Fidget House, Bass House playlist new mp3 – [01-May-2021]

Alex Zapata – Roll (Extended Mix)
Alrt – Let Me Know (Extended Mix)
Andrea Crocicchia – Feel Something (Extended Mix)
Andrea Lombardi – We Gonna Party (Extended Mix)
Badjokes – The Pain (Extended Mix)
Badjokes – The Pain
Basura Boyz – Mandem (Original Mix)
Broh – The Man (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Brokn – Control (Original Mix)
Calv & Corx – Home (Extended Mix)
Chuck Shadow & Dread Mc – Head Banger (Original Mix)
Cityzen – That Pill (Extended Version)
Cloudrider – Drop Bombs (Extended Mix)
CRSD UP – High’s N’ Low’s [G-Mafia Records]
Damon Rush – Speakeasy (Bass Mix) [FUTURETRXX (Plasmapool)]
Dario Rodriguez & Point Blvnk – Hyphy (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Dj Man – Dimension (Original Mix)
Dj Nacito – Uthwa (Original Mix)
Dnl! – Revenge
F3rry & Jenee Hanako – Underground (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Fahjah – B-Side (Original Mix)
Fight Clvb & Ravek – Drop One
Fish Scale Feat. Neverwaves – Unholy (Extended Mix)
Green Ketchup – Humanoids (Original Mix)
Green Ketchup – Tempnation (Original Mix)
Hazel – Go Crazy (Original Mix)
Heat Ledger – Act Like That [Electric Love Records]
Heat Ledger – Losing My Mind [Electric Love Records]
Hedclem – Rock It (Original Mix)
jORA – Macronom (Instrumental Mix) [RH2]
Just Jack – The Way [RH2]
Kohmi & KinAhau – Blink (Clean Extended)
Kohmi & KinAhau – Blink (Clean Short Edit)
Kohmi & KinAhau – Blink (Instrumental)
KREG – Blocks [Ensis Records]
Kuper – Day & Night (Original Mix)
Left Ear Right – Delicious (Extended Mix)
Loud.Drop – Real [FUTURETRXX (Plasmapool)]
Luis Rodríguez & Vursov – You Don’t Know (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Luke Miller – Do This (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Lumberjack & 2 Thunders – The Dark (Extended Mix)
Markis – Stoppin’ My Mind (Extended Mix)
Martin Oakson – It’s Like That (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Mazara – Level Up (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Melyjones & Darren & Cashwell – Fresh (Extended Mix)
Mephi & Zahia – Need U
Merger – Miss Molly (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Mph – Control
NALYRO – Feel Me [RH2]
No-One & Aurelios – Phantoms & Whispers (Extended Mix)
NØTAMUSED – Don’t Stop (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Nøtamused – Go On (Extended Mix)
Okami – Kyoto (Extended Mix)
Ootoro – Just Like (Original Mix)
Papps – Catfish
Papps – Dancing
P A R T I K L – Rhythms (Original Mix)
P A R T I K L – Say What You Want (Original Mix)
Pesnya – Dogs (Original Mix)
Proxy – I Came To Rave
R3tzho – Gas [Filthy Sounds]
Raving In Secret – Stress (Original Mix)
Sam Collins & Salkin – We Can All Dance (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Sasha Steel – Velvet (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Sidney Samson X Bowman & Bleam Feat. Marboo – Hurricane (Extended Mix)
Simon Fava – What It Is About (Code3000 Intro Remix) [RH2]
Square Perception – Stamina (Original Mix)
Tambour Battant – Backward (Yyvng Remix)
Tanaka (BR) – Drop It (Radio – Edit) [Mustache Crew Records]
Victor Nillo – Back Is Long [RH2]
Volac, Mkjay & Daft Hill – Candy Shop (Extended Mix)
Volac, Mkjay & Daft Hill – Candy Shop
Yozhi – Wish You Were (Original Mix)
Zero – Behind The Scenes (Feat. Jess Spink)
Zero – Reeces Pieces
Anonimo – Correct [Oh Oui – Production]
Fake Bricks – Guilty [Trench Bass Music Records]
Old Bass System – Back on Plastiq (Original) [L2L Music]
Old Bass System – Back on Plastiq (Remix) [L2L Music]
Old Bass System – Human Beings (Original) [L2L Music]