Beatport Hype Trance Top 100 (April 2021) – [19-Apr-2021]

Air Project, Hidden Tigress – Blanket of Stars (Dub Mix)
Air Project – Impact (Extended Mix)
AlexMo – SuperNova
Amir Reza – Afterglow (Extended Mix)
Andy Moor – Safe On Both Sides (Extended Mix)
Axel Walters – We Are (Extended Mix)
BarWall – Where Will I Go (Extended Mix)
Ben Gold – Today (Ferry Tayle Neverending Story Remix) [feat. Senadee]
Bigtopo, Arman Bas – Love Of My Life
Blashear – Circular Danger
Blashear – Hydraulic
Bryen – Blaze
catchfire – Angelical (Extended Mix)
Chris Deme – Dystopia
Christina Novelli, Adip Kiyoi – Carousel (Original Mix)
Ciro Visone, Michele Cecchi – Stripes Of Tomorrow
D72, Kelsey Edwards – New Identity (Extended Mix)
D72 – Mirages (Extended Mix)
Dan Schneider, ZeroMusiX – Cronos
David Yarrow – Return to Earth
Dmpv, Anveld – Metamorphosis (Extended Mix)
Dreamlife, Grande Piano, Agata Pasternak – Never Again (Extended Mix)
Elypsis – Cordelia (Extended Mix)
Eximinds – In The Darkness (Extended Mix)
Farius – Wait (Extended Mix)
Fischer, Miethig – Energize
Haikal Ahmad, Kagehoshi – Astral
Hausman – Let Me Go
Ian Solano – Unacceptable
Jay Flynn, Gary Bolton – Symbiotic
Jody 6 – Drops (Extended)
Joel Gershom – Equinox (Extended Mix)
Joseph Vega – Nova
Kenny Palmer – Over To You (Extended Mix)
Kenny Palmer – Sunreaver (Extended)
Kenny Palmer – Zandalar (Extended Mix)
Kita-Kei – Golden Plains Under The Blue Sky (Extended Mix)
Kosmonova – Missing You (Talla 2XLC Remix)
Levitate – Fuego (Beatsole Extended Mix)
Lewis Duggleby, Jennifer Rene – Whispering Words
LR Uplift – Please Don’t Cry (Extended Mix)
Madwave – Vooteta (Extended Mix)
MakeFlame – Otto (Extended Mix)
Marlo – Antidote
Mike Crawley – Cereal Killer (Extended Mix)
Mind of One – Fire In My Head (StanV Extended Mix)
Miroslav Vrlik, Dave Steward – The Pressure (Extended Mix)
Misja Helsloot, Ylona – See You Go (Extended Mix)
Neos – The End of an Era (Original Mix)
Niko Zografos – Last Storm (Extended Mix)
Noise Zoo, Brandon Mignacca – Sunlight (Extended Mix)
Patrick McNulty – The Navigator
Patrik Humann, Sarah de Warren – Love Again (Extended Mix)
Paul ICZ, LUSCJO – In the Shadows (Dub Mix)
Paul Skelton – In My Eyes
Plastic Angel – Schatten 2021
PSYB3R – Pale Moon
PSYB3R – Stfu
Ramin Arab – Hope For Freedom
Renegade System – Global Panic (Extended Mix)
Roman Messer, Roxanne Emery – Lost & Found
Roman Messer – Sunset
shugz, Reece Foster – Repentance
Sly One Vs Jurrane – Everything To Me
Solis & Sean Truby, Anthya – Timeless (Dustin Husain Extended Remix)
Steve Brian, Nathan Rux, Rachael Nemiroff – To Get To You (Somna Extended Remix)
Stoneface & Terminal – Azimuth (Extended Mix)
Symmetrik – Revolution
Talla 2XLC – Carpe Diem
Tom Exo – Future Sun (Extended)
Traveller – Bright Sign
Tycoos, Kiran M Sajeev – Undertow
Tycoos, Sandro Mireno, Natune, Denis Airwave – I Will Try (Denis Airwave Remix)
U-Mount – Spectrum (Extended Mix)
Yoshi & Razner – Pegasus (Extended)