Hardcore hits list – [06-Aug-2022]

Download and listen music in best quality Hardcore hits list – [06-Aug-2022]
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Last – Curse Humanity
Last – Drink The Blood
Last – Hell Comes Home
Last – Manumitter
Last – No Hope
Last – The Sinless Birth
Last – Times Of Desperation
Last – You Fail Every Day
Letal – Epdlbco
Letal – Escoria
Letal – Es Hora Ya
Letal – Prohibido Opinar
Letal – Rebelde Sin Causa
Letal – Tr
Monja Guerra – Cagalgatas
Monja Guerra – Cianuro
Monja Guerra – Cocaina, Xenofobia Y religiуn
Monja Guerra – Crematomania
Monja Guerra – Falla Del Sistema
Monja Guerra – Guerras De Cuarta generaciуn
Monja Guerra – Las Monjas
Monja Guerra – Paramilitar
Monja Guerra – Paz a Los Hombres, Guerra a Las Instituciones
Monja Guerra – Piromaniasis (Inglйs)
No Shelter. – 6 Hansa, 2 Kurze
No Shelter. – Beneath My Skin
No Shelter. – Death from Above
No Shelter. – Drowned and Forgotten
No Shelter. – Dying Reality
No Shelter. – Ghosts
No Shelter. – Nazi Scum
No Shelter. – Trapped in the Dark
Pintglass – Another Client In The Fucking Ground (feat. Two-Piece)
Pintglass – Beer, Gear, And Fear (feat. Tim Louth of Cold Hard Truth)
Pintglass – Bellend (feat. Alex Teyen of Black Tongue)
Pintglass – Bloke Way Of Life
Pintglass – Blood, Sweat, And Stella
Pintglass – Double ‘Ard Bastsard
Pintglass – Pipe Down Mate (feat. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher)
Pintglass – Steak And Pillock Pie
Pintglass – Stella Styll
Pintglass – Sweet Can Of Mine
Pintglass – Tarzan Of The Boozer
Ratking – Down The Line
Ratking – Explode
Ratking – In Your Own Time
Ratking – King Hit
Ratking – Panic Station
Ratking – Push Back
Ratking – Talk To Me
Steel Mage – A Beautiful Confession
Steel Mage – As The Chapel Falls
Steel Mage – Betrayed
Steel Mage – Bitter Truth (feat. Jack Lamb)
Steel Mage – Disfigured
Steel Mage – Jealousy
Steel Mage – Lost In Ambivalence
Steel Mage – Petrified (feat. Kyle Dawson)
Steel Mage – This Is The Day
Steel Mage – Unspoken Words
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