Electro House Vol.1976 New Hits Song – [15-May-2021]

Ameth – Feeling So [Speed House Movement]
Basstian & Ivan Camacho – Make You Mine (Extended Mix)
Cameron Stark – Do My Lil Dance [Mixa Records]
Checco – Drama [Deep Bear]
Checco – Drama (Radio Edit) [Deep Bear]
Chrizz Luvly – Rider [Dreamdealers]
CIELLE – Désert (Vitess Remix) [BEL AIR Sounds]
Citizen JiF – Bier Lag [Quantum Travel]
Cyrus Khan – Fire [Run Free]
Emre Kabak – Race With Me [Satsuma Music]
Firemik3 – Battlefield (Original Mix)
Freddie Martin – Down from the Underground [The Archives]
Godoy Music – Bye [Southbeat Music]
InSulin – Thinking About You [Speed House Movement]
Kerozcene – Arson [Ionic Records]
Minimind – Andy Tech [Ultrasonik]
Minimind – Pan Dorato [Ultrasonik]
MØRZEY – Dark Vibes [Satsuma Music]
Noahphella – Dying Light [Speed House Movement]
Odin John & BETASTIC – Get Ya [Speed House Movement]
PNC RM – Lights [Ensis Discovery]
Ravek & Rek – Time Out [HOUSE VIEWS]
RESLOG – Ocean (Extended Mix) [Run Free]
RESLOG – Ocean [Run Free]
Umut Bahar – In the Club [SSL Music]
Zuin – Body Shake [Speed House Movement]