Fidget House, Bass House Playlist – [02-Jun-2021]

Baadwrk – Beerfinity (Original Mix)
Baadwrk – Beerfusion (Original Mix)
Baadwrk – Beerlando (Original Mix)
Baadwrk – Beerparade (Original Mix)
Broady & VanMahner – Bring The Funk (Original Mix)
COFFIN – Rottweiler [Third Eye Collective]
Costel Van Dein – Twisted (Original Mix)
Costel Van Dein – Warning (Extended Mix)
Diego Miranda & Zov – Room 69 [Smash The House Official]
Fabian Hernandez Dfh – Whistle Song [LUNI Records]
Freaky DJs & Mier – Rock the House [Ghetto]
Ivan Lake – PRADA (Extended Mix) [Lowdown Recordings]
Ivan Lake – Prada [Lowdown Recordings]
Krooner – Live It Up (Original Mix)
Meldom – Love Me [SLYCKR RCRDS]
Mou5zyzz – Target (Original Mix)
MushDJ.official – Litty Gun [G-Mafia Records]
Obtteck – Kick Drum (Original Mix)
Ra5tik – Innocent (Extended Mix)
Ravekings & Mexican Boyz – Crazy Fiesta (Extended Mix)
Rawkng – Purple World [Devil Den Records]
Ropas – Rhythm (Extended Mix)
Roska ft. Nakamura Minami – Pree Me (Chris Lorenzo Remix)
Sekt 87 – Medieval Skank (Original Mix)
SILK – Balia [The Archives]
SILK – Can’t Stop [The Archives]
SILK – Police [The Archives]
Source Code – Innate [TALENT HYPE RECORDS]
Source Code – Message [TALENT HYPE RECORDS]
Steve Walls – Gonna Get High (Extended Mix)
SYN23 – C’Mon [FUTURETRXX (Plasmapool)]
SYN23 – C’Mon (Original Mix)
Twoloud & Lion feat. Aylin – You Got It Boy (Cosmo & Skoro Extended Remix)
Wonga – Rollin [Ghetto]
ZDX – Bound (Frents Remix)
Badger – Pure [1Forty]
BLK JCK – Get to Me (Everyday) [Four40 Records]
Burt Cope – Cellar [1Forty]
Gemcamp – No Feelings [Gemcamp]
Gemcamp – Proof [Gemcamp]
J69 & Breeza – Bap Bap [1Forty]
Mind Artifice – Dreams. (PUNYASO Remix) [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Mind Artifice – Dreams. [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Mind Artifice – Flwrs. [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Mind Artifice & HEAVNLY – Gray [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Mind Artifice – MindRyde [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Mind Artifice – Minor Sun [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Mind Artifice – Seven 3 [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Mind Artifice – Triumphant [SPACE PIZZA Records]
Palizé & Killa P – Duppy Them [1Forty]
Smokey ‘Bubblin’ B – Never Felt [GS Dubs]
Weagle – Lucky [Southpoint]
Weagle – Stormin [Southpoint]
Xelavate – My All In (feat. Masta T) [Last Man Music]