Best New Breaks – Breakbeat Top 100 Vol.054 popular Songs – [05-Oct-2021]

3. Nrg – Turn It Up
4tgang – Piano Wavs
4tgang – Unpopular
Alex Jungle – Breakchild
Audioglider – Subterranea (Original Mix)
Bartholomew Kind – Sapien Beat
Bhed – Somni (Pugilist Remix)
Bolam – Hype Shifter (Al Wootton Remix)
Breaksucker – Just Dance For Me
Breaksucker – Show Me Love
Bucksta – Let’s Get Ill
Carlton Doom – Insects In The Jelly
Cesqeaux – Just_Me.Wav
Coco Bryce – I Will Never Turn Away
Coco Bryce – Pirates Of The Pancreas
Coco Bryce – Restless Soul
Counsel Pop – Burning Plastic
Disrupta – 1000% Niceness
Dj Beeno – Beggin In Da Jungle (Revamp)
Dj Beeno – From The Inside
Dj Beeno – Through The Night
Dj Beeno – You Are So
Dj Dossa – Keep Moving
Dj Doughboy – Come On
Dj Fixx – #Team Awesome
Dj Force & The Evolution – Escape The Feeling
Dj Jedi – Come On
Dj Sinister – Conserva
D-Sabber – Warbler
Dub Pistols; Krafty Kuts; Freestylers; Ashley Slater – Back To Daylight (Freestylers & Krafty Kuts Daylight Dub Remix)
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – London Stomp
Faff, Mark Mackenzie – Dilate (Mark Mackenzie Remix)
Frankel & Harper – Heinous Fly Trap
Future Primitive – Swift Half
Gothika Shade – Rainbow (Tilted Spectrum Mix)
Gothika Shade – The Dazzler
Hellen Prisma – Electro Signal
Huda Hudia, Dj30a – All My Life
Huda Hudia, Dj30a – Huda 30a And I
Huda Hudia, Dj30a – West 1999
Idealz – Paradise
Idealz – Rush Like This
Inspira – Ten Eyes For An Eye
Jim Funk, Ethney – It’s A (Wicked Wes Remix)
Josh Mace – Dissonant
Kolya Manyu – Mamkin Gangster (Oddkut Garage Remix)
Kraak & Smaak – No Sun In The Sky (Noogman Remix)
Kush Jones – Rugrats (Anz’s Childish Remix)
Kush Jones – Rugrats (Dj Manny Remix)
Liquid Crystal – Inner Sense
Local Group – Watch This Beat
Local Group – Work That Thing
Luna-C – Anyhow
Match Box – Mutation Gamble
Mentski & Entity – Waiting For Bronk
Mesmer – She Knows
Mesmer – Wormsigns
Minder – Twenty
Minder – Wasp

Mr. Arthur – Keep Keep (Ross Fader Natural Born Remix)
Neil Landstrumm – Dog Falls
Nicky Allen – Here Dis (Original Mix)
Pale The Kid – Work That Sucker (Original Mix)
Paul Bassrock – Overload
Paul Bradley – Everybody’s Rave
Paul Bradley – Where Are You
Pépé Elle – Thump
Pete Cannon – Your Fantasy
Pulpfusion – Forgotten Weapons
Rasco – Pure Bassline
Ray (Uk) – Boom Bap
Rudimental;The Game;D Double E;Backroad Gee – Instajets (Feat. Backroad Gee)
Scratcha Dva – Sleeper
Sirmo – Twisted Bonds (Bobby Lasers Remix)
Sir-Vere – Hunger (Pulp Fusion Mix)
Sunny & Deck Hussy – Out Of Control
The Darrow Chem Syndicate – Polar Easterlies (Ondamike Remix)
The Darrow Chem Syndicate – Riviera Beats (Perfect Kombo & Hankook Remix)
The Darrow Chem Syndicate – Wear A Mask (Rasco Remix)
Thee Mike B, Boy Stephen, Robyn Katz – Uh Yeah (Thee Acid Song) (Salva Remix)
The Last Ronin – Airshells
The Last Ronin – The Choice
The Timespan – Lovely Piano Song
The Trip – The Snowball (Mannik Remix)
Tno Project – Brainscan
Tno Project – Ototoxicity
Tno Project – Time Against U
Tno Project – Vicious Metastatis
Under Break – Red
Under Break – Remember The Time
Under Break – This Is The Sound
Vazteria X – Experiment 19
Voytee – Delta Plan (Windom R Remix)
Wasabi – Singin (Pale The Kid Remix)
Wislov – Too Much Coffee
Xl Order – Full Focus Fast Win
Xl Order – Quintessence
Zach Witness, General Levy – Love Divine (Feat. General Levy)
Zach Witness – Voodoo Tongues