flowwolf & NoiseKiller – Neturalia (Original Mix)
Fmesier – Light Form [Phantom Unit]
Forest Weed – Wtf Is Going On [Creatus Flow]
Gandalf The Yellow – Garou the Monster [1db Records]
Groovebox – Choose Life [Reversible Records]
Groovebox – Friday [Reversible Records]
Groovebox – Kansha [Reversible Records]
Groovebox – Wanna Coffee (feat. Gandhabba) [Reversible Records]
Heisenberg & Shadow Moon – Back to the 90’s (Original Mix)
Heisenberg & Shadow Moon – Visions of Darkness (Original Mix)
High Sense – Swirlies [BandPass Records]
Jaguar The Kid – Amanita [Phonocat DJ Records]
Kitty, Audio X & WERNICK – Future Species (Original Mix)
Kitty – Future Species (feat. AUDIO X & WERNICK) [Vagalume Records]
Mr. Babadook – Infection [Pistolero Recordings]
Mr. Babadook – Puck da Folice [Pistolero Recordings]
Mr. Babadook – Z-Weed [Pistolero Recordings]
N-Kore – A Touch of Venus [Dacru Records]
N-Kore – Dream Vandals [Dacru Records]
N-Kore – The Big Discovery [Dacru Records]
Norma Project – Long Trip (Original Mix)
Querox – Time [Unimuse Records]
SPACECRAFT – Alien Technology [Erebos Records]
SPACECRAFT – Dark Horizon [Erebos Records]
SPACECRAFT – Espacio Oscuro [Erebos Records]
Spectro Senses – Circle Forms (Original Mix)
Spectro Senses & Kbyte – First Contact (Original Mix)
Teorema & Kri Samadhi – Darkness [Religare]
The Empty Project – Time [Unimuse Records]
Timelock – Alternate Pathways [Iboga Records]
Timelock – Zion [Iboga Records]
Tophoo – Neophobia [Sun Department Records]
Tsipak KPSS – Primal [Ak Tape 65]
Tsipak KPSS – The Dark Project [Ak Tape 65]
Unggoy & Syska – Krishna Tales [Zahrawi Music]
V-Society & Relativ – Golden Age [United Beats Records]
Xenoben – Serpentine (Original Mix)
Xenoben – Serpentine [TesseracTstudio]
Ynax – Koh-I-Noor (Original Mix)
Ynax – Lonely Planet (Original Mix)
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