Alok & Quintino – Party Never Ends (Official Music Video)

Alok & Quintino – Party Never Ends (Official Music Video)

Two of dance music’s most revered producers have officially joined forces, as Alok and Quintino shake things up with new single ‘Party Never Ends’.

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Production company: Soda Amsterdam

Director: Robin Zom
Director of Photography: Stef Kwinten
Producer: Isabella von Ende
Executive Producer: Coen van Berkel
1st AC: Max Franken
Gaffer: Zen Bloot
Art Director: Jazz Kuipers
Gripper: Leen Thijsse
MUAH: Karla Q. Leon
Pyro Technicians: Pyro4 Amsterdam
Editor: David Heemstra
Grading & Online: Erik Verhulst
PA: Konstantin Kirpichnikov

Cast: Theo Wesselo, Herman de la Roche, Leontine Moen, Stijn van Eeckhoutte, Pip Vlaar

Special thanks to: The Movie Lot, Annet Schipper, Goran Ugarkovic, Tommie van Heusden, Vintage Winkel Vreewijk, Wheelietime, Raoul Dihal, Film Commissioner Rotterdam