exclusive new remix House – [17-Apr-2021]

84Bit – Mamma Jamma (Original Mix)
ACAY – In Your Soul (Original Mix)
Adri Block – Get On Up (Jackin Club Mix)
Agent Stereo – Anytime
Al3ss – Save me from Myself
Alejandro Peñaloza – Chamaco (Extended Mix)
Alejandro Peñaloza – Chamaco
Alex Harrington – Burnin
Alex Harrington – Fresh
Alex Harrington – Keep Dancing
Alex Harrington – Taste It
Arkell – Self Control
Benjamin Koll – Changes (Perfected Definitive Remix)
Benjamin Koll – Do It Again (Perfected Album Mix)
Benjamin Koll, Jose Spinnin Cortes – 2 Become 1 (Perfected Twice Remix)
Benjamin Koll, Jose Spinnin Cortes – Again (Perfected Remix)
Benjamin Koll, Luis Erre, Paris Aguilar – 5 Minutos (Perfected Mixshow)
Benjamin Koll, Perfected – Higher (Remastered)
Benjamin Koll, Perfected – The Rush (Remastered)
Benjamin Koll, Perfected – U Got Me (Perfected Album Mix)
Benjamin Koll, Perfected – What You Do To Me (Perfected Album Remix)
Ben Rainey & TRP – Rolling Stone (Extended Mix)
Block & Crown – Can We Get 2Gether (Original Mix)
Block & Crown feat. Jessy Saunders – Forget Me Nots (Clubmix)
Block & Crown – Happy (Live It Up) (Original Mix)
Block & Crown & Paul Parsons – Kryptonite (Original Mix)
Block & Crown, Paul Parsons – Let You Know (Original Mix)
Boomclap – The Stranger (Soul Central Remix)
Boris Naumov – Burn Me
Boris Naumov – Welcome To the Hell
Bratoski – Let Me Come Naturally
Brodi – Need You (Extended Mix)
Brodi – Need You
Br!tch – On Beats
BS As Deep & DFRA – Jazz Baileys
BS As Deep & DFRA – Real Sequences
BS As Deep – Don’t Go
Carl Hanaghan – I Just Can’t Get Over (Original Mix)
Carlostella – Make Love (Original Mix)
Cera Alba – Silver Clouds (Extended Mix)
Chaney – Bring Me Up (feat Sian-Lee) (Extended Mix)
Chemars – Tranquil
Cler – Fat Moving (2021 Remastered)
Colorsick – Nobody (Original Mix)
Cotton Animals – Suriname (Extended Mix)
Cotton Animals – Suriname (Radio Edit)
Craig Vibes – Lovin You
Dan-E-Mc&Orlando Johnson – Bring Back The Good Times (Stone Willis Extended Mix)
Daniele Rizzo – Light of Night
Davidc – Rough
Dead Space – Too Much (Extended Mix)
De La Muerte – Our Culture (Original Mix)
Demarkus Lewis – You To Stay (Kinky Movement Remix)
DFRA – Emmanuel
Diana Miro, AVIRA – The Worship (KC Lights Extended Remix)
Diana Miro, AVIRA – The Worship (Mark Knight Extended Remix)
Diariuz – Speechless (Original Mix)
Di Chiara Brothers – Black Chan (Original Mix)
Din Jay – Feeling Love (Original Mix)
Disco Ball-‘z – Soul Of Nature
DJ Jarell – You Gotta Believe (Original Mix)
DJ Kone & Marc Palacios – Love Me Or Hate Me (Original Mix)
DJ Rasoul – Just a Funky Groove
DJ Rasoul – Psycho Funk
DJ Rasoul – Smoothed Out Funk
DJ Shorty – Up In The Club (Milk Bar Remix Extended)
Dj Wank – Acid In Wonderland
Dj Wank – Oresund
Draco, Mogsba – Deeper (Original Mix)
Elliot Fitch – Lift Me Up (Extended Mix)
Enrique Tellez, DJ Martin G & Tebache – Dale Zumba
Ferreck Dawn, GUZ (NL) – Knock Me Out (Extended Mix)
Filor – Coffin Dance
Foo Funkers, Diego Forsinetti- Give Me Love
Frankie Solano – Get On Up (Original Mix)
Garruto – Feel Free (Original mix)
Giuseppe Pisicoli – Bring Me Back (CEV’s Remix)
Giuseppe Pisicoli – Bring Me Back
Greg Gauthier – Do It (Dub)
Greg Gauthier – Do It
Greg Gauthier – Underground House Rythm
Heider – Don’t Bother (Extended Mix)
Heider & Nofex – Talkin (Extended Mix)
Hot Shit! – Not Today (Original Mix)
Housego – The Revolution
House Kapelle – Funk Phone
House of Gypsies, Todd Terry – Deep Inside (Extended Mix)
hummerhummer – Amapiano Tales
hummerhummer & DJ Nice – Uyasabela (feat. Tasiah)
hummerhummer – From Genesis To Genisys
hummerhummer – Kalamoja Tales
hummerhummer – My Immagination
hummerhummer – Ponsonby Summer Vibe
hummerhummer – Remember (feat. Benjamin Taggart & Helen Delamere)
hummerhummer – Rolling Deep (feat. simplyaba)
hummerhummer – The One Josesax On the Rocks (feat. josesax)
hummerhummer – Untouchambles (Nkizi’s Prayers)
hummerhummer – Wela (feat. simplyaba)
Husko – Love Can (feat. Lori Glori) [Extended Mix] [Be Yourself Music]
Husko – Love Can (feat. Lori Glori)
Inshore – And Ending Is a Beginning
Inshore – Inner Expression
Jack Rush – Rebel (None)
James Silk – On My Mind (Extended Mix)
JARV IS… – Swanky Modes (feat. Jarvis Cocker) [Dennis Bovell DubMix] [Rough Trade UK]
JARV IS… – Swanky Modes (feat. Jarvis Cocker) [Dennis Bovell Mix] [Rough Trade UK]
JARV IS… – Swanky Modes (feat. Jarvis Cocker)
Jav Teran – Dance (feat. Budda Khan)
JedX – Bright New Disco
Jerome Sydenham, Katsuya Sano, Fatima Njai – Blackjack In The Dollhouse (Original Mix)
Jozef Conor – Futuristic Sound
KAYYA – In Love (Original Mix)
Kennedy, The Stoned – I Wanna Love You (Original Mix)
Kinetic Minds – Complicated (Extended Mix)
Kmrn – Gang Night
Koala T – I Can Take You Down (Original Mix)
Kobes – Costa Rica (Extended Mix)
Kobes – Costa Rica (Radio Edit)
Lamont Johnson – Back To the Club
Lily McKenzie, Jess Bays – Back & Forth (feat. Lily McKenzie) (Extended Mix)
Louie Gomez – Stronger Together (Drum Dub)
Louie Gomez – Stronger Together (feat. marisa lopez)
Louie Gomez – Stronger Together (Jesse Rivera Remix)
Louie Gomez – Stronger Together (Melo Blanco Remix)
Lu Candotta – Into My Soul (Radio Edit)
Luke Warmwater – And It’s Wonderful
M-22, Rhea Melvin – Gravity (Extended Mix)
Mai Mai, Carly Wilford – Together for the Love (Extended Mix)
Makito – Groove On (Original Mix)
Mamo – Nobody
Manu Loops – My Life
Martin van Lectro, Victor Perry & Patrick Metzker – Supernova
Matonii – I’m So Over You (Extended Mix)
Mauritius Moenia – Ficcarsi (feat. Mikbale)
Mauritius Moenia – Universo (feat. Mikbale)
Mell Bess – Open Up (Original Mix)
Mellow Man – U R so Good to 2 Me (Mellow Man’s Goodie Mix)
Mellow Man – U R so Good to 2 Me (Mellow Man’s Stompin Mix)
Mellow Man – U R so Good to 2 Me (Mousse T’s Dirty Beat)
Mellow Man – U R so Good to 2 Me
Michael Calfan – Phase Me feat. Richard Judge (Extended)
Michael Calfan&Richard Judge – Phase Me
Mirko & Meex – Believe Yah Future (Extended Instrumental)
Mirko & Meex – Believe Yah Future (Extended Mix)
Monkey Safari, DJ Island – Sometimes (Original Mix)
Monsieur Puke – Don’t Be A Freak (Original Mix)
Mosca – K Kalvin (K21 Extended Version)
Mr Luke – Be Ready
Mr Luke – You
Narda – Impatient (Edit)
Narda – Impatient (Extended)
Narda – Ready to Go (Edit)
Narda – Ready to Go (Extended)
Nathan Hath – Like This
Nicholas Adams & Tade – Whoo
No_4mat – Game Shark
No_4mat – Manilla
No_4mat – Reality Release
No_4mat – Tres X
Nowakowski & Faraon – Goodbye
ODASOUL – Voices
On Point – Shine on You
Pak Jones – Tiempo (Club Mix)
Pak Jones – Tiempo (Instrumental Mix)
Patrick Legont – She Got (Club Mix)
Paul Johnson – You Drive Me Crazy Feat. Zoe Thorn (Extended Mix)
Paul Orwin – Hold Me (Extended Mix)
Paul Parsons, Adri Blok – When You’re Number 1 (Original Mix)
Pierini – Akenaton
Pierini – Atlas
Pierini – A Vontade D
Pierini – A Voz do Homem Sábio
Pierini – Em Busca da Pedra Cúbica
Pierini – Lunar
Pierini – Maria da Fé
Pierini – O Movimento da Terra
Pierini – O Último Dia Atlante
Pierini – Por Trás de um Coração
Pierre Leroux – Italian Holidays
Robbie Rivera – Filter (Extended mix)
Rubber People – Bass poppin (Extended)
Salvatore Vitrano – Reachin (Main Mix)
Sam Girling – Burning Up (Club Mix)
Sander Van Doorn – What You Want (Extended Mix)
Serge Reba – Money
Serge Reba – Panic
Serge Reba – Star
Serge Reba – Super
Shstr – AVENUE [DjMietas]
Sllash & Doppe – Off My Mind (Extended Mix)
Sllash x DOPPE – Off My Mind (Extended Mix)
Space Motion, Frank’o Moiraghi, Kevin McKay – Feel My Body (Extended Mix)
Strawberry Girl – Hard Rains
Syzygy – Little Pieces of Love
Syzygy – Luminous (4AM Mix)
The Stoned – Night Over Chicago
Todd Terry, Dred Stock – Dred Head (Extended Mix)
Tom Bug, Ida Flo – Do I Know You (Tom Bug Dub)
Tom Enzy, Dwight Steven – I Can Be Your Lover (Extended Mix)
Tony Fuel, Andrea Brown – Let’s Rise (Dirty Secretz Remix)
Tony Fuel, Andrea Brown – Let’s Rise (Vocal Dub)
Tony Future – Givin It All I Got (Anthony Melodic Remix)
Trimtone – All Be Free (Main Mix)
Trimtone – All Be Free (Vocal Dub Mix)
VERGO & ilromantico – Altrove
Vero – Love in Stereo
Vero – We Synthesize
Vincent Caira – You Don’t Love Me (Edit)
Vincent Caira – You Don’t Love Me
warner case – sing me a song (Original Mix)
Wayne Madiedo – Super Fly (Extended Mix)
Wza – I Can’t Let You Do This
Yogi P – All My Life (Close to Custom Remix)
Yogi P – All My Life
Zac Field – No Drama (Extended Mix)