New MP3 Deep House, Nu Disco, Indie Dance Download – [21-Apr-2021]

2 Rare People – Labyrinth (DR THINK version)
Ahrwald – Cosmochemistry
Al3ss – Loving You
Alessio Bianchi – My Life (Emvade Remix)
Alvintono – Critical Moment
A-mase – Voyage (Vip Edit)
A-mase – Voyage (Vip Mix)
Andrea Grandoni – Urban Boy (K21 Extended Version)
Andrew Waxman – First Time (Bank of Sound’s Mix)
Anthony Maserati – And You (Deep Kings Mix)
Ant KLENT, Tad & TYLS – Still Alive
Ant KLENT, Tom Klark & DJ Niglo – Social Security
Aomusiq & Irene Ngomu – Remember
Aomusiq & Irene Ngomu – Yeah
Aomusiq – To the Deep House Heads
AudioBros – Village Roots
B4N4N4 G4NG, Xtra Basic & Emily J – Pain Away
Balearica – Go Away (Skyline Mix)
Becanoe Da Voe – Critical Ambush
Becanoe Da Voe – Semi Mental Energies
Becanoe Da Voe – Terminal Point
Becanoe Da Voe – Tycoon’s Ceremony
Berk Ocal – Delusion
Beta Function – Practical Advices
Bhut’ Paper – 100 Steps a Minute (Slow Carbon Mix)
Bhut’ Paper – Oxygen 18 (Carbon Mix)
Blaq Huf – Sasha’s Fallen
Bob Manzanilla – We Run This City
Boylife – Tripoli
Boylife – Tripoli (Uri Allgood Remix)
brenwalt – New Age World (Deeper Mix)
Brunetto – Silk (DR THINK version)
B&S Concept – All I Want
B&S Concept – Time
Carlo – Despues De Nunca
Carlo – Humble Pie
Carlo – Rabia Y Miel
Carlos Diaz – Groove Paradise (feat. Tech House Lovers)
Carlo – Supernatural Providers
Carl Vee – Fast Work
Chris Zent – Give It
Deep Chills & Yarden Saxophone – Tahiti
D Jerm – Give Me Love
DJ Joma – Draumur (Kanedo Remix)
DJ Joma – Draumur
DJ Joma – Leo (Bjorn Salvador, Leon S. Kemp Remix)
DJ Joma – Leo
DJ Leonardo Rafael – Inside
Doneyck – Deep Down
Doneyck – Oudoo
DR THINK – Re-Think (2021 Remastered)
Electric Dada – Chemical (Matonik Extended Remix)
Elliot DeHoyos – Drift
Elliot DeHoyos – Drift (Radio Edit)
Eric Redd – Want You (Club Mix)
Eric Redd – Want You (Radio Mix)
Ernie – Insulfla (DR THINK version)
Fanky – Stereotype
Frankie Esse – You Are (feat. A. Beckford)
Gabriel Rocha & DJ PP – Since 90s
Gert-Jan Kleyne – Abmas (Club Mix)
Gert-Jan Kleyne – Abmas (Radio Edit)
Gert-Jan Kleyne – Freak (Club Mix)
Gert-Jan Kleyne – Freak (Radio Edit)
Gokhan Akkas – Promise Me
Hammerton – South Main
Hard Mix! – Living a New Life (DR THINK version)
Harwa Da Creator – Oddity
Hill Heaven – Shopping (Class Mix)
Homaag – Practical Implications
ImButcher – Paradise (feat. Cory Friesenhan)
JazzyFunk – Popstar (feat. Pyma) [JazzyFunk Records]
JazzyFunk – Popstar (feat. Pyma)
Joe London – Vapour
Kaito Aman – Kundalini (Stage Van H Muladhara Remix)
Katermurr – Misty Night
Katermurr – Sentimental Piano
Katermurr – Tramonto
Kgoro – Solitary Confinement
Klod Rights – Pink Maze (Deep House Mix)
Lights & Fade – I Wish (Anton Pavlovsky Remix)
Lights & Fade – I Wish (Klinedea Remix)
Lights & Fade – I Wish (Last Midnight Train Remix)
Lights & Fade – I Wish
L-Pizzy – Lost in Space
Lukão DuFlow – Selfish Desires (Remix)
Lyente – Start Over Again (feat. YNNOX)
Marga Sol & Darles Flow – Say No More
Mecânica Celeste – Distal (DR THINK version)
Melih Aydogan – Will You Stay (feat. Georgia Alexandra)
Melih Aydogan – Will You Stay (feat. Georgia Alexandra) [Rivo Remix] [Road Story Records]
Meynberg – Wait Forever (feat. Vide)
Mighty Real – On the Very Spot
Mike Ekim – Slices
Mike Newman – This Is Special
Milk Company – Escape from the Deep
Moco – Harmonica
Moco – In & Out
Neale Stuart – Love the Way You Get
Neale Stuart – You & Me
Nelson Kay – I See You
NePhEW – Sunday Collider
Nesh – Tales of a Giant Bear
NisapaMusiQ – United State of Zebediela
Omer Kavak – Offshore
Pajero Orchestra – Walkin’ Yazz
Phoenix Pegasus & Xclusive kAi – S.O.L.O
Playin’ 4 The City – Dialogue
Playin’ 4 The City – I’m Ready
Playin’ 4 The City – Night Shades
Playin’ 4 The City – Tell Me a Bedtime Story
Q-LIVE – Feel Inside (Retro Dub Mix)
Q-LIVE – Strange Times
Reznikov – Wild & Free (Extended Mix)
Riffle Shuffle – At Night
Roy Rolls – Rolls Laughs Trembles
Ruadh Munro – Joe Sax
Sammy Yon – My Carion
Sam Stoner – Paradise Fantasy
Schwarz Dutch – Outsiders Society
Scott – Heureux
Scott – Rainure
Sergio Helou – Falling In Love (Doneyck Remix)
Seth – Te Iert (feat. Alexandra Gheorghe)
ShirleySaid – Tales from a Chambermaid (Ciano Deep Mix)
Simplex Motive – You Make Me Loungey
Simplex Sensus – Dusk
Sir Thuleigh – The Groove
SmagSoul & Rony M – Fall from Grace
Spiced Boogie – Transition Statements
Square Plaza – Flip the Table
Stiffler Deep – Overdriven Sub
Subsotano – Impulso (DR THINK version)
The Spectaphiles – Breakthrough
Tigger – I’ve Been Trying to See (feat. Mora Orphey)
T- La Sonic – Sediment
Two Tone Productions – No Pressure (M1 Mix)
Two Tone Productions – The Wish (Back to Roots Mix)
Two Tone Productions – The Wish
Unexpected Marvel – Panoply
Velloso – Come Back To Me
Viktor Astoria – This Is 4 You
Wicked Sounds – Chocolates & Clouds
Wiener Luft – Stuck In a Dream
Xclusive kAi – Thousand Miles (Pt. II)
Benjamin Fröhlich – Acid Routine
Benjamin Fröhlich – Again and Again
Benjamin Fröhlich – One More Time
Benjamin Fröhlich – Repeat After Me
Botria, Kaparzoo – Yvra5891
Nick Devon & Grammik – Wanderlust
oddchapters – Dim
oddchapters – Into the Green
oddchapters – Port
Otho and Grag – Woman (Alternative Mix)
Otho and Grag – Woman
Paper Cut Pony – Tabbetha
Perdu – Dystopia (Bells Mix)
Perdu – Dystopia (feat. Tjade)
Perdu – Retrograde Mercury
Perdu – Rise of F5
Perdu – Somehow It’s Different Now
Schattenfrequenz – Zwei (Carsten Cook Remix)
Schattenfrequenz – Zwei (Maxi-Version)
Schattenfrequenz – Zwei
Soda State – Gold
Soda State – Portal
Soda State – Way to Go
url – bedroom floor (Moods Remix)
Acynd – Late Nights
Acynd – Night Beats
Afro Image Band – Sonata Nocturna
Andy Bach – You Give Me Fever (feat. Aleysha Eve) [HOLY]
Andy Bach – You Give Me Fever (feat. Aleysha Eve)
Ant Schillaci – Rented Disco (Romy Black Remix)
Claborg – Talking
Claborg – Talking (Radio Edit)
Claudio Tempesta – Electrica (Extended Mix)
Cutting Pattern – Intro the Soul (2021 Rework)
Cutting Pattern – XXX
Deepscale – Let the Fire Out
Disco Secret – Guitar Revenge
Endrik Schroeder – Life Paradox
Jamezy – Let Do It
Jamezy – Mycolour
Keith Fortune – Eleven Eleven
[email protected] – Listen 2 the Music
LUXXURY – …At Any Moment (Instrumental)
LUXXURY – Don’t Give Up (I Believe in You)
Manics & HoneyLuv – Perfect-Energy
Mike Kelly – Quest for You
Neil Hood – Lyceum Sunset (David Grant Remix)
Neil Hood – Lyceum Sunset
Notausgang – Novatrans
St Theodore – Forza Supremo
The Mighty Geek – Cybersyn
The Vinyl Depreciation Society – Black Sugar
The Vinyl Depreciation Society – Brain Eczema
The Vinyl Depreciation Society – Dead Channels
Timbhai – The Way He Walks
Timbhai – The Way He Walks (Otho And Grag Remix)
Vaudafunk – Regardez moi