Drum & Bass hottest tracks – [07-Oct-2021]

01 Hidden Dangers (VIP) [Patrol The Skies Music]
AC13 – Cloud 9 [Rampage Recordings]
AC13 – Hold Em Up [Rampage Recordings]
Alan Fitzpatrick, High Contrast – Bourgeois Imagery
All of DJ – Pleissant (Quasak Remix) [LW Recordings]
Audio Demon – House of Mirrors [Demon Recordings]
Audio Demon – Lock Up [Demon Recordings]
AYDN – No Option [Soulvent Records]
BCDJ – Grayness [LW Recordings]
BCee & A Little Sound – Love Drunk [Fokuz Recordings]
BCee – Boxes [Fokuz Recordings]
BCee – Crystal [Fokuz Recordings]
BCee – Poodle Dub [Fokuz Recordings]
BCee – Stitched Up [Fokuz Recordings]
Beatcore – You
Beeson – Brown Sugar [Soulvent Records]
Brother Bliss – Reaper [LW Recordings]
Chug – Vibration Dub [LW Recordings]
Circumference – Breadsticks [Soulvent Records]
Cosmology – Bugged Out
Cosmology – Bugged Out [Soul Deep Exclusives]
Cosmology – Don’t Give it Up
Cosmology – Don’t Give it Up [Soul Deep Exclusives]
Cosmology – Make a Spark
Cosmology – Make a Spark [Soul Deep Exclusives]
Cosmology – Take It Back
Cosmology – Take It Back [Soul Deep Exclusives]
Covert Garden – Rude [Trust Audio]
Cryogenics – OtherWorld [LW Recordings]
Danny Darksol – Disciple [Full Send DnB]
Danny Darksol – Element 119 [Full Send DnB]
Danny Darksol – Last Symphony [Full Send DnB]
Danny Darksol – Signals [Full Send DnB]
Data 3 – 1873 [Flexout Audio]
Data 3 – Anomaly [Flexout Audio]
Data 3 – Atomic [Flexout Audio]
Data 3 & Bassi – Qubit [Flexout Audio]
Data 3 – Biometric [Flexout Audio]
Data 3 – Cellular (feat. Hijak MC) [Flexout Audio]
Data 3 – Covalence [Flexout Audio]
Data 3 – Fission [Flexout Audio]
Data 3 – Losing Myself [Flexout Audio]
Data 3 – Matter [Flexout Audio]
Data 3 – Molecular [Flexout Audio]
Data 3 – Nikola [Flexout Audio]
Data 3 – Photon [Flexout Audio]
Data 3 – Saturn Ditch [Flexout Audio]
Data 3 – Subatomic [Flexout Audio]
Data 3 – Tric City [Flexout Audio]
Despersion & Krot – Seems so Far Away [Eatbrain]
Despersion – Shield [Eatbrain]
Despersion – Starship [Eatbrain]
DJ Direkt – MADd [LW Recordings]
DJ Umka – Pay Me Life Give Me a Chance [LW Recordings]
DJ Wizdom – My Sound [LW Recordings]
Dubean – Empty Street [LW Recordings]
Duburban & Jahganaut – Another Realm [Cat In The Bag]
DuoScience – When (Original) [Diskool Records]
DVTR – Depth (feat. Cosmicburp) [LW Recordings]
Einarindra – Dóttir (Subminimal Remix) [LW Recordings]
embe – Downtown Shuffle [District-1 Audio]
embe – Other Side [District-1 Audio]
embe – Typhoon [District-1 Audio]
Feint & gyrofield – Silent Light (Gyrofield Remix) [Liquicity Records]
Feint & Rameses B – Starseed (feat. Leah Rye) [Rameses B Remix] [Liquicity Records]
Feint – Silent Light [Liquicity Records]
Feint – Starseed (feat. Leah Rye) [Liquicity Records]
Feint – Weavers [Liquicity Records]
Fernando Ferreira – Chill out Morning [DNBB Digital]
Fernando Ferreira – Jasambass [DNBB Digital]
Flat T – Blood Money [Deep In The Jungle Records]
Flat T – Blood Money
Flat T – Colony [Deep In The Jungle Records]
Flat T – Colony
Flat T – Guilt [Deep In The Jungle Records]
Flat T – Guilt
Flat T – Pied Piper [Deep In The Jungle Records]
Flat T – Pied Piper
Flat T – Womens Work (Jungle Rehash) [Deep In The Jungle Records]
Flat T – Womens Work (Jungle Rehash)
Flipnosis – 90’s Love
Flipnosis – Crispy
Frore & Shane Morris – Agape (feat. Mark Seelig) [TequilaCAT Records]
Frore & Shane Morris – Lost in Wonder (feat. Dirk Serries) [TequilaCAT Records]
Frore & Shane Morris – Ocean of Fire (feat. Byron Metcalf) [TequilaCAT Records]
Frore & Shane Morris – The Eye of Everything [TequilaCAT Records]
Frore & Shane Morris – Woven [TequilaCAT Records]
GrayMata – Anger [Digital Fusion Records]
GrayMata – Bad Life [Digital Fusion Records]
GrayMata – Big Balls [Digital Fusion Records]
GrayMata – Black Hole [Digital Fusion Records]
GrayMata – Bounce Pad [Digital Fusion Records]
GrayMata – Bubble Butt [Digital Fusion Records]
GrayMata – Dark Age [Digital Fusion Records]
GrayMata – Door Knocker [Digital Fusion Records]
GrayMata – Drip Tray [Digital Fusion Records]
GrayMata – Falling [Digital Fusion Records]
GrayMata – Help Me [Digital Fusion Records]
GrayMata – Indian Takeaway [Digital Fusion Records]
GrayMata – Love You [Digital Fusion Records]
GrayMata – Never Go Back [Digital Fusion Records]
GrayMata – Skankout [Digital Fusion Records]
GrayMata – Soul Rieper [Digital Fusion Records]
Half-Life – Split [Soulvent Records]
Hated – Daydreamer
Hated – Daydreamer [Neurofunk,what else ]
Hated – Let Them In
Hated – Let Them In [Neurofunk,what else ]
Inspire – Positive Vibes [LW Recordings]
Intake – Night Watch [LW Recordings]
Invert Era – Give Me [DNB Allstars Records]
Invert Era – Give Me (Levela Remix) [DNB Allstars Records]
Ipsiom & KNÖDE – Broken Halo [LW Recordings]
Jaxx & Dub General – Draw [Grid Recordings UK]
Jaxx – Lightwaves to Mars [Grid Recordings UK]
Jaxx – Mek It More Nice [Grid Recordings UK]
Jaxx & Yatuza – Stop and Look [Grid Recordings UK]
Kasra & Catching Cairo – Guilty [Critical Music]
Kasra – Kanjiru [Critical Music]
Klippee – Reset [VALE (Various Artists Limitless Expression LLC)]
Lally – Take Me [Archway Records UK]
Lally – Who We Are [Archway Records UK]
LeDeep & Nec SFS – Second Eighties (Reso-C Remix) [LW Recordings]
Lee Griffin & Logam – Losing Time [Play Me Records]
Madusea – Ripples [LW Recordings]
Makoto – Freedom Reality (feat. Missing) [Hospital Records]
Makoto – Merchant Blessings (feat. MC Conrad) [DJ Marky Remix] [Hospital Records]
Makoto – Osiris (feat. Danny Wheeler) [Hospital Records]
Makoto – Run It Back to Me (feat. [ K S R ]) [Hospital Records]
Makoto – What You Need (feat. Vonné) [Hospital Records]
Max Delium – In My Memory (feat. Ira Nights) [TequilaCAT Records]
Max Dellium – A New Era (feat. Ira Nights) [Remake] [TequilaCAT Records]
Max Dellium – Dying Star (feat. Ira Nights) [TequilaCAT Records]
Max Dellium – Light Creation [TequilaCAT Records]
Maztra – Enough [High Resistance]
Maztra – Keep Moving [High Resistance]
Maztra – Life Is Worth [High Resistance]
Maztra – Mockery [High Resistance]
Maztra – Run [High Resistance]
Meloki – Boss Song [Jungle Revolution Recordings]
Meloki – Mother Earth [Jungle Revolution Recordings]
Metro – Black Is the Colour [LW Recordings]
Mica feat. Vana & Hailure – Save You (Hailure VIP)
Midnight Sons – Bring It Back (Klute Remix) [Midnight Sun Recordings]
Midnight Sons – Bring It Back [Midnight Sun Recordings]
Minder – Anemic [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Ealing [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Game Maker [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Here 4 U [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Jessie [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Jez [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Lips [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Morgue [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Pro Pearls [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Rose [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Space [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Stamp Duty [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – The Prof [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Thirsty [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Three Six Zero [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Twenty [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Wasp [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Windfarm [Sneaker Social Club]
Minder – Yacht Skank [Sneaker Social Club]
Mirah – 16 Bullets [LW Recordings]
M Knowledge – Desomorphine [LW Recordings]
Noiger – I Wait [Liquid Brilliants Records]
Noiger – Morning Light [Liquid Brilliants Records]
PLTX – Way Too High [PLTX MUSIC]
Predatory Meerkats – Ragged [LW Recordings]
Qumulus – Heart of Darkness [DeVice]
Ragla – Completed [Redrum Records]
Ragla – Floaters [Redrum Records]
Ragla – Orca [Redrum Records]
Ragla – Pussy Whipped [Redrum Records]
RAKET PRODUCTION – Arson [DivisionBass Digital]
RAKET PRODUCTION – Feeling [DivisionBass Digital]
RAKET PRODUCTION – G Force [DivisionBass Digital]
RAKET PRODUCTION – Pingerz [DivisionBass Digital]
RAKET PRODUCTION – Smash Potato [DivisionBass Digital]
RAKET PRODUCTION – Warrior [DivisionBass Digital]
robbyt – Headlights (High-Beams) [Seminal Sounds]
robbyt – Metalman [Seminal Sounds]
Sanya Kich – The Flow [LW Recordings]
Shadre & Salvage – Bumba [Calypso]
Shadre & Salvage – Don’t Be Afraid [Calypso]
Shadre & Salvage – Infinity [Calypso]
Shadre, Salvage & Stillz – Salamanca Rhythm [Calypso]
Sinez – Cry (feat. Magenta) [Political Drumz]
Sinez – Memories [Political Drumz]
Sl8r – Chalice [LW Recordings]
Soul Method – Throwing Shapes [Soulvent Records]
Spasmik – The Center of Sudden Future [SGMX Records]
Stay-C – Make It Complex [Soulvent Records]
The Prototypes – Passion (Tantrum Desire Remix) [The Prototypes]
The Skeptics – Complex Illusions [Intrigue Music]
The Skeptics – Departure [Intrigue Music]
The Skeptics – Insidious [Intrigue Music]
The Skeptics & Sydney – Show Me the Way [Intrigue Music]
Throe & Kowa – Exposed [LW Recordings]
TNT Sounds – Scammer [Big And Heavy Recordings]
TNT Sounds – The Harder They Fall [Big And Heavy Recordings]
TNT Sounds – Wolf [Big And Heavy Recordings]
Tommy the Cat – Purple Sky [Cat In The Bag]
Tommy the Cat – Way Back When [Cat In The Bag]
Trex – Murphy’s Law (Covert Garden Remix) [Trust Audio]
Turno – High Roller [Time Is Now Recordings]
VAULINK, Roussontchik & Alex Teretto – Vibes [LW Recordings]
Viniselecta – Still Selecta [LW Recordings]
Vinny V – Motion [letgorecordings]
Wildstorm – Rage [Dream Killer Recordings]
Wildstorm – Stratosphere [Dream Killer Recordings]
Zoomie – Time Travelling at the Speed of Life [Cat In The Bag]