Drum & Bass playlist new mp3 – [01-May-2021]

5LINK – Say Your Name [5LINK Music]
A.M.C – Eject [Titan Records]
Andromedik & Voicians – Won’t Let Go (Used Remix) [Liquicity Records]
Arxiva – Poligeneza [immrsve audio]
Arxiva – Taiga Shaman [immrsve audio]
Bill & Ed – Can’t Stop Me [Juicy Fruit Recordings]
Bill & Ed – Dark Syde [Juicy Fruit Recordings]
Caramel, MadRush MC & Mr Ink – Katana (Vip) [Drippyboiii Recordings]
Chubbs – Ae20 [Young Guns Recordings]
Chubbs – Forever [Young Guns Recordings]
Chubbs – The Link [Young Guns Recordings]
Chubbs – This Ends Now [Young Guns Recordings]
Clik – High Ground [Sub Factory Records]
Computerartist – Crank It Up [Hoofbeats Music]
Computerartist – Downfall (feat. Kryptomedic) [Hoofbeats Music]
Computerartist & EMBR – Iridescent [Hoofbeats Music]
Computerartist – Iridescent (Instrumental) [Hoofbeats Music]
Computerartist – Solitude [Hoofbeats Music]
Cyntax – Laser Beam [Blackout Music NL]
Define Unit – My Best Enemy (feat. Anastasiya Kosyuk) [ElectroNobody Remix] [ElectroNobody]
Dextems – Traces [Ignescent]
Dextems – Watchers [Ignescent]
DinJest – Transparent [Broesh]
DJ Komatose – Body Bass [Big And Heavy Recordings]
DJ Komatose – Dark Roller [Big And Heavy Recordings]
DJ Komatose – Laserz [Big And Heavy Recordings]
DJ Komatose – Sergeant Shuffle [Big And Heavy Recordings]
DJ Max Lietta – Fast [Maxlietta Records]
DJ Paul Crisil – Heritage [29 DNB]
Ego Trippin – Air Head [Super Lit]
Ego Trippin – Death Wish (feat. Lil’ Sound Killa) [Super Lit]
Ego Trippin – Dib Dab [Super Lit]
Ego Trippin – Jelly Grots [Super Lit]
ElectroNobody – Apocalypse Ride (feat. Ilya Zobkov) [ElectroNobody]
ElectroNobody – Chasing the Wind (feat. Maks_SF) [ElectroNobody]
ElectroNobody – Dreams of the Pandora [ElectroNobody]
ElectroNobody – Into the Abyss (Vlad83 Remix) [ElectroNobody]
ElectroNobody – Lost Planet [ElectroNobody]
ElectroNobody – One Objective (feat. Megan McDuffee) [ElectroNobody]
ElectroNobody – One Objective (Reprise) [ElectroNobody]
ElectroNobody – Rose of the Dark (Vlad83 Remix) [ElectroNobody]
ElectroNobody – Undone (Paris Jackson Cover) [ElectroNobody]
Extrose – Reluctant [Stoic Sounds]
Extrose – Swell [Stoic Sounds]
forms of sorcery – Pandora’s Box [banging dem tunes]
Freqkid – Step on the Frequency (feat. Yazee Jay) [Pulsatil Records]
Fuelized – Perspectives [Bassface Audio D&B]
FX909 – Ardent Path [Smooth N Groove Records]
FX909 – Bleach [Smooth N Groove Records]
FX909 – Brunette [Smooth N Groove Records]
FX909 – Contrast [Smooth N Groove Records]
FX909 – Fly Away [Smooth N Groove Records]
FX909 – Hit and Run [Smooth N Groove Records]
FX909 – Iron Heart [Smooth N Groove Records]
FX909 – Outsider [Smooth N Groove Records]
FX909 – Silence Talks [Smooth N Groove Records]
FX909 – The Night Away [Smooth N Groove Records]
Hyde UK – Ill Iq [Double UV Recordings]
Hyde UK – Ramp Wid Me [Double UV Recordings]
Hyde UK – Snake [Double UV Recordings]
Hyde UK – Unruly [Double UV Recordings]
INDUKT & Arxiva – Entheogen [immrsve audio]
INDUKT – Entropy [immrsve audio]
INDUKT – Ruin [immrsve audio]
Joe Roller – Onyo [VELA Music]
Jon Tho – The Way You Were [Blackout Music NL]
Kilarchi – Merciless [Ascended Audio]
Kilarchi – Vibe the Night [Ascended Audio]
Kleu – One Night Only [LoveThatBass]
Komax – Believe Me [Live History Records]
Komax – Hit Me More [Live History Records]
Komax – Miracle [Live History Records]
Komax – Nymph [Live History Records]
Liveon & Kutlo – Reboot [Blackout Music NL]
Lone Wolf – Naughty Guitar [lone wolf]
Maks_SF – Space Kid 2077 (feat. ElectroNobody) [ElectroNobody]
Ne.Man & Caramel – Crucial Rucka [Drippyboiii Recordings]
Ne.Man – The Rhythm [Drippyboiii Recordings]
Paragon – Lowlife [Paragon Productions]
Paragon – N.A.T (Noise Above Talent) [Paragon Productions]
Paul Venkman – You Can’t Control Me (ElectroNobody Remix) [ElectroNobody]
PEYOTE BUTTONS – Approach as Absolute [Spun]
PEYOTE BUTTONS – Autocannon [Spun]
PEYOTE BUTTONS – Cant Live with Losing You [Spun]
PEYOTE BUTTONS – Dont Be Playing with Fire [Spun]
PEYOTE BUTTONS – Engines of Mother [Spun]
PEYOTE BUTTONS – Hard Pill to Swallow [Spun]
PEYOTE BUTTONS – Heavy Metal Detox [Spun]
PEYOTE BUTTONS – Infinity in a Grain [Spun]
PEYOTE BUTTONS – Retired Reptilians [Spun]
PEYOTE BUTTONS – Spirit Wisdom [Spun]
PEYOTE BUTTONS – Starving Vegans [Spun]
PEYOTE BUTTONS – Take Time to Say Goodbye [Spun]
Qant – Bam Bam [VIBEZ’ 93]
Qant – Worries [VIBEZ’ 93]
R3dX – Straight [AfterNight]
Rhepuls – Roller Corona [Cherch Recordings]
Rhepuls – Tungsten Rd [Cherch Recordings]
Saint Rigal – Maelstrom Gang [Saint Rigal]
Salix – Distance [2,57 Recordings] [2,57 Recordings]
Salix – Slime [2,57 Recordings] [2,57 Recordings]
Sick Run – Oldschooler [Nuclear Bass Records]
Sick Run – Test Drive [Nuclear Bass Records]
Sick Run – Watching [Nuclear Bass Records]
Sick Run – Wtf [Nuclear Bass Records]
Simple Reaction – Nickandrop [Histeria Records]
Simple Reaction – Rock and Roll [Histeria Records]
Smooth & Disphonia – Plump [Blackout Music NL]
Soul Intent – Bite It [Commercial Suicide]
Soul Intent – Throwing Shapes [Commercial Suicide]
Starz & Deeza & Content – Love Dnb (feat. Mc Zee) [Starz & Deeza]
Sultan + Shepard – White Lies (feat. The Cut) [Edit] [This Never Happened]
Sultan + Shepard – White Lies (feat. The Cut) [Keeno Remix] [This Never Happened]
Trampa – Signal
Trempid & WondaMike – Slasher [Pandorum Records]
Trinist – Eradicate [Blackout Music NL]
VAULINK, Roussontchik & Alex Teretto – Vibes [Negative Sound Recordings]
V O E – Revenant [Blackout Music NL]
Volatile Cycle & Transforma – Rogue [Blackout Music NL]
Wrekka – Brains [Dutty Bass Audio]
Wrekka – Bulletproof [Dutty Bass Audio]
Wrekka – One Finished [Dutty Bass Audio]
Wrekka – Taffy [Dutty Bass Audio]
Xeonz – Apollo [Blackout Music NL]