Beatport Best New Hype Melodic House, Techno August 2021 top new – [11-Aug-2021]

Add-us – Moments
Agma – Tell Me (feat. Parg)
Ajenda – Alive (extended Mix)
Alegra – Founder (guzy, Vincent Vossen Remix) (feat. Luke Coulson)
Alessio Pennati – Synergy Wave
Alexey Union – Sarabi
Alexi Delano – Solmogna (feat. Vicente Jaramillo)
Almost Home – Harpoon (extended Mix)
Alvin Kyer – Watching Gorilla
Angwlar – Dark Winds
Anthony J, Morales (br) – Reflections
Anticyclone – Valdivia
Aquarius Ezra – No One
Artche – Passenger
Arteforma – Nebula
Ben Tov, Gerry Liberty – Nuwe Reen (mass Digital Remix)
Bilevicius – We Love (vck& Remix)
Borowsky – Gooma
Canato, 2stroke – Blooming
Circle Of Life – Xo
David Thompson – Nobody Is Watchin (club Mix)
Deciduous – Other World
Deeparture – Malfunction
Delta9, Kin Izaguirre – Red Dwarf
Diamond Mouth – Blade Of Light (yubik Remix)
Dope (pt) – If We Don’t Have Mars (feat. Arayah)
Eleven Of July – Tarantula
Empiric Mind – Atilla
Evelynka, Sasho Derama – Lost In These Games
Fabian Vieregge – September To Remember
Fickry, Maliki – Sundapisan
Greg S – Rise Up (original Mix)
Hibrid (bih), Malbeku – Liria (vahag Remix)
Hollt – Ethical World (original Mix)
Hypsidia – 3daysoflove
Jaques Le Noir – Adore You (club Mix)
Jay Phonic – Sticky Choir (guzy Remix)
Jeancy – Survive (paul Anthonee Remix)
Jochem Hamerling – Speculation (extended Mix)
Jordi Iven, Ray Rose – Lose Yourself
Joseph Carlo – Requiem For A Dream
Joseph Disco – D.i.s.c.o.
Kamadev – Whisp (renga Weh Remix)
Kashovski – Black Wood
Klur – Roots (extended Mix)
Krispr – Rayleigh Scattering
Kyoot – Transparent Spheres
Leandro Taibbi – Nuke (original Mix)
Liam Sieker – Touch
Magic Place – High Feeling (extended Mix)
Marc Lenz – Koniin
Mark Tarmonea – Hunting (instrumental)
Maryana (in) – Sweet Sugar
Marymoon – Nalu
Matchy & Paludoa – Keep (original Mix)
Moeaike – Night Swim (feat. Faye Nightingale)
Mono K – Around You (radio Edit)
Mood Gorning – Dome
Naji Arun – Levitate
Noidor – Cropp
Noise88 – May The Minimal
Nomas – Traces In The Sand
Nomas – Vesper (orbit Mix)
Nopopstar – Time
Nosssia – Dos Mundos
Nosssia – My North
Nto – Petit Matin
Out Of Sorts – The Feel
Paraleven – Tidal Wave (feat. Bien Et Toi)
Phonez – Reconnect (un said Remix)
Qarrassa – Otro
Ra (mx) – Midnight Escargots
Revenänt (mx) – Fortune
Ria Mehta, Sean Ae – Far Away Places (sunrise Mix)
Roberto Pagliaccia, Dubskull – Skil (original Mix)
Rona (il) – Overcome
Semodi – Oh Boy (nico Pusch Remix) (feat. Antigone)
Sergium – Breathe (original Mix)
Sound Nomaden – Day In The Park
Space Motion, Stylo – Dreamers
Stazam – Transitorio
The Angels, Tomy Wahl – Barmuda Tringle (original Mix)
Tibasko – The One
Tobak – Kevo (edone Remix)
Ucha – Piece Of Me (original Mix)
Ucha – Separate Ways
Umutbooy – Miraculous
Virak – Kaolack (jj Rework) (extended Mix)
Vittorio Amendola – Free Drink
Willing & Abel – The Oxford Comma
Wo-core – Seventh Grade (remastered)
Zy Khan – Partical