Deep House, Nu Disco, Indie Dance, Soulful House hits list – [07-Oct-2021]

About Funk – Let’s Record [Hive Label]
A.Cocco – Andes
A.Cocco – Andes [Platinum Hat]
Alan de Laniere – Pi Pin Li Pi (Deepwire Mix) [Club Session]
Alex Breitling – The Ocean (Extended Mix) [Club Session]
Ametronik – Bad Love
Ametronik – Bad Love [UM Records]
Ametronik – Next To Me
Ametronik – Next to Me [UM Records]
Andrey Keyton & Anton Malikov – You [Club Session]
Antonino D’Alba – Hypnotic [Music Viral Lab]
Back To 141 & FL Acid – Red Ginger (feat. Dusty Deckk) [Karmaluna Studios]
Blue Chords – Loves Gonna Get You [Sure Cuts Records]
Christopher Ivor – 3Am Tribute [Club Session]
Dart – Dawn [Remmah]
Dart – Lethal Dose [Remmah]
Dart – Manifesto [Remmah]
Dart – New Age Jewel [Remmah]
Dart – No More Jam [Remmah]
Dart – Tree Frog [Remmah]
Deep Elementz – Modulation [Night Scope Deep Recordings]
Digitalic & Nightshadow – Did You Know [Club Session]
Dozikur – Monstera (Extended Mix) [Club Session]
Eloy Cobos – Pad Busting [Harbor Records Collective]
Erdi Irmak – Hope [Club Session]
Eric Ross – California (Desert Hotel Mix) [SQ1]
Eric Ross – California (Desert Hotel Mix) [SQ1]
Eric Ross – Sound of My Drum (Origina Mix) [SQ1]
Eric Ross – Sound of My Drum (Origina Mix) [SQ1]
Faraón & Iriser – White Roses [DeepShine Records]
Fred.H & Nico Tainon – Life [Club Session]
Gabi Newman – Você (Dany Cohiba Remix) [Club Session]
Groove Junkies & Scott K – Higher (feat. Indeya) [Club Session]
Haldo & Karlheinz – Someone Else (feat. Silvio Gigante) [Paolo Barbato Deep Mix] [Club Session]
Jürgen Kirsch – Hello [Club Session]
Kim Ann Foxman – Connection (Luca Lozano Remix)
Kim Ann Foxman – Connection
Kim Ann Foxman – Magic Magic (Matisa Remix)
Kim Ann Foxman – Magic Magic
Kinky Movement – Is This a Dream [Replay Recordings]
Kinky Movement – Richer [Replay Recordings]
Kirik, Alia Palant – Un Dimanche Matin
Kvinn – Take You Down (Anton Pavlovsky Remix) [Gravity Recordings]
Kvinn – Take You Down [Gravity Recordings]
Kvinn – Take You Down (Vetlove & Mike Drozdov Remix) [Gravity Recordings]
Leon Lobato – Retro Love
Loquai – Glow Worms (Edit) [Ultimate House Records]
Loquai – Glow Worms (The 3ivissa 5oul Deep Refresh Extended) [Ultimate House Records]
Loquai – Glow Worms (The 3ivissa 5oul Deep Refresh) [Ultimate House Records]
Manu Soto – Earth [Alpha Black]
Manu Soto – Exotic [Alpha Black]
Manu Soto – Lost [Alpha Black]
Manu Soto – Lost (Dnyo Remix) [Alpha Black]
Manu Soto – Wakanda [Alpha Black]
Mathey B – Playing with My Heart [Club Session]
Matt Hoyson – Hip Shaker [Ambiosphere Recordings]
Matt Hoyson – In the Beginning [Ambiosphere Recordings]
Matt Hoyson – Man Swing [Ambiosphere Recordings]
Matt Hoyson – Spirit [Ambiosphere Recordings]
Matt Hoyson – Spirit of the Night [Ambiosphere Recordings]
Matty Andreas – Day Before Loneliness [Conceptual Deep]
Matty Andreas – Day Before Loneliness [Conceptual Deep]
Matty Andreas – Running [Conceptual Deep]
Matty Andreas – Running [Conceptual Deep]
Matty Andreas – Running
Matty Andreas – Vasiliki Dreaming [Conceptual Deep]
Matty Andreas – Vasiliki Dreaming [Conceptual Deep]
Matty Andreas – Vasiliki Dreaming
Mauro Andrea & A.Cocco – Dublin
Mauro Andrea & A.Cocco – Dublin [Platinum Hat]
Mauro Andrea & A.Cocco – Toast
Mauro Andrea & A.Cocco – Toast [Platinum Hat]
Mauro Andrea – Believe
Mauro Andrea – Believe [Platinum Hat]
Mauro Ghess & Tuby Rubber – Elisir [B Club Recordings]
Max & Nim – Enchantment (Hraach Remix) [Club Session]
Max Palmer – The Underground [Kattivo Black Records]
Müz – Ripple [Club Session]
Nicola Nisi – I Get Deep [Run To My Beat]
OJPB – Ottomatik [Lazy Days Music]
OJPB – Phonétique [Lazy Days Music]
OJPB – Théodore Le Fou (Fred Everything Le Remix) [Lazy Days Music]
OJPB – Théodore Le Fou [Lazy Days Music]
Pyrrhus – Castaway [Platform 7even]
Pyrrhus – Lost Love [Platform 7even]
Remywest – Into You [HouseBeat Records]
Sicily Beats – La Revolucion Del Sonido [Music Viral Lab]
Smiley – Next to Me (Radio Mix) [UM Records]
Smiley – Next to Me [UM Records]
Soane – Runaway (feat. Hassanah Iroegbu) [Club Session]
Sölus-Sun – Livin Out Loud [LFTD]
The Prizoners – Over and True [Club Session]
The Unknown – Now Is a Dream (Club Mix) [Club Session]
Tony Kairom – Adelante [Music Viral Lab]
Tony Kairom – As I Like It [Music Viral Lab]
Tony Kairom – Closing Circle [Music Viral Lab]
Tony Kairom – Fashion Style [Music Viral Lab]
Tony Kairom – The Eyes [Music Viral Lab]
Tony Kairom – The Mirror of Soul [Music Viral Lab]
Tony Kairom – The Return [Music Viral Lab]
Tony Kairom – Time To Smiles [Music Viral Lab]
Alain Fanegas & Tomy Wahl – All The Pressure
Alain Fanegas & Tomy Wahl – All the Pressure [Ritual]
Alain Fanegas & Tomy Wahl – You Are Sky
Alain Fanegas & Tomy Wahl – You Are Sky [Ritual]
Arrows In Action – All The Ways I Could Die
Arrows In Action – Compromise
Arrows In Action – Endeavor
Arrows In Action – Only Be Mine
Arrows In Action – Permanent Vacation
Arrows In Action – The Flight (Interlude)
Arrows In Action – Uncomfortably Numb (Feat. Taylor Acorn)
Disco Mortale – Xtc Orchestra [Musica Cavernicola]
Down Again – Burning the Candle at Both Ends, Pt. 2 (Live from Fang Studios)
Down Again – Can’t Make This Right
Down Again – Dead Rose (Live from Fang Studios)
Down Again – Fade With Regret (Live from Fang Studios)
Down Again – Grey (Live from Fang Studios)
Down Again – Grey
Down Again – Predisposed
Down Again – Sinking Ship (Live from Fang Studios)
Down Again – The Devil on Your Shoulder (Live from Fang Studios)
Down Again – The Fire
Down Again – Your Words
fernando lagreca – Congaá [Musica Cavernicola]
Girlhouse – Ballcap Szn
Girlhouse – Boundary Issues
Girlhouse – Concussion
Girlhouse – Eleventh Grade
Girlhouse – Firing Line
Girlhouse – Happy Now
Girlhouse – Knuckle Tattoo
Girlhouse – Loaded Gun
Girlhouse – Pretty Girl In LA
Girlhouse – Promises; Promises
Girlhouse – The Fatalist
Girlhouse – Treading Water
Honey Gentry – Dreamgirl
Honey Gentry – Flowers In Paper
Honey Gentry – Let You Win
Honey Gentry – Lover
Honey Gentry – Peaches
Honey Gentry – Summer Air
Honey Gentry – Take Me Somewhere
Hush Kids – All The Way
Hush Kids – Look At The Sun
Hush Kids – Love Don’t Disappear
Hush Kids – Spend My Time
Hush Kids – There’s Room
Hush Kids – Weatherman
ilo ilo – Clementine [Alt Vision]
ilo ilo – intrlude.wav [Alt Vision]
ilo ilo – intrlude [Alt Vision].mp3
ilo ilo – Need U [Alt Vision]
ilo ilo – Sentimental [Alt Vision]
ilo ilo – S.O.S [Alt Vision]
ilo ilo – Sugar [Alt Vision]
Javier Ferreira & Diego Montiel – Fearless [Nein Records]
Javier Ferreira & Diego Montiel – Reset [Nein Records]
Javier Ferreira & Diego Montiel – Turning Back [Nein Records]
Javier Ferreira & Diego Montiel – Turning Back (Trippy Mix) [Nein Records]
Joao Couto – 4 Da Manha
Joao Couto – Ano Novo (Interludio)
Joao Couto – Boa Sorte
Joao Couto – Entretanto
Joao Couto – Escuro
Joao Couto – Massa Do Meio-Dia
Joao Couto – Os Meus Amigos
Joao Couto – Pachorra
Joao Couto – Queimamos Tempo
Joao Couto – Sexta-Feira 13
Joao Couto – Tira-Me Desta Festa
Joao Couto – Uma Nota Perto
Marc Gone – Ant’s Heart [Musica Cavernicola]
Metronomy – 405 (Metronomy x Biig Piig)
Metronomy – Half an Inch (Metronomy x Pinty)
Metronomy – Monday (Metronomy x Brian Nasty x Folly Group)
Metronomy – Out of Touch (Metronomy x Sorry)
Metronomy – Uneasy (Metronomy x spill tab)
Miguel Campbell – Love Me or Hate Me [Bubblegum Pop]
Molly Payton – Honey
Molly Payton – How Things Change
Molly Payton – In Your Arms
Molly Payton – January Summers
Molly Payton – Like A Child
Molly Payton – When Skies Were Always Blue
Molly Payton – While You’re Driving
Molly Payton – You Cut Me So Much Slack
Secondhand Sound – Armchair Quarterbacks1
Secondhand Sound – Armchair Quarterbacks
Secondhand Sound – Bandit Mutt Accent
Secondhand Sound – Chesapeake1
Secondhand Sound – Chesapeake
Secondhand Sound – Dominoes1
Secondhand Sound – Dominoes
Secondhand Sound – It’s A Wonderful Life
Secondhand Sound – Knievel1
Secondhand Sound – Knievel
Secondhand Sound – McPherson St.
Secondhand Sound – Pocket Change
Secondhand Sound – Stevie
Secondhand Sound – Twenty Something
Sensible Soccers – 23 16
Sensible Soccers – A Noite Inteira (Karamu)
Sensible Soccers – Avenida Brasil
Sensible Soccers – Bali Hai
Sensible Soccers – Barcos
Sensible Soccers – Cantiga Da Ponte
Sensible Soccers – Fim
Sensible Soccers – Nesse Jardim Onde So Vai Quem Tu Quiseres
Sensible Soccers – Passaros
Sensible Soccers – Praia Da Memoria
Silicodisco – Dreaming in Butan [Musica Cavernicola]
Sindy – Big Scare
Sindy – Boys Are Like That
Sindy – Cult
Sindy – Edge-Girl
Sindy – Experimental Jet Set
Sindy – Hausu
Sindy – Horror Head
Sindy – Iscariot
Sindy – Just Gums
Sindy – Phantom Limb
Sindy – Real Tennis
Sindy – Sicko
SOSANDLOW – Mazo [Musica Cavernicola]
Teemon & Poomba – Cristalizer [Musica Cavernicola]
Tenfaces – The Choosen One [Musica Cavernicola]
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Trouble
Valley – Ain’t My Girl
Valley – Can We Make It (Jim Carrey)
Valley – Cure
Valley – Like 1999
Valley – Oh Shit Are We In Love
Valley – Society
Valley – Tempo
Vicky Montefusco & SOSANDLOW – Soldiers [Musica Cavernicola]
Afro Image Band – Funked Time [BeachGroove Records]
Claudio Tempesta – Try It Out (Extended Mix) [The Squad Rec.]
Coco Cool – Get Funky Now [Funky Sensation Records]
Coco Cool – Strings, Beats, Deelite [Disco Pool]
Poppy Sound – Get Keep Up Movin [Disco Pool]
The KBCS – Wasting All Your Lovin’ (feat. BOWIE) [Sonar Kollektiv]
Adrian Sly – Free Country
A Guy From Tooting – Just Wondering Why
Boyd Nate – My Dancer
Chile Lavern – Lonesome Guy
Harrison Keir – Limb Between the Knee and Foot
Hernan Raniero – Latin Sisters
Joe Porfirio – Gourmet Menu
Kay Christopher – No Mistakes Allowed
Love Cascade – Rotation of a Planet
Mauritian Rhythms – Precocity
Micah Sinjin – Sad Letter
Oscar Seachlann – Waterfalls
Peebee – Physical Combat
Peter Ponno – What Do You Want from Me
Philippe Antonin – Proper Account
Santiago Rogers – Let the Party Begin
Selby Napier – Be There
Sonic Joiners – A Gesture
Unmistakable Emotions – Who’s That Beautiful Girl
Vlassis Leonidas – Great Happiness
Alexander James – Notorius
Alexander Prince – Orient
Andy Benz – I Forget You
Base 2 – Euphoria
Black City – Sync You
Boss Tonn – Scream
Cool Train – Down Deep
Coral Nitek – Just
David Maxter – Get in Your Love
Den Tone – Dance Together
Dyba – Deep Down
Een Seven – Soul Moon
Goldeep – On the Ground
Gordon Garcia – What Is Bass
Grey Club – Stunky
Harry & Fitch – Flowers
Jeorge Armon – Long Time
Kardinal – My Reasoning
Korvino – Shena
Paris Lacroix – Peace and Love
Rick Warrol – Just Dance
Santos Devana – Looky
Sensation 2 – Come Back
Solid Groove – Love Agreements
Sound Poet – Hop
Steven Silk – Another World
The Artic Soda – Your Rhapsody
The Zaar – Dreaming
Tonino From Mar – I Forget You
Triko Lopez – Amor
Adam Gordon – House Jack
Benjamin Sparks – Dont Care
Blue Roy – Show Me
BodyFreaks – Nothing
Dave Emerson – House Fever
Dave Mago – To The Sax
Discoslapers – Funky Ride
Federico Cruz – Bring Me Up
Franko Ferreri – Dancing Beat
Funny Roger – Find My Way
House Generator – People Everywhere
James Herrero – Self Made
Janush Bekker – In Your Arms
Jason Lindell – Disco Dancin
Jay Sanches – Right Back
Joseph Ferrero – Disco Family
Lilie McCoy – Good For Me
Mark Cassio – Feelin Allright
Markus Johns – Get Up
Michael Summit – Feelin Alone
Mike Claver – Waste This Time
Nicolo Esposito – Get On Up
Phill Steiner – High Volume
Pleasure Disco – Enjoy Your Life
Rene Eldebrook – Saxophonic
Ronald Gallagher – Generation Funk
Sandy Fondera – Make Luv
Tech Maniacs – Adapter
The Culture Guys – You Want Me
The Disco Stepper – Tonight
Tommy Vegas – Funky Anthem
Alien Cafe – Silver Robot
Alkemx – Time to Lounge
Andrea Caloni – Daddy Don’t You
Anna Rey – Groovy Summer
Castlebed – Patterns
Collioure – Sunrise, Sunset & Moonlight
Cool Laguna – Drive the Change
D-Chill – Voices feat. Paola Cordoni
Ganga – Cold Wind Blowing
Grace Rhythm – Caprice De Mieu
Himalaya – Prayer feat. Hamalya
Jeff Perry – Odissea
Johannes Huppertz – Jazoo
Key of Dreams – The First Time Ever
Life On Neptune – Terrestrial Radio Stations
Lounge Surfers – Money’s to Tight to Mention
Mario Santo – A Cheer for Disco
Roberto Bronco – Silence of the Sirens
Scarlet Blue – Cool Cool Girl
Stargazer – Blue Bourbon
Stuce The Sketch – Chuki Ya Nini
Supa Quartet – Five Weeks
Svendaq – El Mundo Groove
The Flyhigh Project – Mystery Garden
The Ghetto Project – The Ghetto
The Vip’s – Cartoon
Tokyo Counterpoint – To the Sky
United Bank Of Sound – The Corner
Van – Familiar Person
Wawa – Taste of Fear