Electronica hottest tracks – [27-Oct-2021]

3Anova – Train Movie [Forgotten Dreams]
3Anova – Train Movie [Forgotten Dreams]
Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2157010 [AP Musik]
Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2157020 [AP Musik]
Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2157030 [AP Musik]
Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2157040 [AP Musik]
Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2157050 [AP Musik]
Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2157060 [AP Musik]
Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2157070 [AP Musik]
Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2157080 [AP Musik]
Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2157090 [AP Musik]
Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2157100 [AP Musik]
Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2157110 [AP Musik]
Alexander Rhodes – Panasian Sunset [Miami Sundown Records]
Amir Shahlaee – Forever (Alireza Ahari Remix) [Miami Sundown Records]
Astropilot & Aksemetrix – Rain Forest [AstroPilot Music]
Astropilot, Vena Portae & Aksemetrix – Rain Forest Dreams [AstroPilot Music]
Bence K!SS – Checker (Extended Mix) [Deep Trance 7]
Bence K!SS – Midnight Groove (K-Mack Remix) [Deep Trance 7]
Black Mannequin – Asphalt (feat. Kevin Orr) [Pocketmoth]
Black Mannequin – Liffeysider [Pocketmoth]
Black Mannequin – Sum [Pocketmoth]
Black Mannequin – Zero [Pocketmoth]
Cate Hortl – Construction On [Ritmo Fatale]
Cate Hortl – Deadpan [Ritmo Fatale]
Cate Hortl – Hurt You [Ritmo Fatale]
Cate Hortl – Rise [Ritmo Fatale]
Cate Hortl – The Less the Better [Ritmo Fatale]
Cena Balak – Xanax [Miami Sundown Records]
ChimsGrove – A Good Idea At the Time [Miami Sundown Records]
ChimsGrove – Goodnight City Lights [Miami Sundown Records]
Christopher Brooks & Rahms – Trails [Pocketmoth]
Corvad & Alisa Dolgunova – Khomus [Cosmism Records]
Corvad – Vantablack [Cosmism Records]
Darbinyan – Lake View [Egocentric Records]
Debris Rouge – Cosmic Trip [Ubomvu Records]
Debris Rouge – Crystal (REd Mix) [Ubomvu Records]
Debris Rouge – Nektar [Ubomvu Records]
Debris Rouge – Rouge [Ubomvu Records]
Decode Ants – Vampire [Decode Ants]
Deep Woods – Sole Purpose I [3Bridge Elements]
Deep Woods – Sole Purpose II [3Bridge Elements]
Deep Woods – Sole Purpose III [3Bridge Elements]
Deep Woods – Sole Purpose IV [3Bridge Elements]
Deep Woods – Sole Purpose IX [3Bridge Elements]
Deep Woods – Sole Purpose V [3Bridge Elements]
Deep Woods – Sole Purpose VI [3Bridge Elements]
Deep Woods – Sole Purpose VII [3Bridge Elements]
Deep Woods – Sole Purpose VIII [3Bridge Elements]
Deep Woods – Sole Purpose X [3Bridge Elements]
Demuja – Should I Move On (Black Loops Remix) [Universal Music GmbH]
Demuja – The Time Has Come (Gerd Janson Remix) [Universal Music GmbH]
Demuja – Wasting My Time (Dorian Concept Remix) [Universal Music GmbH]
DJ.FILI – Jb07 [WelcomeDj Records]
DJ.FILI – Total Alicatation [WelcomeDj Records]
DJ Phantom 7 – Midnight Groove [Deep Trance 7]
Dyani – Agwe (feat. Embaci) [Dasychira ‘Meteor Shower Mix’] [CHANN3L]
Dyani – Ascension (balm ‘Slippery’ Remix) [CHANN3L]
Dyani – Ascension (LeoKarlo Remix) [CHANN3L]
Dyani – Dan-I (DENA Remix) [CHANN3L]
Dyani – Golden Egg (Xchelle ‘Deconstructed’ Remix) [CHANN3L]
Dyani – Golden Egg (Xchelle Remix) [CHANN3L]
Dyani – Mandatory (Dede’s ‘MCLAAC’ Remix) [CHANN3L]
ENKOUNTER – Unsettled [XMOD Records]
Gabriel Slick – Freedom (All I Need) [Chill Out Mix] [Miami Sundown Records]
Goldfaust – Queen of Fucking Darkness [Element Euphoria]
Grouper – Basement Mix [Kranky]
Grouper – Disordered Minds [Kranky]
Grouper – Followed the ocean [Kranky]
Grouper – Kelso (Blue sky) [Kranky]
Grouper – Ode to the blue [Kranky]
Grouper – Pale Interior [Kranky]
Grouper – Promise [Kranky]
Grouper – The way her hair falls [Kranky]
Grouper – Unclean mind [Kranky]
Ka Boukie – Nightcrawler [Boukie World]
Kiman – Anime [Somatic Records]
Kiman – Bubble [Somatic Records]
Kiman – Serenade [Somatic Records]
Le Code – Introspection [Mare Nostrum Label]
Le Code – Introspection [Mare Nostrum Label]
Le Code – Night and Sea [Mare Nostrum Label]
Le Code – Night and Sea [Mare Nostrum Label]
Le Code – Solitude [Mare Nostrum Label]
Le Code – Solitude [Mare Nostrum Label]
Le Code – The Past [Mare Nostrum Label]
Le Code – The Past [Mare Nostrum Label]
lotus land pilot – Tofab [Oyoda Recordings]
Luna & Leaf – Morning [Miami Sundown Records]
Luna & Leaf – Nightime [Miami Sundown Records]
Luna & Leaf – Sunset [Miami Sundown Records]
LXFTR – Dusk till Dawn [Ak Tape 65]
LXFTR – Love Style [Ak Tape 65]
MAAGE – Ischia [Record Union]
Maruwa – Body Journey [Virgin Music UK LAS (S&D)]
Maruwa – Can’t Stop [Virgin Music UK LAS (S&D)]
Maruwa – Dvizhenie [Virgin Music UK LAS (S&D)]
Maruwa – Mindstab [Virgin Music UK LAS (S&D)]
Maruwa – Neo-plant [Virgin Music UK LAS (S&D)]
Mixed Business – Dankasa Mood [Pocketmoth]
Mouby – Mouby [Miami Sundown Records]
Napoli Underground – Lazy Saturday [Classè Records]
Nereid3 – Intro [Cyber Club Radio]
Nereid3 – Life In 32-Bits [Cyber Club Radio]
Nereid3 – Little China at Night [Cyber Club Radio]
Nereid3 – Playin’ At the Elevator [Cyber Club Radio]
Nereid3 – Sunset Vibes [Cyber Club Radio]
Nereid3 – Tonight (I Will Drive To You) [Acoustic Version] [Cyber Club Radio]
Nereid3 – Tonight (I Will Drive To You) [Cyber Club Radio]
Nereid3 – Y Si Te Quedas Conmigo [Cyber Club Radio]
Nereid3 – Y Si Te Quedas Conmigo (Intimate Version) [Cyber Club Radio]
Nightdrive – Ne Pesnya [Arey]
Nightdrive – Ne Pop [Arey]
Nightdrive – Ne Rnb [Arey]
nzworkdown – Cub [Forgot Imprint]
nzworkdown – Duo [Forgot Imprint]
nzworkdown – I [Forgot Imprint]
nzworkdown – II [Forgot Imprint]
nzworkdown – III [Forgot Imprint]
Old Jim – Maybe (Extended Mix) [Storm Music]
Old Jim – Maybe [Storm Music]
Otik – Soulo [3024]
Pálida – I See You [Deep Different]
Pálida – Lekvona [Deep Different]
Pálida – Millenium Mambo [Deep Different]
Pálida – Off-Hand [Deep Different]
Peter Vogelaar – Inpulses (Evan Miles Remix) [PV]
Peter Vogelaar – Inpulses [PV]
Quincy Raw – Sun15 [Pocketmoth]
Radiomentale – Enveloppe echo [Irradiant Hologram]
Radiomentale – Les arbres se multiplient [Irradiant Hologram]
Radiomentale – Trees Are Multiplying (feat. Wild Anima) [Irradiant Hologram]
Radiomentale – Wind Bells [Irradiant Hologram]
Rahms – Drawn Apprehension [Pocketmoth]
RDGR – hip-EEZ [Pocketmoth]
Rosu – Let It Go [Miami Sundown Records]
Rosu – Singular [Miami Sundown Records]
Sargent Bonzo – Wearing a Burning Hat [Pocketmoth]
Signs of Nature – Minimal Violence [Punch Up Records]
Six Missing – Always an Intro [Valley View Records]
Six Missing – Never an Outro [Valley View Records]
Six Missing – On Being [Valley View Records]
Six Missing – Quicksand [Valley View Records]
Six Missing – Rain Washes [Valley View Records]
Six Missing – Really a Pond [Valley View Records]
Six Missing – Symphony [Valley View Records]
Six Missing – Tears [Valley View Records]
Six Missing – Waiting Line to Ride [Valley View Records]
Sum Randm – Table Flipper [Pocketmoth]
Tils – The Language [Pocketmoth]
Tristan Arp – A Clearing (In Empty Space) [Wisdom Teeth]
Tristan Arp – Cloud Surface [Wisdom Teeth]
Tristan Arp – Foraging Music [Wisdom Teeth]
Tristan Arp – From the Seams [Wisdom Teeth]
Tristan Arp – Gypsum [Wisdom Teeth]
Tristan Arp – Marble Net [Wisdom Teeth]
Tristan Arp – Photosynthesis [Wisdom Teeth]
Tristan Arp – Pond in Moonlight [Wisdom Teeth]
Tristan Arp – Thought Painting [Wisdom Teeth]
Umwelten – Umwelt 11 [Platform Rec]
Umwelten – Umwelt 12 [Platform Rec]
Umwelten – Umwelt 13 [Platform Rec]
Umwelten – Umwelt 14 [Platform Rec]
Umwelten – Umwelt 15 [Platform Rec]
vanityRIP – —[email protected] [Pocketmoth]
Via Maris – Hiblrr [do you have peace ]
Via Maris – Lekky [do you have peace ]
Vincent Oliveira, Salo & Ludmila Vincent – Lovin’ [Project Beat One]
Violet Mist – Ultraviolence [See Blue Audio]
Violet Mist – Ultrazukunft [See Blue Audio]
Zen in Space – Lotus (feat. Maitê Inaê & Billsbry) [Planet Trip]
Zen in Space – Sol Strides [Planet Trip]
Zen in Space – Sunset Mosaic [Planet Trip]
Zen in Space – Where To Next [Planet Trip]
Zen in Space – You & Me (feat. Neeko) [Planet Trip]
Anatoliy Nesterenko – Morning In Africa (Original Mix)
Beolost – Aberrant (Original Mix)
Boryn – New Home Studio (Original Mix)
Breex – Song Of The Day (Original Mix)
Cam Lasky – Onryo (Goth Ambient Mix)
Daortia – Diaphane (Original Mix)
dngdwn – Leave (Martin Jarl Reshape)
Glowing Terms – Hold A Candle (Original Mix)
Ian Marine & Eleventh Grandson – Malady (Original Mix)
Jay Caruso feat. Davide Labbate – That’s All I Do (Sunflower Lounge Mix)
Jon The Dentist – Seahorses Forever (Extended Mix)
Lonk – Juppa (Original Mix)
Martin Wold – Havet (Original Mix)
Mitad – Living (Original Mix)
Moveton – Nastupaet Mgla (Original Mix)
M. TouNu – Infoline (Original Mix)
Oddxperienc – Drumo (Original Mix)
Sandeul – Remember (Original Mix)
Silver Poly – Desert Dream (Original Mix)
Sllash – 186 (Original Mix)
Spirit of Nature Land – Ambient Hang Drum (Original Mix)
S&Sli – For You (Original Mix)
The Secret Soul Society & BLAOS Recordings – JR’s Revenge (Original Mix)
Thulane Da Producer – Ndilahlekile (Main Mix)
Vyacheslav Sketch – Load (Original Mix)
Beamont Hannant – Utuba (Reprised Version)
Beautyon – To Swing Pil
Funckarma – Cellular
Passarani 2099 – Ixora
Seefeel – Spangle (Autechre Remix)
Soft Ballet – Sand Lowe (The Polygon Window Remix)
The Black Dog – Psil-Cosyin
Zugzwang – Euphonic
Ivna Ji – Laax
Kafkactrl – Replication Code
Larionov – No Gravity
Module 3F – The Deep Space Accident
Pablo Diskko, Rise Black – Veto
SIM80 – Medbay
TeslaSonic – Retinol
Vertical Dimension – Distorted Reality
Adhesive – Trisolaran
Antуnio Sб – The Mnlg
Caramel Chameleon – Strobed Alabastro
Curios – Warbling Tundra
Dopefist – Does Everyone Feel This Way
Lee – Kindred (Mause’s Breakbeat Bonanza Mix)
Rico Casazza & CPSL – 11.11
Uf0 – I Like Your Girlfriend