Fidget House, Bass House exclusive new remix download – [17-Apr-2021]

4handz – Obsession
Adam Delight – Turn Up (Extended Mix)
Ankker & Caspermvsic – Gravity (Extended Mix)
Anomon – The Breakdown (Extended Mix)
Brohug – Chocolate (Original Mix)
Bugatti Music – Rave (Extended Mix)
Codes & CLB feat. Shoshannah – Need Your Love (Original Mix)
Corx & hackeDJackerz – Break The Game Down (Extended Mix)
David Velas – Vicious
DENRO – Beatdrop (Extended Mix)
Digital Koala – Termite (Original Mix)
Ditsuo & Thugz Life – Boss
Dj Feelp – Shake That
DJ Q & Robbie Rue – Zip Zap (AC Slater Remix)
DNF – What You Talkin’ About (Extended Mix)
DNL! – Spicy (Original Mix)
Droopping – Shake (Extended Mix)
Droopping – Solow (Original Mix)
D-Tek – MTFK (Original Mix)
Edson Faiolli & MARIØ HENX – Silent and Grey
EightBlue – Bounce Back
Event Horizon – PTSD (Original Mix)
Exile Di Brave – Blackheart Man (Original Mix)
Exile Di Brave – Rolling Calf (Original Mix)
Farma Factory – Never Stop (Original Mix)
Farma Factory – Offensive (Original Mix)
Gabzy, Carola – What They Want (Extended Mix)
Gavsborg – Bees Love Ackee More Than Dogs (Original Mix)
Ghost 69 – Devil Beat
Ghost 69 – Down & Up
Gosha Flint – Fake Club (Original Mix)
Heviicide – Take You Higher
Illegal Hornet – Effluent (Original Mix)
illusionize, 2STRANGE – Vennon (Original Mix)
IndiAlman – Chillies
Jaxx Da Fishworks & Dread MC – Faded (Original Mix)
Joey Antonelli & Mekki Martin – BLOW (Extended Mix)
Justy – Control
Kahsh – Bring Back (Extended Mix)
Kelvin Balsan – Rise Up
Khrebto – Coming Home (Extended Mix)
Kurtis Maverick – Bass Knob (Original Mix)
LO’99 & Tough Love – Woo Dat
Lowcult & Kring – Lady (Extended Mix)
Low Disco & Lowez – Make You (Extended Mix) [Daros]
Low Disco & Lowez – Make You
Macky Gee – Aftershock (Patrick Junior Bootleg)
MADDOW – Free Your Mind (Extended Mix)
Marshmello – Alone (Damzy Bootleg)
Monxx & Bassboy – Gas Tank (VIP)
Mr. Sid & Robin Aristo & March Forward – Like It (Extended Mix)
MTZ Music – Baby Coke (Extended Mix)
NuBass – ’09 Gang (Original Mix)
One Day One Coke & Ave – Unique
Papps – Got Me Like (Original Mix)
Papps, Sam Regalo – Panic (Original Mix)
PSYRUS – Blind (SayMaxWell Remix)
Punctual & Nabiha – The Step (Zero Remix)
Reese – Ambush
Reese – High
Reese – Let You Down
Reese – Want Me Too
RWB – Optical (Original Mix)
Sample Junkie – Let Go
Samstone – Euphoria VIP
Samstone feat. Weronika – I Got You
Satiik – Oh Shit (Extended Mix)
Sikdope – Show Me Love (Original Mix)
SKYFEX – F.U.C.K. (Extended Mix)
Slamtype – OK (Extended Mix)
Sokotta – Shift Change (Extended Mix) [Daros]
Sophie Francis – I Push My Body (Extended Mix)
Spence – Hybrid
Tazky – Tht
Time Cow – Circumcised Airplanes (Original Mix)
Time Cow – Monster Lobster (Original Mix)
Timothy Allen – Everybody Goes (Extended Mix)
Tom Bull – Wicked VIP
Tommie Sunshine & DJ ZRECK – Warehouse Rave (Original Mix)
Touch The Mind – Old Boy (Extended Mix)
UKnew – Paranoid [Daros]
Undercue & Edu Trevizan – Like That (Extended Mix)
Will Rise – 6 A.M (Extended Mix)
About 2 – Evies Dream (Original Mix)
Barry Duffy & Juvenyl – Big Shot
Bru-C, Bad Boy Chiller Crew – Hideout (Original Mix)
DMIZE – Love Shy (Original Mix)
Interplanetary Criminal – In My Arms (Original Mix)
Interplanetary Criminal – Let Loose (Original Mix)
Interplanetary Criminal – Momofuku (Original Mix)
Interplanetary Criminal – Opulence (Original Mix)
MJ Cole – Maestro