Beatport Hype Trance Top 100 April 2021 – [05-Apr-2021]

08 Pulse – You and me (Extended Version)
Adip Kiyoi, Rezwan Khan – Your Destiny
Alexander Komarov – Call of heaven (Extended Mix)
Alexander Popov – Adagio (Extended Mix)
AMTM – Barracuda
Bigtopo, Zeus – Maladeta
Black XS – Fuck Society
Blashear – Circular Danger
Bruno Oloviani – Desert Roads (Extended Mix)
Corrado Baggieri – Let It All Out (Extended Mix)
Corrie Theron – Higher (Extended Mix)
Cquenz – Fallout (Extended Mix)
D72 – I Believe In You And Me
Daniel Cesana – Allegiance (Extended Mix)
Dan Kelly, Kevin Energy – Cyclone One
Dan Kelly, Kevin Energy – Infatuation
Dan Stone – Back To You (Koyah Extended Mix)
Dan Stone – Back To You
Darren Tate – Grains (Club Mix)
Diago – Waterfall (Extended Mix)
DJ Phalanx – Pure (Extended Mix)
DJ T.H. – Dark Times
Edele Andaya – First Promise
Fabrice – Deep Blue (Extended Mix)
Farius – Forever
Farius – Quiet Hope (Extended Mix)
Farius – Wait (Extended Mix)
Flund – Bimblebub (Extended Mix)
Gary Murray – Amme (Extended Mix)
Hausman – Let Me Go
Hausman – Wasted (Extended Mix)
HGHLND – Dreamin’ (SCHALA Remix)
Illuminor – Umzansi (Beatsole Extended Remix)
Indecent Noise – R.A.V.E
Jimmy Chou – Orion
John Grand – Talkback (Extended Mix)
KINETICA – Torque (Extended Mix)
Kosmonova – Missing You (Talla 2XLC Remix)
Levitate – Cielo (Extended Mix)
Matt Bukovski – Game Over
Matt Fax, Ava Silver – The Wave (Extended Mix)
MaxRevenge – No Tomorrow (Extended Mix)
Mhammed El Alami – Dawn (Sunyella Extended Remix)
Mhammed El Alami, Maratone – Firefly (Extended Mix)
Mino Safy – Science (Extended Mix)
Miroslav Vrlik, Dave Steward – Proof Of Life
Miroslav Vrlik – No One (Extended Mix)
Miroslav Vrlik – No One (Steve Brian Extended Remix)
Neonica – Away From You
Nico Cranxx – Pecundang
Norni – Oblivion (Extended Mix)
Patrik Humann – Jamiro (Extended Mix)
Paul Skelton – In My Eyes
Plastic Angel – Schatten 2021
R.E.L.O.A.D. – Acid For Dummies
Roman Messer – Can You See The Light
Roman Messer, Roxanne Emery – Lost & Found
Roman Messer – Sunset
Sali, Igor Dorin – I Like This Groove (Extended Mix)
Sebastian Pawlica – Krakow (Extended Mix)
Skybreed – Airtight (Extended Mix)
Sodality – Maya (Extended Mix)
Sovve – Be With Me (Extended Mix)
StanV – A Little Brighter (Extended Mix)
Steve Brian, Renee – Sweet Little Lies (Myon Summer of Love Extended Mix)
Steve Dekay – Pegaso (Extended Mix)
Symmetrik – Revolution
Talla 2XLC – Carpe Diem
Traveller – Bright Sign
UDM – Oxygen (Extended Mix)
Vadim Bonkrashkov – Never Be Alone
WHITEOUT – Savenight (Extended Mix)
Will Renville – Tooth Sweater (Original Mix)
Woody van Eyden, Rene Ablaze – All My Life (Extended Mix)

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