exclusive new remix Tech House – [17-Apr-2021]

21 ROOM – Root (Format Groove Remix)
Albuquerque, Foletto – Oathkeeper (Original Mix)
Albuquerque, Foletto – Superman (Dub Mix)
Albuquerque, Foletto – Superman (Original Mix)
Alex Barclay – Neon Delight
Amnesya – Your Love Is Mine (Original Version)
Amnesya – Your Love Is Mine (Radio Edit)
Amnesya – Your Love Is Mine (Remix)
Anthony Attalla – 112 (Original Mix)
Austin Hennessey, House Divided – Focus (Original Mix)
Blimey O’Reilly – Point Proven (Original Mix)
Bluford Duck – Too Much Conversation
Bruno Furlan – Blubokz (Original Mix)
Bruno Furlan, Ciszak – Arriba (Original Mix)
Bruno Furlan – Shake It (Original Mix)
Carlo Riviera – Drivin (The W Squad Mix)
Carter (AUS) – Listening (Original Mix)
Charlie’s Uncle – What’s On My Mind (Fear & Loathing Remix)
Chibba – Dope Beat
Chibba – If Everything
CJahVoid – This Or That
CJ Martinez – Subterraneo
Clay J – Blow (Original Mix)
Clay J – Broad (Original Mix)
Coconut – Wawa (Original Mix)
De La Muerte – Our Culture (M6 UK Remix)
Dennis Beutler, Vom Feisten, ROKKY – Trouble Is Gone (Extended Mix)
Depth Phunk – Ol’ Dirty
Detlef & Cloonee – Scratchin
Detlef, Cloonee – Scratchin
Di Chiara Brothers – Black Chan
Di Chiara Brothers – Glitchex
Diego Mendez – Just Be (Bryce Larkin Remix)
Diego Mendez – Just Be
Diskull – All Night Long (Original Mix)
Disolart – Dembow (Original Mix)
Disquetar – Sense
DJ John Garcia – House Music
DJ KNK – Bright Eyes (Original Mix)
DJ Markyyy – Charlie Ma Man
DJ Markyyy – Stop Right There
DJ PIZZINI – Check This Groove
DJ PIZZINI – Check This Groove (M.Rox Remix)
DJ T.D.MAX – Lorellala
Duodisco – Strange (Extended Mix)
Dura – Bambino
Erectus Void – Cafe Surreal (Tribal Tech Space House)
Evil Solo – The Madness
Fantom Freq, FOOTWURK – Prize (Original Mix)
Fast Eddie, M.A.S.C – Rise Up (Extended Mix)
Fellipe Beckman – Doing (Original Mix)
Francesco Dinoia – Mad (Original Version)
Francesco Dinoia – Number One (Original Mix)
Frivolous Jackson – How U Do It (Original Mix)
Gerard FM – Goin’ Crazy (Original Mix)
G-Groove – El Diablo
GLF – Save Me (Alex Patane’ Remix)
Hassio (COL) – Pavo (Original Mix)
Heizer Aus – Want It
Homo-Lumos – The Soul Tech
Hot Since 82 – Evolve or Die (Original Mix)
Hutchtastic – Juicy
Hutchtastic – Wiggle Jiggle
Insert Coin – Reach
Ironic Project – Acid
Ironic Project – Brunt
Ironic Project – Shout
ITS BLEY – Gotta Leave
Jack Rush – Rebel (None)
Jake Smye – Don’t Walk Away (Extended Mix)
Jake Smye – Don’t Walk Away
James Knight & William Wisternoff – Rainbows
Javi Colina & quoxx – Super Glue
Jeff Service – Here’s Your Chance
Jesse Bravo – Groovin (Original Mix)
Joey Daye – Everything You Need (Extended Mix)
John Azoulay – Atlantic Waves
John Gucci – Circus (Joe Maleda Remix)
Joyce (ARG) – Another Kiss (Extended Mix)
Joyce (ARG) – Bahamas Soul (Extended Mix)
Joyce (ARG) – I Need It All (Extended Mix)
Katoff – Tap!
Kid Pergola – Rainy Days
Koato – Attractive World
Kris Dust – Pink Darkness
Lenny Kiser, VNSSA – Sinking (Original Mix)
Leon Blaq – Politiking
Leon Blaq – Politiking (Touch Circle Remix)
Leon Blaq – Politiking (Upper Regions Remix)
Lessum – Movement On
lotus land pilot – Autono
lotus land pilot – Utanda
lotus land pilot – Vuize
Loudbeatz – TwistShake (Original Mix)
ManuLele & Elle_D – Corn Flakes
Manu Marrero – Bella Ciao (Original Mix)
Marcelo Fiorela, Felipe Fella – Self Destruct (Original Mix)
Mark Smedley – Audio Love
MARKUZ – Perseus (Extended Mix)
MARKUZ – Perseus
Mason Collective – Manny Yutes (Extended Mix)
Mason Collective – The Light Is Changing (Extended Mix)
Massi Rocket – You Don’t Need (Club Mix)
Mati Sonntag (CL) – Get That Beat (Original Mix)
Mat.Theo – Shake The Bamba (Original Mix)
Matthias Tanzmann – Juniper (Original Mix)
Miguel Bastida – Xaxaxa
Mitch Dodge – Keep Doin (Cascandy Remix)
Mitch Dodge – Keep Doin (Original Mix)
Mitch Dodge – Tell Me (Original Mix)
Montel – Burnin (Original Mix)
NASH. – Down (Original Mix)
Nate Laurence – Lick A Shot
Nate Laurence – Lick A Shot (Nate’s Techbomber Remix)
Nate Laurence – Lick A Shot (T Mixwell’s Poppin It Remix)
Neverdogs – Concreteness
Neverdogs – Just Out
Neverdogs – Reality
Neverdogs – Synergie
Nick Silva – Why (Original Mix)
Nutty – Baby (Original Mix)
Our Anthem & Lowee – Never Go Back (Extended Mix)
Our Anthem & Lowee – Never Go Back (Radio Edit)
Pablo Mancilla – Lokita (Original Mix)
Parasol Stars – Fresh (Bryce Larkin Remix)
Parasol Stars – Roll in (Extended Mix)
Paul Johnson – You Drive Me Crazy Feat. Zoe Thorn (Supernova Extended Remix)
Paul Parsons – Crowd Pleaser (Club Mix)
Pedro Mirano – TechBe (Extended Mix)
PS1, PBH & Jack – Coffee & A Coke feat Hannah Boleyn (PS1 Extended VIP)
Q.Green – Classic House (Oziriz Remix)
Rapa – Random Weather (Original Mix)
Recur – Star Afresh
Rettake – Get In (Original Mix)
Richi Risco – Fame
Richi Risco – Warehouse Rules
Rico Star – Ajau
Rikko – Money is Freak
Rizzla, Zheno – Rabbit Hole (Original Mix)
Rogerio Vegas – Sao Paulo
Romaan – Jam (Original Mix)
Romaan – No More (Original Mix)
Rousing House – Dance Dance (21 ROOM Extended Remix)
Roxe – Catch My Breath (Extended Mix)
Roxe – Only Us (Extended Mix)
Ruben Verone, Fabrizio Placidi – I’m On Service (Original Mix)
Ruben Verone, Fabrizio Placidi – You Know That (Original Mix)
S1X – Pressure (Extended Mix)
Sammy Morris, Hassio (COL) – Pleasse (Original Mix)
SCHUENCK, Carol Fávero – Gimme That (Extended Mix)
Seb Zen – Ya Body
Sergii Petrenko – Tropical Breeze (Big Bunny Remix)
Seumas Norv – Make You Happy (Extended Mix)
Sexgadget – Smell Your Fear
Shakerdancer – Chaince
Shakerdancer – Soger
Shakerdancer – Tisem
Shapeshftr – Your Girl (Original Mix)
Shdws (US), Avacar – Kontrol (Original Mix)
Simone Bica – Vibrating
Stanny Abram – Estrella (Original Mix)
Stanny Abram – Forever (Original Mix)
Stanny Abram – Hard Feelings
Stanny Abram – My Number (Original Mix)
Stanny Abram – Rock the Bells (Original Mix)
Stefan V – Fiyah (Original Mix)
Techno Mama – Melodious Underground (Oziriz Remix)
The Cap Boy – Fresh (Original Mix)
TonyG – Oh Baby!
TonyG – Tora Tora
Tookroom – Sound 51 (Sergii Petrenko Remix)
Trunkar – Moon
Txuils0n & Wallace IBZ – Do-Ha (Gala Gutierrez Remix)
Txuils0n & Wallace IBZ – Do-Ha
Tyler Coey, Nick Bennett, SamSilva – Get Away (Extended Mix)
Tyler Coey, Nick Bennett, SamSilva – Some Day (Extended Mix)
Vanilla Ace, AYAREZ – The People (Original Mix)
VITO (UK) – Deep Inside (Original Mix)
Warren Blake – Run This City (Original Mix)
Wayne Madiedo – You’re The Perfect One (Extended Mix)
Wildfire, Sophiegrophy – Live the Dream (Rosie Kate Club Mix)
Xenso – One shock (Jey Di Remix)
Xenso – One Shock
Yell Of Bee & Oxyenen – Drunk Robots Sub (Ozirz & Dura Remix)
Yin Yang Bangers – Back & Forth
Yin Yang Bangers – Yueffoh
YRM – Space (Original Mix)
Yungness & Jaminn – Got This
Yungness & Jaminn – Help
Yungness & Jaminn – Your House
Yurie – Mind Made Up (Alejandro Penaloza Remix)
Yurie – Mind Made Up (Kid Massive Remix)