DJs Choice Exclusive Pack 344 Tracks (07 October 2021) hottest music – [07-Oct-2021]

Aaron Suiss, Barak White – Voices In Your Head [Heinz Music]
Adapter – Pattak (Extended Mix)
Aikon – Flashes
Aikon – Galaxy
Aikon – Heroes
Alan Fitzpatrick feat. Lawrenc – Warning Signs (Extended Mix)
Alan Fitzpatrick feat. Lawrenc – Warning Signs
Alan Fitzpatrick & High Contra – Bourgeois Imagery
Alan Fitzpatrick – W.A.I.S.T.D. (feat. Kele)
Alejo Gonzalez, Barklas – Freak Out
Alexander Orue – A.T.C. (Extended Mix)
Alexander Orue – Delta 8 (Extended Mix)
Alexey Union, Darknezz – Kedah (Extended Mix) [Siona Records]
Allen Wish – This Time Around (Extended Mix) [Nonstop]
Alok, Felix Jaehn & The Vamps – All The Lies
Amal Nemer – Feelings [Habitat]
A.M.C – Bad News
A.M.C – Bass
A.M.C – Cap Down
A.M.C – Command C
A.M.C – Don’t Forget the Dots
A.M.C – Dr No
A.M.C – Eject
A.M.C – Operator
A.M.C – Triggers
A.M.C – Void
Amvn – Oluwa [Wired]
Analog Jungs – Namaste [Mango Alley]
Anden – Rewind (Yotto Extended Remix)
Andre Gazolla, Gines Fernandez – Tomb Rider
Andrewboy – Life (Extended Mix) [Siona Records]
Andrewboy – The Moment (Extended Mix) [Siona Records]
Anthony Attalla – Agendas (Moreno Pezzolato Remix)
Anunnakis – Ashur
Anunnakis – Enki
Anunnakis – Ishtar
Arca feat. Sia – Born Yesterday
Arnold & Lane – Save The World
Audio Junkies – Da-Hool
Badger – Rise Them Up
Barbosa – Hybrid Mind
Bellecour – Next Generation
Benjamin Di Bora – Black Hole
Benjamin Di Bora – Chaos
Black Circle – Inner Tension
Bleep Bloop – Wrapped In Flame
Booka Shade – Drago
Bragken – Lost Signal [Beyond Now]
BRVMES – Acid Family
Capozzi – Wild For The Night
Carbon – Divination
Carl Cox, Reinier Zonneveld, Christopher Coe – Inferno
Cassimm – My Love (Extended Mix) [Motive Records]
Charles D (Usa), Manshn – Twenty Twenty
Chris Waldt – Dry As Hell
Claptone feat. Seal – Just A Ghost (Black V Neck Ext
Claptone feat. Seal – Just A Ghost (Black V Neck Rem
Claptone feat. Seal – Just A Ghost (Jan Blomqvist Re
Collective States, Pablo_Rita – Chemical Reaction [Stil Vor Talent]
Covayelle – Siponaals [Songspire Records]
Crackazat – Silent Sing (Felipe Gordon Lat
Damiano von Erckert – A Monster To Love
Damiano von Erckert – Moons
Damiano von Erckert – These Are The Moments (For Zmi
Damiano von Erckert – Wishes
Danny Rhys – Malfunction
Darius feat. Benny Sings – Rise
D-block & S-te-fan pres. Ghost Stories – Ghost Stories (JDX Remix)
Declan James – New Age Psychosis
Desert Dwellers – Musiki Ukabili (2021 Remake)
Dillon Francis & 220 KID feat. Bryn Christopher – Unconditional
Dillon Francis feat. Aleyna Tilki – Real Love
Dillon Francis feat. Bow Anderson – Reaching Out
Dillon Francis feat. Gina Kushka – Bad
Dillon Francis feat. GRACEY – In Case I Fall Asleep
Dillon Francis feat. Hayley May – Over This
Dillon Francis feat. Liza Owen – Colors
Dillon Francis & Shift K3Y feat. Marc E. Bassy – Love Me Better
Dimatik – In My Dreams (Twisted Melodiez Remix)
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike x Fe – Heard About Me
Dj Beekay, Thandi Draai – Linda
Drakk – Voices
Drunken Kong – In Control (Original Mix)
Drunken Kong & Theo Nasa – The Feeling (Original Mix)
Drunken Kong – The Run (Original Mix)
Drunken Kong – We Need Your Energy (Original
Durante – Winder [Last Night On Earth]
e-Dancer (aka Kevin Saunderson – Anongay (Robert Hood Remix)
e-Dancer (aka Kevin Saunderson – Banjo (Tygapaw Remix)
e-Dancer (aka Kevin Saunderson) – Behold (DJ Bone Remix)
e-Dancer (aka Kevin Saunderson – Forces (Dantiez & Andre Salmon
e-Dancer (aka Kevin Saunderson – Heavenly (Layton Giordani Remi
e-Dancer (aka Kevin Saunderson) – Human Bond (rRoxymore Remix)
e-Dancer (aka Kevin Saunderson – One Nation (Amelie Lens Remix)
e-Dancer (aka Kevin Saunderson – Pump the Move (Bart Skils Groo
e-Dancer (aka Kevin Saunderson – Rock to the Beat (Special Requ
e-Dancer (aka Kevin Saunderson – Savage & Beyond (Rebuke Remix)
e-Dancer (aka Kevin Saunderson – The Rise (Original Mix)
e-Dancer (aka Kevin Saunderson – Uptempo (DJ Minx Remix)
e-Dancer (aka Kevin Saunderson – Velocity Funk (Wehbba Remix)
e-Dancer (aka Kevin Saunderson – Warp (Len Faki Remix)
e-Dancer (aka Kevin Saunderson – World of Deep (Adam Beyer Remi
Edgaar & KYANU – Colliding
Elian Dust – Alemandala [Moonbootique]
Elian Dust – Don’t Stop [Moonbootique]
Elian Dust – Nice Guys [Moonbootique]
Elliot Moriarty – Reset [The Soundgarden]
Elliot Moriarty – There’s Always Light [The Soundgarden]
Elternhouse – Left Right (Extended Version) [Observatory Music]
Eric Boccia – House Music [Fleshtones]
Evermode – Walk Me [Basica Recordings]
Eyes Everywhere & Niles Shepard – Nothing Left
Eynka – Monsoon
Felix Jaehn – Automatic (feat. Jon Eyden)
Felix Jaehn – Breathe (demo) (feat. Miss Li)
Felix Jaehn feat. NOTD & Capta – So Close (feat. Georgia Ku)
Felix Jaehn & Miksu Macloud – Happy (feat. Fourty & Leland)
Felix Jaehn – No Therapy (feat. Nea & Bryn C
Felix Jaehn – Old Me
Felix Jaehn & Robin Schulz – I Got A Feeling (feat. Georgia
Felix Jaehn & Robin Schulz – One More Time (feat. Alida)
Felix Jaehn – Somebody You Like
Felix Jaehn & Vize – Close Your Eyes (feat. Miss Li
Felix Jaehn & Vize – Thank You [Not So Bad]
Forseti – Go Back
Godmode, Kaoru & Detunne – Bruce Willis
Golden Bug – Tokoyo No Kuni (Feat. Vega Voga) [Michael Mayer Remix] [La Belle]
Grum – A Comforting Illusion
Grum – Clarity
Grum – Dark Mode (Extended Mix)
Grum – Dark Mode
Grum – Invisible (Extended Mix) (feat
Grum – Invisible (feat. Dom Youdan)
Grum – Isolation
Grum – Mainframe (Extended Mix)
Grum – Mainframe
Grum – Reality Distortion
Grum – Sparkles (Extended Mix)
Grum – Sparkles
Harvey McKay – Glasgow Kiss
Harvey McKay – Milk Snatcher
Haze-M, Rauschhaus – Mahadeva Feat. Zanjma [Haze Music]
HR & SKI (Harry Romero & Joesk – 120A
HR & SKI (Harry Romero & Joesk – 120B
HR & SKI (Harry Romero & Joesk – 120C
Jerro – Are You There
Jerro – Autoreactive (Extended Mix)
Jerro – Coming Home
Jerro – Leave Me Here (feat. Fractures
Jerro – Lost for Words (feat. Panama)
Jerro – Presence
Jerro – Stay
Jerro – Subtleties
Jerro – Sweeping
Jerro & Tailor – In The Dark
Jerro – Too Weak
Jimpster – Brought to Bare (Kareem Ali Re
Jimpster – Echoes In My Head (Solid Gold
Jimpster – Inside the Loop (Kai Alce Groo
Jimpster – One (Space Ghost Remix) (feat.
Jimpster – Smile For A While (Jon Dixon R
Jimpster – Where You Are (Teflon Dons Dub
John Tejada – Abbot Of Burton (Plaid Remix)
John Tejada – Echoes Of Life (Dntel Remix)
John Tejada – Panacea (Lawrence Remix)
John Tejada – Sheltered (John Tejada’s Year
Jon.K – Mufasa
JOOL – Valhalla (Original Mix)
JVST SAY YES – What Time
Keeld feat. Rhiannon Roze – Get Down
Kita Menari – Saturday
Kosala B – Story Of Hamana (Christian Gainer Remix)
Kostas Maskalides – Life (Original Mix)
Kostas Maskalides – Ruins Of Time (Original Mix)
Kostas Maskalides – The Journey (Original Mix)
Kostas Maskalides – We Become One (Original Mix)
Leo Guardo, Andile Mbili – Afraid (Enoo Napa Remix) [Wired]
Lesley Gore – It’s My Party (WHIPPED CREAM Remix)
Like Mike – Air (feat. Ricky Hil)
Like Mike – Butterflies (feat. Yung Mavu,
Like Mike – Down for Me (feat. Killertunes
Like Mike – Feeling a Vibe
Like Mike – Gratitude
Like Mike – Lipstick (feat. S3nsi Molly, J
Like Mike – No Service
Like Mike – Not My Enemy
Like Mike – One Night (feat. Mr Eazi)
Like Mike – Silence (feat. Lil Baby)
Like Mike – Tokyo
Like Mike – Wasted
Like Mike – W Hotel (feat. Smokepurpp, Blu
Like Mike – You Lied
Like Mike – You Say (feat. Wifisfuneral)
Lui Flores, Brenda M. – Funky Heart (Extended Mix) [Great Stuff Talents]
Lupa – Darkness (Extended Mix)
Lupa – Darkness
Lupa – For the Ride
Lupa – Icarus
Lupa – The Night
Maazel – Crashing Down
Makebo, Amonita – Two Hearts [Rubicunda]
Mark Blair – Badman Acid
Mark Blair – Bleep Haus
Mark Blair – Distress Call
Mark Blair – Prince of Persia
Mark Blair – Smackos Tape Station
Merrick – The Scene (Felipe Gordon Rewor
Midnight Sons – Bring It Back (Klute remix)
Mike Williams & Felix Jaehn – Without You (feat. Jordan Shaw
MKJAY, Madden & Purple Velvet – Back To The Future
Moguai – Alba
Moguai – A Little Bit of Faith
Moguai – Blue Monday
Moguai – Do Not Feed
Moguai – Enough
Moguai – Freaks
Moguai – From Dusk Till Dawn
Moguai – Go Home
Moguai – Goodbye
Moguai – Love Find Me
Moguai – Next to You (feat. Jasmine Pac
Moguai – Something Beautiful
Moguai – Spaces
Moguai – Spices
Moguai – Talk
Moise Keane – Acapella from Sami
Moise Keane – A Deeper Blue
Moise Keane – I Do Sleep With My MPC
Moise Keane – Mobbin’
Molla, Joezi, Idd Aziz – Parapanda
Mpathy – Drifter (Original Mix)
Mpathy – Idle (Original Mix)
Mpathy – Tilikum (Original Mix)
Nea – Some Say (Felix Jaehn Remix)
Ninetoes – Ata (Sis Extended Mix) [Kaluki Musik]
No Hopes, Max Freeze – Darkness (Extended Mix)
No Hopes, Max Freeze – Sacred Wish (Extended Mix)
Nopopstar, Maxxim – Barica (Extended Mix)
Notixx – Away from You
Notixx – Chasma
Notixx – Double Star
Notixx – Enemies
Notixx – Fear
Notixx – Netherworld
Notixx – Never
Notixx – On the Outside
Notixx – Scintilla
Notixx – Vertigo, Pt.1
Notixx – Vertigo, Pt.2
Oleg Espo, Muline – Magic Land Feat. Doomsayer (Weird Sounding Dude Remix)
Oleg Espo – Spaceship Feat. Boume
Oma Nata – Night Shadows
Oma Nata – Parallels
Oma Nata – Prayer of the Night
OOTORO – Wandem
Pavel Khvaleev, Erase Me – Escape (Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
Pegboard Nerds x More Plastic – The Ride
Purple Disco Machine feat. Eyelar – Dopamine (Anna Lunoe Remix)
RaiiN – Heartbreak 21
RaiiN – Wild (feat. Glasscat)
Raito – Ecstasy
Ray Kandinski – 95
Ray Kandinski – Garant
Ray Kandinski – Healing
Ray Kandinski – No Love
Ray Kandinski – The Mack
Ray Kandinski – Zonin
Reaubeau – Rock ‘n’ Roll
Rinzen & Enamour – Miracle of the Sun
Rinzen & Enamour – Photon
Roy Rosenfeld & Sebastien Lege – Cherry On Top
Roy Rosenfeld – Tuti
São Miguel feat. Sebastian Reynoso – Hope In Balance
Sasha Carassi – Desert Drop
Sasha Carassi – Invain (feat. Kendah)
Sasha Carassi – Invain (SC’s Galvatron Dub) (f
Sasha Carassi – Pathos
Second Sine – Tape Wreck [Yomo Records]
Sergio Del Lago – Iowa [Iconyc Noir]
Sergio Del Lago – Nakota [Iconyc Noir]
Serious Dancers – Qallin
Skellism – Locusts (feat. Becko)
Skepsis – Acid
Skepsis & Bru-C – Affiliation, Pt. 2
Skepsis & Cadence – Ct1 (Bonus Track)
Skepsis & Cadence feat. Takura – R U Ready
Skepsis & Cajama – Verdansk
Skepsis – Chain Gang
Skepsis feat. Emily Makis – Tell Me How
Skepsis feat. Scrufizzer – Bumpa
Skepsis & Jammz – Vengeance
Skepsis & Kanine feat. Takura – Again
Skepsis – Magna (Intro)
Skepsis – Pisces
Skepsis – Sun Go Down
Skepsis – Used To
Skepsis & Window Kid – Lose My Mind
SLATIN & Whenuknow – Stretch
Sound Quelle feat. Jackarta – Algetran (Extended Mix)
Sound Quelle feat. Jackarta – Algetran
Sound Quelle feat. Referna – Van Damme (Extended Mix)
Sound Quelle feat. Referna – Van Damme
Sound Quelle – Melancholy Strings (Extended M
Sound Quelle – Melancholy Strings
Space 92 – Kerosene
Space 92, Popof – Insomnia
Space Yacht – The Black Hole Mega Mix
Stephan Klauning – Psm 90
Stephan Klauning – Sion
Steve Parry – Fener (Bebetta Remix) [Selador]
Super Flu – Go [Monaberry]
Tamer Fouda – Redemption
Thanks, I Hate It – Who Is It
Thomas Gandey, Alex Kaspersky – To Find Reason (Lonya Remix) [Dear Deer]
Tim van Werd – Across The Sky
Tim van Werd – Come Back To Me
Tim van Werd – Icarus
TSHA – Power (Floorplan Extended Remix)
Vanic & Coka Cobra – Tempo
Vanic – Earn It (feat. Zack Gray)
Vanic – Forever Down (feat. Saint Sinn
Vanic – Get Away (feat. Zack Gray)
Vanic – Here & Now (Holding On) (feat.
Vanic – I’m Yours (feat. Sylvie Cox)
Vanic – Intro
Vanic – Outro
Vanic – Perfect (feat. Runn)
Vanic & Poni – Theta
Vanic – PTLD (feat. LOLO)
Vanic – Run (feat. Carmanah King)
Vanic – Somewhere Better (feat. Lowell
Vinny – Saturn Return
Vooz Brothers – Baharat
Vooz Brothers – Witchcraft
Wolf Story, Mabiisi – Berila
Words of Nio – Cold Shoulder (Jelico Remix)
Words of Nio – Cold Shoulder
XaeboR – Lift Me Up
Xinobi – Nitrato [Frau Blau]
Yannek Maunz, Johanson – The Fall (Fur Coat Remix)
Yellow Space – Jupiter [Mix Studio Recordings]