Hans Zimmer – Hans Zimmer_ A Selection (2021) Mp3 – [26-Apr-2021]

01. Progeny (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
02. The Wheat (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
03. The Battle (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
04. Earth (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
05. Sorrow (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
06. To Zuccabar (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
07. Patricide (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
08. The Emperor Is Dead (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
09. The Might Of Rome (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
10. Strength And Honor (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
11. Reunion (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
12. Slaves To Rome (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
13. Barbarian Horde (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
14. Am I Not Merciful_ (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
15. Elysium (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
16. Honor Him (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
17. Now We Are Free (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
18. Duduk Of The North (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
19. Now We Are Free (Juba’s Mix _ From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
20. The Protector Of Rome (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
21. Homecoming (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
22. The General Who Became A Slave (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
23. The Slave Who Became A Gladiator (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
24. Secrets (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
25. Rome Is The Light (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
26. All That Remains (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
27. Maximus (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
28. Marrakesh Marketplace (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
29. The Gladiator Waltz (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
30. Figurines (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
31. The Mob (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
32. Busy Little Bee (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
33. Death Smiles At All Of Us (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
34. Not Yet (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
35. Now We Are Free (Maximus Mix _ From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
36. Dies Mercurii I Martius (From The Da Vinci Code Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
37. L’Esprit Des Gabriel
38. The Paschal Spiral
39. Fructus Gravis
40. Ad Arcana
41. Malleus Maleficarum
42. Salvete Virgines
43. Daniel’s 9th Cipher
44. Poisoned Chalice
45. The Citrine Cross
46. Rose Of Arimathea
47. Beneath Alrischa
48. Chevaliers De Sangreal (From The Da Vinci Code Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
49. Kyrie For The Magdalene
50. Hunger
51. Barra Barra
52. Vale Of Plenty
53. Chant
54. Still
55. Mogadishu Blues
56. Synchrotone (From _Black Hawk Down_ Soundtrack)
57. Bakara
58. Of The Earth
59. Ashes To Ashes
60. Gortoz A Ran
61. Tribal War (From _Black Hawk Down_ Soundtrack)
62. Leave No Man Behind
63. Minstrel Boy (Film Verson)
64. Still Reprise (From _Black Hawk Down_ Soundtrack)
65. The Well
66. Before You Die You See The Ring
67. This Is Going To Hurt
68. Burning Tree
69. Not Your Mommy
70. Shelter Mountain
71. The Ferry
72. I’ll Follow Your Voice
73. She Never Sleeps
74. Let The Dead Get In
75. Seven Days
76. Television