Deep House & Nu Disco & Indie Dance & Soulful House) – [15-Jun-2019]

3Biyz – Pumpin It’ Up
7even (GR), Rafael Lambert – Falling (Rafael Lambert Remix)
Abstraxion – Deleuze Fight (Original Mix)
African Drumboyz, DJ Abza Sa – Indian Church
Aimes – Does It Feel Good to You
Aimes – Goin Rogue
Aimes – Knock Down
Aimes – Pairs of Threes
Alan Junior – Stala Pili Gélé Polo (Original Mix)
Alena – Let Me Be the One (80’s Child Remix)
Ander B – Free (100HZ Remix)
Ander B – Free (Dub Edit)
Ander B – Free (Vocal Mix)
Ander B – Galactic Disco (Original Mix)
Ander B – The Black Sun (Original Mix)
Anomalie – Velours
Aura Safari – Albaia Interlude
Aura Safari – Citizens of the Universe
Aura Safari – Island Life
Aura Safari – Jungle Jazz
Aura Safari – Midnight Discipline
Aura Safari – Music for the Smoking Room
Aura Safari – Rhythm of Life
Aura Safari – Sahara
Aura Safari – Saturn and Calypso
Aura Safari – The Lost Reel
Barbara Tucker – Express Yourself
Beau Zwart – Shadows in My Mind
Ben Hur, Daniel Thomas – Paradise
Birdee, Chloe Amber, Hypnotic Lovers – Chemistry (Album Version)
Bobby Electro – Party Animals
Bufi – Take It & Feel It
Carlos Budd Ford – Set The Mood (Kako Soulful mix)
C. Da Afro – Straight To The Dance Floor (Original Mix)
Col Lawton – Rhythm (Original Mix)
Coral O’ Connor – Siren Call (Original Mix)
Crisp Copter – We Are Jupiter
Curses – Surrender (David Vunk Remix)
Curses – Surrender (Eva Geist & Steve Pepe Remix)
Danny Kane, Jacqui George – Go
Darren Studholme – Crazy (Deep House Instrumental Mix)
Darren Studholme – Crazy (Deep House Mix)
Darren Studholme – Crazy (Disco Samba Instrumental Mix)
Darren Studholme – Crazy (Disco Samba Mix)
Dave Gerrard – Get The Funk Out Ma’ Face (Original Mix)
Dave Gerrard – La Da Da (Original Mix)
Dave Gerrard – Pinapple Soup (Original Mix)
Deep In Force – I Gave You All (Original Mix)
Derrick Flair – The Transition (Original Mix)
Desos, Katey Ellen – No Way Out (Javonntte Remix)
Desos, Katey Ellen – No Way Out (Original Mix)
Desos, L.D.F. – Unknown Track (Original Mix)
Disconnection, Funky Judge – Rock Superstar (Funky Judge Mix)
Discoslap – 2 Rock in the House
Distant People – Elements (Original Mix)
Distant People – Sunrise (Original Mix)
DJ Abza SA – Love Found Me
DJ Oliver, Alex Kennon – Ava (Original Mix)
DJ Steaw – Beat For U (Original Mix)
DJ Steaw – Tamarama Beach (Original Mix)
DJ Steaw – Varoska (Original Mix)
DJ Steaw – X-Wing (Club Mix)
Downunder Disco – Keep On Dancin! (Original Mix)
Downunder Disco – TrippyDisco ! (Original Mix)
Downunder Disco – When You Got The Feeling (Original Mix)
Easy Going, Luca Elle – Baby I Love You (Luca Elle Remix)
Edem, Govan – Lacuna (De La Suitte Remix)
Edem, Govan – Lacuna (Original Mix)
Edem, Govan – Meraki (Original Mix)
Elber Florentino, Christiane Utnehmer – Venice Sunsire (Original Mix)
Elber Florentino – Falling In Love (Original Mix)
Ethiopian Chyld – Diamond Heart (Original Mix)
Fred Portelli – Rock And Roll
Frisk – Just Don’t
Frisk – Peeking
Frisk – Stabbed
Funkatomic – Overtime (Original Mix)
Funklab – This Is My Life (Cappery Mix)
Funky Dee, Mieczyk – Feel It In Your Soul (Original Mix)
Gadom, 7even (GR) – Just Dance For Me (7even GR Remix)
Gemini Brothers – Jeckermich (Pete Herbert Remix)
Gioli, Assia – Blame on Me feat Hang Massive (Original Mix)
Heion – Follow Me (Mark E Remix)
I Gemin – 2 Tha People
Important – Gracion (Original Mix)
Ivaylo – Aerodynamisk
Ivaylo – Karla
Ivaylo – Syklon
James Go – The Last Shaman (Original Mix)
JazzyFunk – Don’t You Worry Bout a Thing (Situation Remix)
Jerem A – Do It Right (Nu Disco Mix)
Jerem A – Don’t Say Goodnight (Nu Disco Mix)
Jerem A – I Feel Alive (A1 Nu Disco Mix)
Jerem A – Make That Move (Nu Disco Mix)
Jerem A – Na Na Na (Nu Disco Mix)
Jerem A – Soup For Space (Nu Disco Mix)
Joe T Vannelli Project – Sweetest Day Of May (Full Intention Remix)
JSquared, Amy – Dangerlove
Jungle & Juice – I Wanna Feel Your Love (Original Mix)
Killer Whale – Tell You Today (Leo Zero Extended Club Mix)
Lego Edit – Platinum Funk
Lego Edit – Soul Patrol
Mannix – The Trumpet (Original Mix)
Marlo Morales – Pussy Magic (Amateur At Play’s Late Night Vocal Mix) (feat Echoboyy)
Marlo Morales – Pussy Magic (Criss Hawk Remix) (feat Echoboyy)
Marlo Morales – Pussy Magic (Darren Studholme Deep Groove Instrumental Mix) (feat Echoboyy)
Marlo Morales – Pussy Magic (Darren Studholme Deep Groove Mix) (feat Echoboyy)
Marlo Morales – Pussy Magic (Latouche Finale Remix) (feat Echoboyy)
Mateus Hummig – Give UP (Extended)
Mattia Pompeo – Abstract World (Dubphone Remix)
Misumami – Prove It (Kid Sublime Remix)
Moorez – Origin Soul (Original Mix)
Mr. Thruout – Boutique
MVC Project – Let’s Get It
Natasha Watts – Streetlife (Qwestlife Remix)
Nico Castoldi, Castoldi – 1979 (Original Mix)
Nightdrive – Adventures of Gus (Original Mix)
Nightdrive – Discord (Original Mix)
Nightdrive – Futurity (Original Mix)
Nightdrive – Ordinance (Original Mix)
Nortasun – Untitled 3 (Original Mix)
Ollie S. – Aurora Ace (Original Mix)
Ollie S – Mirage 87 (Limpodisco Remix)
Ollie S. – Waverunner (Original Mix)
Paul Cutie – Africa Business (Original Mix)
Polymer – Cloud Runner (Original Mix)
Pyperb – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (Original Mix)
Raw Dixon – The Sentiments (Original Mix)
Rich B, Marcella Puppini – Revolution (Gene King’s DeepNSoul Mix)
Rick Marshall – The Night (Vocal Mix)
Rimini Jones – Sax on the Beach (Pool Bar Mix)
Rocco Raimundo, Stee Downes – Higher Lovin
Ron Basejam – Is the Word_
Rubinskee – Sources
Rue – The Cult (Enamour’s Free Love Extended Mix)
Rydeen – Rhodis (Original Mix)
Sam One – Dancing (O10C Club Mix)
Sam One – Dancing (O10C Club Vocal Mix)
Satoshi Fumi – Les Ailes Du Cygne (Lycoriscoris Remix)
Satoshi Fumi – Les Ailes Du Cygne (Phase3.1 Mix)
Saucy Lady – Magic Dust (E Live Remix)
Schwarz & Funk – Absolute (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – As If It Was You (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Atomic (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Chudera (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Deepluxe (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Depart
Schwarz & Funk – Jolie (Club Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Last Train (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Looking for Love (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Nevada (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Never Forgotten (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Ocean solaire (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Off the Shore (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Pinball (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Semi Century (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Soul Devine (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Sweetened (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Voices (Beach House Mix)
Schwarz & Funk – Walk Around (Beach House Mix)
Skena – Lost (Original Mix)
Space Roosters, Moniq A – Ridin’ High (Original Mix)
Spieltape – Pale Blue Dot (Original Mix)
S.Soul – Astra (Original Mix)
Sterling Void, Louise Burgess – Feel so Real
Stradivarius – Ain’t Funky Like This (feat Tom Delirio) (Original Mix)
Super M – Disco Cool
Sweetooth – Make Believe
Tep No – I’m Evil (Extended Mix)
The Drive – Diamond in the Rough
The Hinge Project – Brand New Day (Joe Black Remix)
The Miami Collective, JC Bentley – So Alive (Retro Club Mix)
Tiny Cornelius – Something’s on My Mind
Tomasz Guiddo, Nirosta Steel – Go Back (with Nirosta Steel) (Michael Reinboth Remix)
Tony Fisher – You’ll Never Find (Jerry C. King & Kennedy Simone Background Vocal Mix)
Tony Fisher – You’ll Never Find (Jerry C. King’s C.H.L.P. Jackin’ Mix)
Tony Fisher – You’ll Never Find (Jerry C. King’s C.H.L.P. Mix)
Tony Fisher – You’ll Never Find (Jerry C. King’s Mental Mix)
Tony Fisher – You’ll Never Find (Jerry C. King’s Radio Mix)
Una – In My Arms (DjPope Sound Of Baltimore Vocal)
UnoMas, Saucy Lady – Nasty Girl (Dr Packer Remix)
Walter & Lomax – Bring The Funk Back (Original Mix)