dj music and songs House – [21-Apr-2021]

Ache Baez – Save the Day
Aidan Bega – Everything
Aladeen – Aure (feat. Su Jee Elevate)
Aladeen – Banger (feat. Mowhezy)
Aladeen – Pure
Aladeen – Unconditional Loving (feat. Walson)
Alaia & Gallo – Your Reality (feat. Ella)
Alex Lo Faro – I Got The Feeling (Extended Mix)
Andrew Novelli & Nicola Serena – Tribes
Andy Villa – Prowler
Babestation – Love Me or Leave Me (Jordan Trove Edit)
Babestation – Love Me or Leave Me (Jordan Trove Vocal Mix)
Bass Funk – Vamos
Bass Funk – Vamos (Radio Edit)
Ben Gomori – Choom
Ben Gomori – Karumi (feat. Ground Plane Aerial)
Ben Muetsch – Shorty
Broosnica – Memphis Dreams
Broosnica – Paradis Taxi
Broosnica – Russkij Speed Garage
Broosnica – U R
Brown Bear Beats – Take Tonight
CAXTELL – The Business We’ve Chosen
Charles B & Frents – Wasted (Extended Mix)
Chris Lay – Kush (VIP Mix)
City Soul Project & Man Go Funk – Trouble Talkin’ (Superstar DJ)
City Soul Project & Man Go Funk – Trouble Talkin’ (Superstar DJ) [Rob Hayes Remix] [City Soul Recordings]
Cloudnone – Dizzy Lifted (Original Mix)
Co Kluin – Super
Col Lawton – Super Scientific Test
Daniele De Marchi & Mauri Fly – Set Me Free
Danil Gurov – Viva Beats
Danilo Seclì & Paolo M. – Spire
Deepberry – Bolivia (Extended Mix)
Deepberry – Bolivia (Radio Edit)
Dennis Straat – Peaches & Cream
Diariuz – Speechless (Original Mix)
Dinks – Disco Drain (Club Mix)
Disclones – Walking In The Dark (Extended Mix)
Discogalactix – Long Live Disco! (Original Mix)
DJ Almighty – Over Think
DJ Leandro – Nasty Flavor (Extended Mix)
DJ Leandro – Nasty Flavor (Radio Edit)
Dj Mes – Special Dedication
DJ Rasoul – Just a Funky Groove
DJ Rasoul – Psycho Funk
DJ Rasoul – Smoothed Out Funk
DJ Songoo-SA & TheGodkta Trik – Depression
DJ Songoo-SA & TheGodkta Trik – Emotion
DJ Songoo-SA & TheGodkta Trik – Heartless
DJ Songoo-SA & TheGodkta Trik – Painfull
DJ Songoo-SA & TheGodkta Trik – Wake Up
DJ Songoo-SA & TheGodkta Trik – Where We Disappear
Dmize – Got Me Burning
DOJAS – In This House
DOJAS – Let the Groove
DOJAS – Peak
dreammysoulander – Pr8f
Dr Packer, Kenny Thomas – I Found Lovin (Original Mix)
Erroi – Crime Room
Erroi – D.M.C.L.
Ether Drift – The Hours
Etienne & Helene – Funky Disco 2K20 (Matush Remix)
Fabi Boss – Teleport
Freddie – Time Has Gone (Cinols Remix)
Gerva – Work for Love
Hector Plimmer, Andrew Ashong & Shy One – Somebody Else (Shy One Remix)
Horsemen – All My Bad Behaviour
Horsemen – All My Bad Behaviour (Sunrise Dub)
Horsemen – All My Bad Behaviour (Vinyl Rework)
Humberto Ayala – Prophecy
Hypercrep – Dance (Nick Harvey Extended Edit)
Icylow – Pain
Ivan Kook – Viva Chango (Original Mix)
Jack Black One – Managua (Extended Mix)
Jack Black One – Managua (Radio Edit)
J.A. Maldonado – Back in the Mix
JedX – Thump
Jeff Haze – Break Down
JodZ – Pain (feat. Alison Bethune)
JodZ – Pain (Garage Remix)
Jodz – Pain (Tech Bass Remix) [Feat. Alison Bethune]
JodZ – Pain (Tech bass Remix)
Joel Oliva – Money
Jo Paciello – Sensual Chocolate
Jo Paciello – With You (Extended Mix)
July Delane & Lin – Believe Me
Karl Evans – Grafton (Radio Edit)
Kelli Sae – Believe In A Brighter Day (Michael Gray Extended Mix)
Kev Kleinfeldt – The One (Extended Mix)
Kev Kleinfeldt – The One (Radio Edit)
Kinsuby – Cephyr
Kinsuby – Diana 303
Kosmoss – The Light (Extended Mix)
Kyrojay – Groovin’
Lamberto Gabrieli – Dirty Girls (Extended Mix)
Larry Scottish – Panama (Extended Mix)
Larry Scottish – Panama (Radio Edit)
Laurent Chanal – Sequence (David Duriez Beyond The Call Of Duty Remix)
Laurent Chanal – Sequence (LoNe Remix)
Laurent Chanal – Sequence
Laurent Chanal – Sequence (RM Remix)
Lehay – Da Ghetto
Linell Andrews & Corey Holmes – So Sorry (feat. Faustin Cherilus) [Corey Holmes Vocal Mix] [New Generation Records]
Linell Andrews & Corey Holmes – So Sorry (feat. Faustin Cherilus)
Lorenzo – Sigueme
L’tric – All My Life Feat. Andrea Martin & Sean Declase (Opolopo Extended Remix)
Markiss Knobs – I Wanna Know
Matt Moore – Fly (feat. Katie Quinton)
Matt Moore – Party Going On
Maurizio Baiocchi – Get Busy
Maurizio Baiocchi – Reset
MilesFountain – Friday Night
MONDAYYS – 2 Da Beat
Monstr Drop – Gimme Dat
Montel – Gotta Be
Mr Doris – Ghost Dancer (Sammy Deuce Extended Remix)
Mr. Eclectic & KeithCrum – The Three Elements
Mr. Oizo – Flat Beat (Blame Mate Remix)
Msolnusic – Don’t Stop
M.U.2 & Maximilian P – With You
M.U.2 – Way Down
Mutehead – Venezuela (Extended Mix)
Mutehead – Venezuela (Radio Edit)
MVDNES – Road Chase
Nero & Blance – Till Dawn
NESCO – Real Eyes
nicolas bassi – Swing’n’ Joy (Haldo Magic Mix)
nicolas bassi – Swing’n’ Joy
nicolas bassi – Swing’n’ Joy (Platzdasch Remix)
Nico Zandolino – Shake It (Extended Mix)
Nico Zandolino – Shake It (Radio Edit)
Paul Adam – Give It Up (Club Mix)
PEZNT – In Your Face
Phuarm – Icon (Dj Simi Remix)
Phuarm – Icon (Original Mix)
Piotr Bejnar & Oskar Szafraniec – Ballada o Januszku
Piotr Bejnar & Oskar Szafraniec – Jugo
Poison Zcora – 54 Broadway Send
Poison Zcora – McGroogor Send
Poison Zcora – The Mainly Incompetent 5
Quantopix – Ignited
Quantopix – Knowing
Quantopix – Transcendent
Quantopix – Woken
Quivver – Don-‘t Say Anything (Original Mix)
Ralf GUM & Leanne Robinson – Replay (Ralf Gum Main Instrumental)
Ralf GUM & Leanne Robinson – Replay (Ralf Gum Main Mix)
Ralf GUM & Leanne Robinson – Replay (Ralf Gum Radio Edit)
Ralf GUM & Leanne Robinson – Replay (Ralf Gum Reprise)
Rendow – Sippin
Renzo Monteleone – Care You (Extended Mix)
Renzo Monteleone – Care You (Radio Edit)
Rod Koppar & Stefano Ardi – Time to House
Roy-Z – Time Out (Harb Allen Remix)
saintmark – Trust
Samuel Sepoloane – Areyeng
Samuel Sepoloane – Asphelelanga
Samuel Sepoloane – Ba Makatswa
Samuel Sepoloane – Jwale
Samuel Sepoloane – Kametla
Samuel Sepoloane – Mara Why
Samuel Sepoloane – Moya
Samuel Sepoloane – Mphe Matla
Samuel Sepoloane – Omorate
Samuel Sepoloane – Tlomoya
Seum Dero – Silent & Grey
Sicario (CAN) – I Make HitZ
SINDICVT & Michael Lami – Over You
Sistars – Synu (Bedeesem Remix)
Sistars – Synu (Marcin Zimmer Remix)
Sistars – Synu (Moongoose Remix)
Smudged Soul – Totally Mine
Sol Brothers & Damon C Scott – Turn Around
Sonickraft – The Light
Soulidan – Reminiscence
Stars Over Foy & Calm Panda – Silent Sleep II
Stars Over Foy & Calm Panda – Silent Sleep I
Teenex & Kristian Zolko – Xpn
Terry G – Fall Back
Terry G – Funky Junk
The Saunderson Brothers – More Love
The Saunderson Brothers – More Love (Radio mix)
The Stoned – Come To It
Thomas K – If You Say
Titus1 – Bring Da Funk
Umberto Pagliaroli – The Street (Extended Mix)
Umberto Pagliaroli – The Street
Umberto Pagliaroli – To Be Free (Extended Mix)
Umberto Pagliaroli – To Be Free
V77NNY – Downtown
Vic Yamamoto – Saxy (Dub)
Vic Yamamoto – Saxy
Virgil Hawkins, HNRO & LCYTN – Wifey
Virgil Hawkins & HNRO – Lone
Virgil Hawkins & HNRO – Medusa
Virgil Hawkins & HNRO – No Mates!
Virgil Hawkins & HNRO – Ryoko
Vlada Asanin & Wayne Madiedo – Pintado De Azul
Ward Junior – Feeling the Rhythm
Wez BK – Doin It