Fidget House, Bass House best dj mp3 new – [03-May-2021]

4handz – Hustle [Mustache Crew Records]
ALRT – Let Me Know [Bass House Music]
ALRT – Let Me Know (Extended Mix) [Bass House Music]
Cymn Feat. Libby Dietrix – Tonight
Digital Koala & Essitilo – Kg
DOCKER – Bugatti Ridin [HUSBEKDEM Records]
Dom Scanlon & Chris Gresswell – Foolin (Original Mix)
Fahjah – B-Side [Brooklyn Fire]
F.D.C. – Full Tilt (Original Mix)
FIGHT CLVB & Ravek – Drop One [Skink]
Freaky DJ’s & Dimitri Serrano – Be Afraid [IN CONTROL RECORDINGS]
Geral Gt – Xo (Original Mix)
Green Ketchup – Humanoids [LXXIV Records]
Green Ketchup – Tempnation [LXXIV Records]
Hawk, Vitor Bueno & Jesus Luz – Habla Compadre [FEATURE]
Honü – Angry Dolphins (Original Mix)
Honü & Diplomatt – Hide From The Reef (Original Mix)
Honü – Donna (Original Mix)
ill.45 & Xander Rose – Burnout [40oz Cult]
Insignificant Others – Get Dirtee [Other Half Records]
Insignificant Others – Got Me Thinking [Other Half Records]
Insignificant Others – Let Me Hear the Kick Go [Other Half Records]
Insignificant Others – Whatcha Gonna Do! [Other Half Records]
Jaden Smith – Icon (Crankdat Remix) [Felipe Vega Flip]
Jg Feat. Twiister – Greaze (Original Mix)
Kadoz & Taproz – Push It (Extended Mix)
Kyle George – Error
L!Nk – Money
MelyJones, Darren & Cashwell & Revealed Recordings – Fresh (Extended Mix) [Revealed Radar]
MelyJones, Darren & Cashwell & Revealed Recordings – Fresh [Revealed Radar]
Nasti & Clarks & Hardropers – Myf (Original Mix)
Nick Raff & Mixmash Deep – Cut the Line [Mixmash Deep]
Pickle – Journey (Original Mix) Clean 7A 126
Pickle – Journey (Original Mix) Clean JD Live Cut 7A 126
Pkay & Cstrd – Make It Work (Extended Mix)
Repiet & Eloy Hoose – Silver & Gold (Extended Mix)
Shooter Mcgavin – Wollop (Original Mix)
Sophiegrophy – Cringe [Onelove]
Sophiegrophy – You’re the Boss [Onelove]
Violet Delta – Ibaraki (Original Mix)
Volac, MKJAY & Daft Hill – Candy Shop [Mix Feed Agency]
Weerd Akcent & Stefan Nixdorf – Glitch (Extended Mix)
WHSK – Like That [Sensoria Sounds]
Yo Johnny – Like That (feat. Nylon) [Sensoria Sounds]
Deja – Give It to Me (feat. Sydney Jane) [Garage Shared]
Dubzta – I Don’t Believe You [Tormented Audio]
Green Deep – It’s Alright [Garage Shared]
Howden – Obsession [Garage Shared]
Juiceman – Brother Man [Trouble Makers]
Lewis Taylor – Temperature [Garage Shared]
Mr Virgo – Forgiven [BIG BASS Records]
Patrick Kane – 4 Shots [Four40 Records]
SoulState – I Wanna [Garage Shared]
Trouble Makers – Body Move [Trouble Makers]
Viggo Dyst – Everything Else Is Secondary (Baltra Remix) [Shall Not Fade]
Zero – Behind the Scenes (feat. Jess Spink) [Crucast]
Zero – Reeces Pieces [Crucast]