Dubstep, Grime, Bass, Glitch Hop Top New – [04-Jun-2021]

2FAC3D – Busy Signal [Rude Service]
500-Micro – Long Sleep (ZiEK Remix)
Arly Joi – Il mondo perfetto [Nuova Records]
Axilon – Are You Ready [Rude Service]
baskets – Mindfuhk. [Chase the Sound Records]
Bear Grillz – Thoughts of You (feat. Peytn) [Rude Service]
Beastboi. – Duck Feed [Rude Service]
Boss Mode – Ruin [Rude Service]
BrunchBeatz – Blintz [Rude Service]
causa – FRAGILE
Celestial Being – Fiya Fiya Fiya
Collar Pocket – Tremble [Badkill Records]
Dirtyphonics – Gasoline
Hairitage – Get Up On It
iFeature – Board Computer (Original Mix)
iFeature – Carrier (Original Mix)
iFeature – Dimensions (Original Mix)
iFeature ft. Huskai – Beamer (Original Mix)
iFeature – Home (Original Mix)
iFeature – Space Submarine (Original Mix)
iFeature – The Crave (Original Mix)
iFeature – Time Shift (Original Mix)
iFeature – Turbulance (Original Mix)
Kaiju – Counter It
Kaiju – The Terrible
Kaiju – Troll
Kai Wachi – Buggin’ (Original Mix)
Kai Wachi – Death Juice (Original Mix)
Kai Wachi – Muscleville (Original Mix) (1)
Kai Wachi – Muscleville (Original Mix)
Kai Wachi & Sullivan King – Psychotic (Original Mix)
Kompany – Untouchable
LØST PHO3NIX & Køld – Meridian [Simplify.]
Marshmello & Eptic feat. Juicy J – One Hitta Quitta
Micari – Extinction [Rude Service]
Mikrodot – Equality
M!NGO – Keep the Change
Muray – Fujiwara
Neonix – Josh
Neonix – Pain Packer
Neonix – Stephen
Neonix & Syzy – Froggie Anime (feat. Dum Dum)
No Frills – Big Energy [PRDS Direct]
No Frills – Blackjack [PRDS Direct]
No Frills – Follow the Sunset [PRDS Direct]
No Frills – Ghastly Stuff [PRDS Direct]
No Frills – Heavy Hitter [PRDS Direct]
No Frills – Higher [PRDS Direct]
No Frills – Jump [PRDS Direct]
No Frills – No Longer [PRDS Direct]
No Frills – Over You [PRDS Direct]
No Frills – Python [PRDS Direct]
No Frills – Shopping Trip [PRDS Direct]
No Frills – Slugger [PRDS Direct]
No Frills – Stupid Mess [PRDS Direct]
No Frills – Too Much [PRDS Direct]
OUTAGE – Runnin’ [Rude Service]
p0gman & Chassi – Losin’ Myself [Rude Service]
Peytn – One Tap [Rude Service]
Quasar – Laniakea [Foundation Audio]
Quasar – Primal Instinct [Foundation Audio]
Quasar – Submersible [Foundation Audio]
Qwirk – Puzzle
Save Yourself – Drowning [Rude Service]
SerpentEyes – Ihy (Cryptid Remix)
Shank Aaron – Overpowered [Rude Service]
SHARPS – Another Round [Rude Service]
Skreeture – Blossoms [Full Flex Audio]
Skreeture – Chemistry [Full Flex Audio]
Skreeture – Reactions [Full Flex Audio]
Skreeture – Unfold [Full Flex Audio]
Spexx – Break [Rude Service]
Stoned Level & Baerli – Hold Myself [Bassweight Records]
Stoned Level – Never Back Down [Bassweight Records]
Stoned Level – Run [Bassweight Records]
Stoned Level – The Hound [Bassweight Records]
Stryer & Mary Sweet – Never Tell [Rude Service]
Surge – Dub Power
Surge – Inner City
Surge – Reckoning
Sweet Teeth – Wtf [Rude Service]
Teddeye – Out of Space [Reinelex Music]
T-Eleven – Be the Leader [Reinelex Music]
T-Eleven – Favours [Reinelex Music]
T-Eleven – Out of Space [Reinelex Music]
T-Eleven – The Illest Days [Reinelex Music]
The Brig – Codex (Original Mix)
The Brig – Moonlight (Original Mix)
The Brig – Thrasher (Original Mix)
The Brig – True Problems (Original Mix)
The Widdler – This Generation (Uncommon Sense Remix)
TVBOO – X2 (feat. Kevin Flum) [Wakaan]
Typhon – Ol’ Skool [Rude Service]
VLCN – Love Me Better [Rude Service]
Wayve – Wisteria [Rude Service]
Wolf-e-Wolf – Badmon (Original Mix)
Егор Шип – Диор (Neptulon Bootleg)