Deep House, Nu Disco, Indie Dance, Soulful House exclusive tracks – [11-Jan-2022]

Al Bradley – How to Groove Your Dragon [Lucky Sun Recordings]
Ale Lacroix – Desire (feat. Lis Sikorski) [Festa Bros & Ale Salas Remix] [Clap Your Hands Records]
Ale Lacroix – Desire (feat. Lis Sikorski) [Timgim Remix] [Clap Your Hands Records]
Alisa Cara – Carry On (Extended) [Diva Music]
Alisa Cara – Carry On (Radio) [Diva Music]
Angelo Ferreri, Peter Mac – Good Times (Original Mix)
Angelo Ferreri, Peter Mac – Good Times (Quiet Mix)
Azibo – Biometry [Deep People Records]
Azibo – Felt Lovely [Deep People Records]
Azibo – Strong [Deep People Records]
Baeka – Bring It Back, Your Love [Piston Recordings]
Baeka – Feel It Baby [Piston Recordings]
Baeka – You Got My Body [Piston Recordings]
Dam’cy – First Heartbeat [Lucky Sun Recordings]
Daniel Brooks & Pyrrhus – Heads Down (Extended Mix) [Hungarian Hot Wax]
Daniel Brooks & Pyrrhus – Heads Down [Hungarian Hot Wax]
DJ MARTY MCFLY – A New Light [Balearic Trax]
DJOKO, Nikita SISOV – Moscow Mule (Original Mix)
James Benedict – Rockabeat [Lucky Sun Recordings]
Joe Vanditti – Your Eyes (Extended Mix) [Glasgow Underground]
Jose Vilches – Delusion [Party Pizza]
Lucky Sun – I Wanna Live (feat. Debris) [The Vast Profound Gift Connect Remix] [Lucky Sun Recordings]
Mr Goose – Aurore [Moiss Music Black]
Mr Goose – Bring It Back [Moiss Music Black]
Msolnusic – Cala Jondal (Lucky Sun Remix) [Lucky Sun Recordings]
Nick Saley – Angelic (feat. Ikonnya) [Synthetical Records]
Ourra – Coralia [Lucky Sun Recordings]
Simon Vinyl Junkie – Barrs [Gold Image Recordings]
Thayana Valle, Girla – Wildest Dreams (Original Mix)
Tier Ra Nichi – Dynamic View (Original Instrumetnal) [Capire Records]
Vowel – Ático [Pyramid Waves]
Vowel – Avenida (Andre Gazolla Remix) [Pyramid Waves]
Vowel – Avenida [Pyramid Waves]
Vowel – Orla [Pyramid Waves]
Vuers – Venus (Al Bradley’s 3am Deep Instrumental) [Lucky Sun Recordings]
Vuers – You Looking Good [Lucky Sun Recordings]
Ryan Pollie – Best Love I Ever Had
Ryan Pollie – Don’t Lie
Ryan Pollie – Harriton House
Ryan Pollie – Market
Ryan Pollie – On The Nose
Ryan Pollie – Out Of It
Ryan Pollie – Spine
Ryan Pollie – Steal Away
Ryan Pollie – The Shore House
Ryan Pollie – The Thing
Danny Darko – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy (Extended Mix) (Extended Mix)
Feri & Atakan Girisgen – Depth of Silence [Grodd Inc]
Mollono.Bass, Nelli, Stephan Zovsky – Fakir (Mollono.Bass & Stephan Zovsky Remix)
Nelli – Apollo (Original Mix)
Nelli – Fakir (Original Mix)
Pure Inch – Another Day [BBop Music]
Pure Inch – Ogre [BBop Music]
Pure Inch – Stop [BBop Music]
SNYL – Cyber Culture (feat. Touchtalk) [Ivan Masa Remix] [JEAHMON! Records]
SNYL – Cyber Culture (feat. Touchtalk) [JEAHMON! Records]
SNYL – Cyber Culture (feat. Touchtalk) [Palamara Remix] [JEAHMON! Records]
Third Attempt – Age Of Steam [Beatservice]
Vhyce – Moved Not Stirred (Dodi Palese Remix)
4NEY – Cabin Fever [Tropical Disco Records]
Assal – Emotions [Plaizir Muzic]
Ben Harris – I’ll Change (Deeper Mix) [DXB Records]
Block & Crown – Controversy Feat. The Soulboyz (Original Mix)
Block & Crown – Summertime (Party Clubmix)
Conte Roland – Boss in the Night [kluBasic Records]
Domestic Technology – Corsica [3S]
Zaebits – Coolcat [Moiss Music]
Anton Kubikov – F – Trip (Deep Mix) [M-Sol DEEP]
Beamy – Twisted Soul (Kanedo Remix) [M-Sol DEEP]
Carlos Dominguez – Save Me (Deephope Remix) [M-Sol DEEP]
Clark Wohlert – A Tale Untold [M-Sol DEEP]
Darles Flow & SOulfreqtion – Orion Moonlight [M-Sol DEEP]
Deephope – Dub Trumpet [M-Sol DEEP]
DMTunes – Moonlight Walk [M-Sol DEEP]
Jero Nougues – State of Mind [M-Sol DEEP]
Leeman Brothers – Dramatique [M-Sol DEEP]
Legacy202 – 100 Galaxies [M-Sol DEEP]
Marga Sol – Anima [M-Sol DEEP]
Marga Sol & Darles Flow – Say No More (Leeman Brothers Remix) [M-Sol DEEP]
Matías Delóngaro – Pleamar [M-Sol DEEP]
Nenad J. – City Whispers [M-Sol DEEP]
Peter Mac – Nashati (B&S Concept Remix) [M-Sol DEEP]
Rishi K. – Airborne [M-Sol DEEP]
Sizz Nickhrome – Hazelgreen Boulevard, Pt. 2 (Nacho Riveros Remix) [M-Sol DEEP]
SOulfreqtion – Mercenaries [M-Sol DEEP]
Yura African – Burger [M-Sol DEEP]
12 Bis – Tan frio
Glory Days – Destiny
Ian Cou – Papaya_s Night
Manuel Ibanez – Reggies Rhytim