Drum & Bass hottest music – [03-Oct-2021]

AC13 – Cloud 9
AC13 – Hold Em Up
Agro – Buss It (Mentah Remix) [Sub-liminal Recordings]
Agro – Eagle Clan (Yatuza Remix) [Sub-liminal Recordings]
Agro – Let’s Get Frisky (feat. Mr Traumatik & Devilman) [Xav Instrumental Remix] [Sub-liminal Recordings]
Agro – Let’s Get Frisky (feat. Mr Traumatik & Devilman) [Xav Remix] [Sub-liminal Recordings]
Agro – Thuggish (Teej Remix) [Sub-liminal Recordings]
Agro – Tweeter Box (Sinexia Remix) [Sub-liminal Recordings]
A.k.A – The Darkness
Alex Moment – Got Baked [Kos.Mos.Music]
Amplify & Dfuser – Deadman [Gradient Records]
Amplify & Master Error – Soundboy (feat. STYTCHD) [Gradient Records]
Amplify – Problems [Gradient Records]
Amplify – Ride (feat. Clarkey) [Gradient Records]
Amplify – Spiral [Gradient Records]
Amplify & STYTCHD – Greeze [Gradient Records]
Annimatic – Follow
Annimatic – Galaxy of Stars
Annimatic – Milky Way
Artsea – Pretending to Know (feat. Fleur De Mur) [onesevenfour]
Audiomission – Bottles
Audiomission – Transcend
Bcee & Solah – Spirals
Brainpain – Devils Are Here [Future Sickness Records]
Brainpain – Escape [Future Sickness Records]
Brainwork – Impatience [Context Audio]
Brainwork – Inertia [Context Audio]
Brainwork – Leave It [Context Audio]
Brainwork – Open Your Mind [Context Audio]
Brainwork – Revival [Context Audio]
Calculon & Austin Speed – Get Murked (Deft Remix)
Calculon & Austin Speed – Get Murked (Fanu Remix)
Calculon & Austin Speed – Get Murked (Kid Kun Remix)
Calculon & Austin Speed – Get Murked (Lewis James Remix)
Calculon, Austin Speed & Shamanga – Fierce (DJ Madd Remix)
Calculon, Austin Speed & Shamanga – Fierce (Skeptical Remix)
Calculon, Austin Speed & Shamanga – Fierce (Survival Remix)
Calculon, Chu Hi & Lil Kevo 303 – Lemon Hi (Kromestar Remix)
Calculon, Chu Hi & Lil Kevo 303 – Mango Hi (Digital Remix)
Calculon & Pawn – Larchmont (Om Unit Remix)
Calculon & Root For The Villain – Collusion (A. Fruit Remix)
Calculon, Stunna, Depth Range, Hp.Ritch, Kid Kun & Redraft – Sugar Bear (Stunna Remix)
Calculon & Stunna (Feat. Lailah Reich) – Dime Piece (Muztang Remix)
Cal Jamma – Feel Free (Remix) [The Headspace and Bass Movement]
CELO – Get Down [C Recordings]
CELO – In Your Soul [C Recordings]
Classifyed – Breakdown
Classifyed – Impossible
Classifyed – System Overload
Classifyed – What
Complex – Don’t Test
Complex – Freedom
Conrad Subs – Hefty One
Culture Shock – Raindrops
Culture Shock – Troglodyte Vip
Damageman – Tell You Something
Damageman – The Track With No Name
Damageman – War
Damageman – What Doin
Damage Report – Bounce Itch [Bulletproof Records]
Damage Report – Goldilocks and the Three Beers [Bulletproof Records]
Decoder & Substance – Hazardous [BreakBeat Culture]
Decoder & Substance – Heist [BreakBeat Culture]
Despersion & Krot – Seems So Far Away (Original Mix)
Despersion – Shield (Original Mix)
Despersion – Starship (Original Mix)
Devoid – Delusion
Devoid, Spyrax – Ratify
DJ Direkt – Untitled
Dj Jools – Lake of Fire [Little Rascal Records]
Dj Jools – The Art of Fighting [Little Rascal Records]
DjOwenG – Spiral [OPR recordings]
DjOwenG – Without You [OPR recordings]
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Give It To Me [Drum&BassArena]
Dunk – Acid Light
Dunk – Black Jack
Dunk – Garage
Dunk – God Is Love [Outro]
Dunk – Gold [Interlude]
Dunk – Gun Ball
Dunk – Mambo
Dunk – Mirrors
Dunk – Open Your Eyes [Interlude]
Dunk – Sunshine
Dunk – Utopia
Durban & Savannah Feat Sim Simma – Deserted (Original Mix)
Durban & Savannah Feat Sim Simma – Why Wait (Original Mix)
Electrosoul System – Half Death Step [Kos.Mos.Music]
ENDRPHNE – Emotions (cdj Dima Donskoi Remix) [Multiza Distribution]
ENDRPHNE – Emotions (m.f.t.w.c. Remix) [Multiza Distribution]
Entropy – Cyclone [Audio Entropy]
Entropy & Sub,Cat – Ruin [Audio Entropy]
EN VY – Airplane Mode
EN VY – Forget The World
EN VY – Pegasos
EN VY – Police Chase
Fanatics – 32nd [Cave Records]
Fanatics – Jukebox [Cave Records]
Fanatics – Salvation [Cave Records]
Fetus – Jurassic [Kos.Mos.Music]
Freaks & Geeks – Freefalling
Freqmind – Hyperactivity [Flashmuted Recordings]
Freqmind – Through the Night [Flashmuted Recordings]
Freshney – In Pieces [NËU]
Freshney – Resonantiae [NËU]
GCOM – Xo 4 (Wolf 1061c) [K7 Records]
GCOM – Xo 4 (Wolf 1061c) [Qebrus Remix] [K7 Records]
Genotype – Dont You Stop [G Skool]
Genotype – Incoming [G Lab Recordings]
Genotype – Krazy [G Lab Recordings]
Genotype – Ruffin [G Skool]
Glitch City – Remedy [LoveThatBass]
Hertenfels – Burning Sky (Club Mix) [Full Send DnB]
Hertenfels – Burning Sky (Extended Mix) [Full Send DnB]
Immortal Burrito – Busride
Intohimo – Another Low [Mastermind DNB]
Intohimo – A Waltz For Heaven By the Mountains [Mastermind DNB]
Intohimo – Crossroads [Mastermind DNB]
Intohimo – Far Side and Further [Mastermind DNB]
Intohimo – Intro [Mastermind DNB]
Intohimo – Northern Lights Pt.1 [Mastermind DNB]
Intohimo – Northern Lights Pt.2 [Mastermind DNB]
Intohimo – The Rotation of the Earth Vs. Me [Mastermind DNB]
Intohimo – Underwater Interlude [Mastermind DNB]
Jinx – Guntalk Streetcreeps (Street Creeps Remix) [Digital Roots]
Jinx – Guntalk Streetcreeps (Street Creeps Remix)
J.O.E – Likkle Yout Man
Josephs Perception – Follow the Sun [Smooth N Groove Records]
Josephs Perception – Irma [Smooth N Groove Records]
Josephs Perception – Spin Cycle [Smooth N Groove Records]
Josephs Perception – State of Mind [Smooth N Groove Records]
Just Jungle – Artikal Don [G Lab Recordings]
Just Jungle – Jazoller [G Lab Recordings]
Just Jungle – Take Me Away [G Skool]
Just Jungle – Whats Da Deal! [G Skool]
Kelle – Laughter in the Dark [Kos.Mos.Music]
Kumo – 6 Million Ways
Kumo – Caribbean Swing
Kumo – Death Wish
Kumo & R3idy – Set It Off
Kumo – The Beast
Maztek – Anunnaki
Maztek – Badlicious
Maztek (Feat. Btk) – Wraith
Maztek (Feat. Cern) – Multiverse
Maztek (Feat. Coppa) – Like A Boss
Maztek (Feat. Disprove) – Bad Body
Maztek (Feat. Dope D.O.D.) – From The Shadows (2019 Vip)
Maztek (Feat. Dope D.O.D.) – From The Shadows
Maztek (Feat. Insideinfo) – Aphanite
Maztek (Feat. Nuklear Mc) – Crank It Up
Maztek (Feat. Stonic) – Interlude
Maztek – Galactica
Maztek – Imaz
Maztek – Imaz (Vip)
Maztek – Like A Boss (Instrumental)
Maztek – Limber
Maztek – Limber (Optiv & Btk Remix)
Maztek – Memory Leak
Maztek – M Theory (Audio Remix)
Maztek – M Theory
Maztek – Odyssey
Maztek – Slinky
Maztek – Sprocket
Maztek – Stompin
Maztek – Threepointzero
Maztek – Time Gap
Maztek – Tokiwa
Maztek – Up And Down (Vip)
Mirror Maze – Double Take [VALE (Various Artists Limitless Expression LLC)]
Mountain feat. Kojo – I’m Free
Mountain – I’m Free (feat. Kojo) [Soulvent Records]
MSdoS – Outro
Murdock – Pull Me Down
NODSY – Evolution (Original Mix)
NODSY – Seance (Original Mix)
NuDivision – Aquarius [FILTR Records]
NuDivision – Capricious [FILTR Records]
NUXZ – Slow Darknet [Kos.Mos.Music]
Ohrgasmonaut – Eastenddubz [Record Union]
Ohrgasmonaut – Fresh Boyz [Record Union]
Ohrgasmonaut – Ridiculous [Record Union]
Patrice W. – Depressions [iM Electronica]
Phono Stinato – 4Tatom [PhonoStinato Records]
Rob FWA – Sunrise [Life For Music]
Rob FWA – The Fjords [Life For Music]
Rob FWA – The Vibes [Life For Music]
Rob FWA – Twenty Twenty [Life For Music]
Scalez – Chaos (feat. SK) [Incursion Recordings]
Scalez – Chaos (feat. SK) [Mintnite Remix] [Incursion Recordings]
Scalez – Corruption [Incursion Recordings]
Scalez – Corruption (Ryan Gallus Remix) [Incursion Recordings]
Serial Killaz – Badman Selecta [Serial Killaz]
Serial Killaz – Territory [Serial Killaz]
Sikka – Always You [Sikkabrain Recordings]
Sikka – Come and Get This [Sikkabrain Recordings]
Snook – Infiltrated [Origenic Music]
Snook – Psy Whatever [Origenic Music]
Street Creeps, Digga Ranks – Roughneck Soldier Part 2
Street Creeps – Riding the Wave [Digital Roots]
Street Creeps – Roughneck Soldier Part 2 (feat. Digga Ranks) [Digital Roots]
Street Creeps – Stand Firm or Feed Worm [Digital Roots]
Toez – Release Me
Toez – This Is A Groove
Trauma Dbc – Lazer
VIÉS – Evacuation Sequence [Drum Lab Audio]
VIÉS – The Way I See You [Drum Lab Audio]
Wito – Metropolis Trip [Kos.Mos.Music]
Blade (Dnb) – What Am I
Conflate & Kickback – We Roll
Khemikal – Goin’ In
Mc Texas, Ambush Family & Carasel – History
Mc Texas (Feat. Oz) – Midnight
Octo Pi & Dr Syntax – It’s Like That
Octo Pi – Sheffield
Oz & Dubbz – A Better Way
Oz & Dubbz – Warp Drive
Stanza – Aft Records Twenty Twenty Continuous Mix
Tuskan & Press1 – Sitting Ducks
Alex Moment – Got Baked
Electrosoul System – Half Death Step
Fetus – Jurassic
Kelle – Laughter In The Dark
NUXZ – Slow Darknet
Wito – Metropolis Trip
Dubbvse – Owl
ILL Dynamics – Bass Bob
Kvlt – The Skag
Lowlife – Into The Shadows
Lundy – Influence
MaxLi – Master Zen
Moulder – Mr. Knife
Prostonamed – Wump
Prьf – Monster Song
Skappa – Kama Bass
Telicity – Pickle
The Zanoza – Japan
Undr Dee – Fuck Music
Wcry – Intravenously
Jam Thieves – Bangkok
Mr Joseph feat. Phoebe Freya – Why Try
Mykool & Lost Child – Self Made
Nectax – Gold Soul