Beatport Best New Hype Tech House August 2021 playlist – [11-Aug-2021]

072 – Anthony Attalla – Up And Down
Aaron Mvrtin, Jorge Hurtado – Ganjaman
Adam Lance – Loving You!
Aitor Pastor – Harabvi
Alessandro Diruggiero – L.a. Drip (original Mix)
Alexia Nigh – Irregular (extended Mix)
Alex Kenji – One Love
Aney F., Mata Jones – Black Ego (edit)
Angel Heredia, Diego Lima – Faya (edit)
Anthony Attalla – Up And Down
Apollo Green – Kush & Oj
Autobotz, Jho Roscioli – About To Freak
Bad Boombox, Crizzle – Bad Bitch
Baltra – I Want You (i Need You) (darius Syrossian Extended Mix)
Basement Jaxx, Wh0 – Romeo (wh0 Festival Remix)
Belier & Ribass, Ramon Bedoya – Swear It
Ben Sterling – Dimensions
Bohemien – Take Me Back (extended Mix) (feat. Amaria Simone)
Brian Don – Bass Face
Brown Vox – Lay Shot
Caleb Dent, Dre Mendez – After Thought
Claudia Tejeda – Shake That (original Mix)
Cocodrills – Mesmerized
Cosmin Horatiu – No Diggity (extended Mix)
Dan Barrientos – Shake It
Dan Vya – Let The Siren (original Mix)
Darius Syrossian – The Green Light
Darren After – Over It
David Jager – Cyber Heart
Deeft, Tough Art – Get Down
Deiver – Not Sure (original Mix)
Dncn, Freddy Be, Savi Leon – Tihkal (dilby Remix)
Dont Blink – Satisfaction
Elegant Hands, Calego – Billy Bad (radio Mix)
Elternhouse – Lost In You
Eskuche – The Sun (hannah Wants Extended Mix)
Federico Ambrosi – Sequences
Fernando Mesa – Blacktop (original Mix)
Fletch, Boris Ross – Out Of Control
Fran Ares – Ready Woman (original Mix)
Greck B, Anko A – Call Me
Guest Who, Red Dynasty – Beat It
Gump (uk) – You Listening
Hauzer – Acid Nation
Ian Sound – Look Around (original Mix)
Imanol Molina, Skayem, Dianna Marini – Transformation
Javi Colina, Quoxx, Lowjess – Heart My Song
Joba – Dance Like You (extended Mix)
Juan (ar), Pinco – Nasty
Kamino – Talking About Jack
Kc Wray – Enjoy!
Kenny Brian – La Familia
King Topher – Coming Home
Kricked – A Bedtime Story (original Mix)
Leandro Da Silva, Bazzflow – Alright
Level Groove – Droooop
Lucas Alexander – Dirty Dancer
Macrolev – Come On Over
Marco Tropeano – Fade (jamie Fielding Remix)
Marc Spence – On The Floor (extended Mix)
Matt Caseli – Set My Mind Free
Matt Kerley – Kitty Kitty
Medu – Organics
M.f.s Observatory – Mollee (extended Mix)
Mike Scot – Back On The Boogie (cassimm Remix)
Mkey (uk) – Swollen Sounds (original Mix)
Mnk4 – Luck And Charm (original Mix)
Nadia – Telling Me
New Stereo – I’m Your Nightmare
Nicola D’angella – Guapo
No1no’s – Turnin Up (feat. Malachi K.p.)
Norman Weber, Patrick Testor – Panoramatrick
Pako Ramirez – Angel
Paniz69 – In The Beat
Pleight, Pirate Snake – Thank Me
Rando – Sax In The House (extended Mix)
Redux Saints – Feel Da Funk
Ren Phillips, Yingyang (uk) – Ben Dova!
Ren Phillips, Yingyang (uk) – Houseoholic
Ren Phillips, Yingyang (uk) – Phantom Of The Opera
Save As (us) – Dominated
Sllash & Doppe – Get It Now (radio Edit)
Ssol – All I Wanna Do
Thomas Newson, Alterboy – Rapapa
Tim Taylor (uk) – Love (mason Maynard Remix)
Tomas Bisquierra, Matias Schaller – Non Stop
Tom Budin, Kastelo – Slow Down
Tough Break – Don’t
Vaxx, Gustaff – Tell Me (extended Version)
Viccenzo – Paralyzed (original Mix)
Vltra (it) – Anybody
Wolf Jay, Veltron – Summer
Xero – Night Cruise (extended Mix)
Yo Land, N-telekia – United (original Mix)
Yory – People Like Me (original Mix)
Zof – Cupcake