Electronica popular Songs – [23-Oct-2021]

674 – Before We Break [Soviett Rave]
674 – Learning English [Soviett Rave]
674 – May I Talk [Soviett Rave]
674 – Reason to Wake Up [Soviett Rave]
Afterlife – Metamorphosis of Narcissus [Subatomic Uk]
Alternate Current – Form Constant [re st]
Alternate Current – It Still Hurts to Remember [re st]
Alternate Current – Mutual Inductance [re st]
Alternate Current – Suspended in That Silent Place [re st]
Andy de Baeke – Where Do Lovers Go [Ozran Sunset]
Andy Falck – Whales In the Sea [Ozran Sunset]
Andy Jay Powell & Frankforce One – Make It Shine (Calderone Inc. Extended Mix) [Klubbstyle]
Andy Jay Powell & Frankforce One – Make It Shine (Calderone Inc. Mix) [Klubbstyle]
Andy Jay Powell & Frankforce One – Make It Shine (Klubbingman & Andy Jay Powell Extended Mix) [Klubbstyle]
Ao Inoue – L-Y-L [Mole Audio]
Ao Inoue – Richa Negri [Mole Audio]
Ao Inoue – Version 96 (db-art Remix) [Mole Audio]
Ao Inoue – Version 96 [Mole Audio]
Asservat – Change the Key [Stereoheaven]
A-Tweed – Interpretation 2 [INTERSEZIONI]
Basics On Lounge – Insatiable Love [Stereoheaven]
Blumenseele – Pleasure and Action [Stereoheaven]
Breno Barreto – Ay Caramba! (Extended Mix) [Queen House Music]
Breno Barreto – Ay Caramba! [Queen House Music]
Camden Clown – Seven Hours [Chill Caterpillar]
Camden Clown – !Sunshine! [Chill Caterpillar]
Camden Clown – Whew [Chill Caterpillar]
Cerberuh – Feelings [Beast Trap Records]
Clockwatch – Quartier Kondor [Record Union]
Clockwatch – Subraum [Record Union]
Common Creation – Glacial Gush [Wakaan]
Common Creation – Lowkey Kick Back [Wakaan]
Common Creation – Mystic Morning [Wakaan]
Common Creation – Silent Sleeper [Wakaan]
Common Creation – Supplemental Seasons [Wakaan]
COOLMIX – The Eclipse [29 CHILL]
David Harrow – Digital Domain (feat. Ivan Jahn) [Workhousedigital]
David Harrow – Digital Dub (feat. Ivan Jahn) [Workhousedigital]
David Harrow – Hindsight Dub (feat. Ivan Jahn) [Workhousedigital]
David Harrow – Hindsight (feat. Ivan Jahn) [Workhousedigital]
D.I.M.A – Endless Expanses [Freshtunes]
D.I.M.A – Night Bonfire [Freshtunes]
D.I.M.A – Pine Glade [Freshtunes]
D.I.M.A – Rivers of Siberia [Freshtunes]
D.I.M.A – Siberian Trails [Freshtunes]
D.I.M.A – The Infinity of Nature [Freshtunes]
D.I.M.A – Traces of December [Freshtunes]
Einridi – Frekvens 2 [Ozran Sunset]
Einridi – Generative Life [Ozran Sunset]
Ektopy – Nostalgic Space [Ozran Sunset]
Expressivoid – A Nostalgic Death [iM Electronica]
Expressivoid – Condemned to Life [iM Electronica]
Feida Wei – Aurora,Aurora [Moonatic]
Feida Wei – Luz De Madrugada [Moonatic]
Feida Wei – Polaris,Púrpura [Moonatic]
Feida Wei – Variaciones Sobre La Primavera [Moonatic]
Feida Wei – Variaciones Sobre Osiris [Moonatic]
Flaty – Burnt Chamber [ANWO Records]
Flaty – Electric Prune [ANWO Records]
Flaty – Falling P.2 [ANWO Records]
Flaty – Including (Alt Mix) [ANWO Records]
Flaty – Multiple [ANWO Records]
Flaty – Railz (Alt Mix) [ANWO Records]
Flaty – Recaps [ANWO Records]
Flaty – Targ2106 [ANWO Records]
Flaty – Tizo [ANWO Records]
Flaty – Train Stop Feed [ANWO Records]
Flaty – Wint Harm [ANWO Records]
Fuchsgang – Plaisirs Inconnus [Stereoheaven]
Funeral Flowers & Shedfromthebody – Cherubian Hand [Untitled Burial]
Gamma Orionis – A Gentle Rain [Stereoheaven]
Geovarius – Astral Waves [RetroSynth Records]
Geovarius – Collision [RetroSynth Records]
Geovarius – Drifting Away [RetroSynth Records]
Geovarius – Eclipse [RetroSynth Records]
Geovarius – Golden Years [RetroSynth Records]
Geovarius – Highspeed Velocity [RetroSynth Records]
Geovarius – Last Survivor [RetroSynth Records]
Geovarius – Neon Road [RetroSynth Records]
Geovarius – Night City Ride [RetroSynth Records]
Geovarius – Night Flight [RetroSynth Records]
Geovarius – Parallel Universe [RetroSynth Records]
Geovarius – Pyramids [RetroSynth Records]
Geovarius – Ride the Thunder [RetroSynth Records]
Geovarius – Space Crusaders [RetroSynth Records]
Geovarius – Starfighter [RetroSynth Records]
Geovarius – Sunset Cruise [RetroSynth Records]
Guglielmo Prati – Interpretation 4 [INTERSEZIONI]
Gumunkul Gena – Birth of Centipede [Lodjiya]
Gumunkul Gena – Death of Centipede [Lodjiya]
Hushrov Bhesania & ReMech – Isolated (Luidelire Remix) [Ozran Sunset]
Ida Long & Avra – Im off with You [Lamour Records]
Innate Joy – River Bends [Stereoheaven]
Iron Me – Hektor [Sumpfsee Records]
Iron Me – Spektralgesang [Sumpfsee Records]
Iron Me – Tiefgang (Rodden von Ast Remix) [Sumpfsee Records]
Iron Me – Tiefgang [Sumpfsee Records]
Jead – At My Lowest! [iM Electronica]
Jead – At My Lowest! (Slowed & Reverb) [iM Electronica]
Jos & Eli – Sos (Framewerk Remix) [Renaissance Records]
Jos & Eli – Sos (Framewerk Reprise) [Renaissance Records]
Juno Mamba – Blue Light [Anjunadeep]
Juno Mamba – Blue Light (Edit) [Anjunadeep]
Kakofonico – Interpretation 6 [INTERSEZIONI]
Katz Mulk – Amateurs [Klammklang]
Katz Mulk – Inelegance [Klammklang]
Katz Mulk – Mushroom Dance [Klammklang]
Katz Mulk – Never Been So (feat. Jess Higgins) [Klammklang]
Katz Mulk – Troughs [Klammklang]
Key Ratio – Deckards & Bass [Never Not Now]
Key Ratio – Jugaard (feat. Kiss Nuka) [Never Not Now]
Key Ratio – Loosing Path [Never Not Now]
Key Ratio – Slavic Delight [Never Not Now]
Koenig Eltz – Shambala [Stereoheaven]
Koorow – Unknown Being [Ozran Sunset]
Lichterloh – Mix & Split [Stereoheaven]
Litu Ritu – Clarity [Chill Caterpillar]
Litu Ritu – Hyperloop [Chill Caterpillar]
Litu Ritu – Normal People [Chill Caterpillar]
Lovers in Motion – A Perfect Digestif [Stereoheaven]
Matteo Coffetti – Interpretation 3 [INTERSEZIONI]
Mattewave & Dizzy Wall – Primeiro Beijo (Extended Mix) [EMIX Records]
Mattewave & Dizzy Wall – Primeiro Beijo (Radio Edit) [EMIX Records]
MaXim Darkness – Darkside [Freshtunes]
MaXim Darkness – Equilibrium [Freshtunes]
MaXim Darkness – Intoxication [Freshtunes]
MaXim Darkness – More Excited [Freshtunes]
Mazzetti&Sapo – Interpretation 5 [INTERSEZIONI]
MLDJ – Watercolor [Freshtunes]
MLO – Aqua [Music From Memory]
MLO – Ebb and Flow [Music From Memory]
MLO – Ghost [Music From Memory]
MLO – Melt [Music From Memory]
MLO – On Dreams [Music From Memory]
MLO – Shadows of Life and Thought [Music From Memory]
MLO – Sleeper [Music From Memory]
MLO & Spacetime Continuum – Alkasura [Music From Memory]
MLO & Spacetime Continuum – Elementals [Music From Memory]
MLO & Spacetime Continuum – Mystic Systems [Music From Memory]
MLO – Teachings of the Masters [Music From Memory]
MLO – Wimborne [Music From Memory]
Modern Manners – Azzahar [Modern Manners Label]
Modern Manners – Middle East Manners [Modern Manners Label]
Modern Manners – Timeless Vibe [Modern Manners Label]
M-Sol Project & Marga Sol – Possession [M-Sol Records]
Ocktu – Beacon [Ozran Sunset]
Olang – Changing Seasons [Stereoheaven]
Orbyter – Bright Horizon [Kycker Electronic]
Oso Yoga – River [Mim Limited]
Otto Taimela – Cry For The Earth [Record Union]
Otto Taimela – Everything Falling in Their Place [Record Union]
Otto Taimela – Kids [Record Union]
Otto Taimela – Polaroid [Record Union]
Otto Taimela – Prophecy [Record Union]
Otto Taimela – River Song [Record Union]
Otto Taimela – The Passage Of Time [Record Union]
Otto Taimela – Underneath the Breathing Trees [Record Union]
PALLADIAN & BackForth – Marbles [Enhanced Chill]
PALLADIAN & BackForth – Marbles [Enhanced Chill]
PALLADIAN – Liquorice [Enhanced Chill]
PALLADIAN – Liquorice [Enhanced Chill]
Paolo Rossini – Persephone [Cool D Vision]
Patrik Gryst – The Light Within [Ozran Sunset]
Polar Lights – Summer in the City (feat. Alexander Kozyrev) [What’s In The Box]
Primordial Ooze – Interpretation 1 [INTERSEZIONI]
Proba Merx – Morning Ride [Stereoheaven]
Purple Bike – Antiquity [Chill Caterpillar]
Purple Bike – Dupri [Chill Caterpillar]
Ramxes – Main Theme (The Shining) [Italians Do It Better]
Retronik – Hit That Perfect [OMG House Records]
Rose Ringed – Can’t You See It [LANDR, Self-Released]
Rose Ringed – I Waited for You [LANDR, Self-Released]
Rose Ringed – Tension [LANDR, Self-Released]
Schauberger – Sea Grapes [Stereoheaven]
Schlichting – Dashing Steps [Stereoheaven]
Sesion de Los Flores – In Love [Stereoheaven]
Shamanoid – Agung’s Pulse [Merkaba Music]
Shamanoid – Eye (I within) [Merkaba Music]
Shamanoid – Japanese Belly Trance [Merkaba Music]
Shamanoid – Kami-no-Kaze (Wind of the gods) [Merkaba Music]
Shamanoid – Me and You [Merkaba Music]
Shamanoid – The Ineffable Breath (Of the Divine) [Merkaba Music]
Sharapov – Just Say It [120bpm]
Sharapov – Just Say It (Radio Mix) [120bpm]
Silbermaus – Chilled Night [Stereoheaven]
SmokeFade – Homophobia Antidote [Papotako Records]
SmokeFade – New Connections [Papotako Records]
SmokeFade – New Cycle [Papotako Records]
SmokeFade – Obscure [Papotako Records]
SmokeFade – Psychosomatic [Papotako Records]
Stic – Interpretation 7 [INTERSEZIONI]
SymphoCat – 999 Renaissance [Simphonic Silence Inside Records]
SymphoCat – Adventum [Simphonic Silence Inside Records]
SymphoCat – Caelestis Voces [Simphonic Silence Inside Records]
SymphoCat – Cantum De Victoria [Simphonic Silence Inside Records]
SymphoCat – Domini Sacramentum [Simphonic Silence Inside Records]
SymphoCat – New Age [Simphonic Silence Inside Records]
SymphoCat – Supersubstantialem [Simphonic Silence Inside Records]
Synkro & Dyl – Empty Faces [re st]
Synkro & Dyl – Faded [re st]
Synkro & Dyl – On the Run [re st]
Synkro & Dyl – Voices [re st]
Synthetik – Ice and Fire [Ozran Sunset]
Temisan Adoki – Bastard Maker [Record Union]
Temisan Adoki – Death by Pixellation [Record Union]
Temisan Adoki – Ded Letter [Record Union]
Temisan Adoki – Distrot Humans [Record Union]
Temisan Adoki – Msh [Record Union]
Temisan Adoki – Pir 1 Kid [Record Union]
Temisan Adoki – Rkume.Lap [Record Union]
Temisan Adoki – Sadstars13 [Record Union]
Temisan Adoki – Slum [Record Union]
Temisan Adoki – St. Ignatius Veridium Quo [Record Union]
The Second Left Hand – Endless (Obeno Remix) [iM Electronica]
The Second Left Hand – Endless, Pt. 2 (Radio Edit) [iM Electronica]
Tim Shiel & Hemm – Inside My Head [Spirit Level]
Tomos – Go [Juicebox Recordings]
Tomos – Go (Ozy Remix) [Juicebox Recordings]
Tomos – Go (Rework) [Juicebox Recordings]
Tomos – Together [Juicebox Recordings]
Tomos – Together (Rework) [Juicebox Recordings]
Tomos – Together (Z Lovecraft Acid Instrumental Remix) [Juicebox Recordings]
Unix SL – Galactic Sparks [Freshtunes]
Valdocs – Clarart [DSR LABEL]
Valdocs – Duce [DSR LABEL]
Vanilla Wall – A Glitch in Time [Freshtunes]
Vanilla Wall – Dark Space Symphony [Freshtunes]
Vanilla Wall – Final Perception [Freshtunes]
Vanilla Wall – Moments of Duality [Freshtunes]
Vanilla Wall – Whitest Black Hole [Freshtunes]
Von Gauss – Special Mornings [Stereoheaven]
Wermuth – Semblance of Life [Stereoheaven]
white sun music – Macrocosm [Multiza Distribution]
white sun music – Stars Live Too [Multiza Distribution]
white sun music – Vacuum [Multiza Distribution]
Wohltat – Across the Pond [Stereoheaven]
Zagitar, Zac – Hühnerhaus (Ivory Replug) [Eklektisch]
Zebrabook – But Some Mornings [ZBM Recordings]
Zebrabook – Delicate [ZBM Recordings]
Zebrabook – Drift [ZBM Recordings]
Zebrabook – For Every Mode [ZBM Recordings]
Zebrabook – Lonely [ZBM Recordings]
Zebrabook – Looking Through the Glass [ZBM Recordings]
Zebrabook – Openings [ZBM Recordings]
Zebrabook – Somehow We Have to Adapt [ZBM Recordings]
Zebrabook – The Hills [ZBM Recordings]
Zebrabook – The Letter [ZBM Recordings]
Zebrabook – The Passover [ZBM Recordings]
Zebrabook – Time in the Second [ZBM Recordings]
Zebrabook – Towards the Brilliance [ZBM Recordings]