Hard Techno most popular – [23-Oct-2021]

Acid Vesuvio – 1926 [Acid Vesuvio]
Adrian Pitscher – Black Hole [Naughty Pills Records]
Afflicted – 2 The Rhythm [Naughty Pills Records]
Again – Viendo la Luz [Nothing But]
Amuck – Society [Nothing But]
Atze Ton – 4U [Dolma Records]
Atze Ton – Pump up the Volumen [Dolma Records]
Bad Morning – About US [Redski_n]
Bad Morning – Not Prepared [Redski_n]
Bastos – Nudité Extrapolée [Nothing But]
Benn-x – The Beat [Nothing But]
Berzärk – My Fire [Nothing But]
Bulbo – Lost [Naughty Pills Records]
Chemical Dumpster – Baal [Spin Underground Records]
Chemical Dumpster – Forgotten [Spin Underground Records]
Chemical Dumpster – Knee Deep [Spin Underground Records]
Chemical Dumpster – Repent Me [Spin Underground Records]
Chok Dee & Spirit Core – Attack [FOOTWORXX]
Chok Dee & Spirit Core – Saturated [FOOTWORXX]
Clara Cibera – Against a Monster Again [Spin Underground Records]
Clara Cibera – The Bell Is Calling [Spin Underground Records]
CODED – Old Times [TFT Records]
CODED – Only Destruction [TFT Records]
Darpa, Asparuh, Grozdanoff, V-touch & Sandre – Wasted [Wicked Waves Recordings]
D.A.V.E. The Drummer – Witches Orifice [Nothing But]
DeckeR – My Way [Naughty Pills Records]
DelphoSound – Desire [Naughty Pills Records]
Devil Maurini – Magazine [Newra Records]
Devil Maurini – Pam Pam Pam [Newra Records]
Devil Maurini – People Killed [Newra Records]
Dj Q(pope of techno) – Abyss [Hot Peppers Raw]
Dj Q(pope of techno) – Neuron [Hot Peppers Raw]
Dj Q(pope of techno) – Omega [Hot Peppers Raw]
DonTToxique – On the Wrong Road [Teja]
Dragon Hoang – Kalm te Blijven [Dragon Hoang Recordings]
Drumsquasher – Alpha Centauri [Capital Techno Recordings]
Drumsquasher – Chances [Capital Techno Recordings]
Drumsquasher – Drumsquasher [Capital Techno Recordings]
Drumsquasher – Tram Polin [Capital Techno Recordings]
Emblem – High Impact [Dolma Records]
Emiliano Cassano – Stereo Rules [Get Naked]
Emiliano Cassano – Stereo Rules (Raw Vandalz Remix) [Get Naked]
Flo Monghy & RUSRUS – Frontier [Naughty Pills Records]
Fractal Disorder – Fractal Once Again [Naughty Pills Records]
Frederick Richtberg – On the Wrong Road (Remix) [Teja]
Gabrielbpmusic – All That Is Fear [Vital Recording]
Gabrielbpmusic – Fear and Submission [Vital Recording]
Gabriel Wnz – System Error [Wicked Waves Recordings]
George Libe – Code [Dolma Records]
Gladyshev – Ferrous Chains (Nexo Remix) [Wicked Waves Recordings]
Haze – C – Thrust [Dolma Records]
Hollen – Raw Rave On [Dolma Records]
Isgang – Chucrut [Nothing But]
Jacks Menec – Power Plant (Mr Wox Acid Mix) [ORKS]
Jacks Menec – Power Plant (Mr Wox Acid Mix) [ORKS]
Jacks Menec – Power Plant [ORKS]
Jacks Menec – Power Plant [ORKS]
JonJo Drake & The Enveloper – Open the Gates to Hell [Nothing But]
Kevin Kress – Stranger Determination [Klangrecords]
Kevin Kress – Stranger Determination (Teilzeitegoist Remix) [Klangrecords]
Kevin Kress – Stranger Determination (Tim Wermacht Remix) [Klangrecords]
Kevin Kress – Stranger Determination (Volker Putt Remix) [Klangrecords]
Kill Your Idols & NØUS – All For Sins [Coalition]
Kill Your Idols & NØUS – All For Sins (Lowel Remix) [Coalition]
Kill Your Idols & NØUS – Heroin For Nuns [Coalition]
Kill Your Idols & NØUS – Heroin For Nuns (Hoymans Remix) [Coalition]
Küetzal – Equilibrium [Gomboc Records]
Küetzal – Noodles Raving On My Roof [Gomboc Records]
Küetzal – Noodles Raving On My Roof (Lag Remix) [Gomboc Records]
Küetzal – Phoenix [Gomboc Records]
Lopez DJ & Steyber – Q-Holes [Dolma Records]
Lost In Europe – Corruption of the Mind [Nothing But]
MarAxe – Enforcer [Nothing But]
Mark Rey – Zu Asche Zu Staub [Nothing But]
MASINO – I Got U [Nothing But]
Mauro Somm – Hyper Shift [Dolma Records]
Mielafon & Radiorobotek – Distance [Naughty Pills Records]
MINNUS – Devotion [MINNUS]
MINNUS – Not Obedience [MINNUS]
MINNUS – Revelation [MINNUS]
Miss Adk – Preassure Zone [Hot Peppers Raw]
Miss Adk – Standing Waves [Hot Peppers Raw]
Nahal & Peat Noise – Code Green [Naughty Pills Records]
New Waffen – Colani Meinhof (Tito K. Remix) [Nothing But]
Nik Wel – Rhea [Ithica Records]
Nik Wel – Tethys [Ithica Records]
Nik Wel – Titan [Ithica Records]
Noba & Dolby D – Insidious Requiem [Dolma Records]
Nutty T – World of God (Rave Syndicate Remix) [Nothing But]
Otin & Shadym – Basslevel [Wicked Waves Recordings]
Pablo Caballero – The Ravager [Nothing But]
Panthera By B & J – Mal Eben Kurz Hard (Part 1) [Nothing But]
Paulo Av – Psychological Attack [Nothing But]
Peat Noise & Van Dexter – Trauma [Naughty Pills Records]
Pitch – Destiny [Wicked Waves Recordings]
Procopis Gkouklias & Steve Sai – Dracula Returns [Nothing But]
P.T.B.S. – Brav3h3art [BlackVogue Records]
P.T.B.S. – Brav3h3art (Fractal Disorder Remix) [BlackVogue Records]
P.T.B.S. – Brav3h3art (Sprintech Remix) [BlackVogue Records]
P.T.B.S. – Brav3h3art (Sutura Remix) [BlackVogue Records]
P.T.B.S. – Brav3h3art (Timerman Remix) [BlackVogue Records]
Puncher & Marco Kallas – Border Inside (Luix Spectrum Remix) [Wicked Waves Recordings]
Radios – Follow the Voice [Nothing But]
Rave Syndicate – A Time To Kill [Hate Ministry]
Rave Syndicate – Join Or Die [Hate Ministry]
Résonances & Daniel Beknackt – Black Hole [Nothing But]
Rispetto Musiq & DJ FIXED – Inside the Warehouse [BeatCode Ltd]
Rispetto Musiq – Kaiju Tactics [BeatCode Ltd]
Rispetto Musiq – Moonbeam [BeatCode Ltd]
Rispetto Musiq & Nathan J – The Key [BeatCode Ltd]
Roentgen Limiter – A Veces [Nothing But]
Rutechno – Instead of Sound [Cyberna]
Rutechno – Solid State [Cyberna]
S2BE & Andre Kern – Faust [Fresh Cut]
S2BE & Andre Kern – Techno ihr Fotzen [Fresh Cut]
Sam Duties – Bruna
Sam Duties – Dead End Road (Ketch Remix)
Sam Duties – Dead End Road
Sam Duties – I Want To Dance Again
Sebastian Mora – Sodoma [Dolma Records]
Sgarra – Raves or Not (Soul Dendark Remix) [Wicked Waves Recordings]
Sopik – Together (Gladyshev Remix) [Nothing But]
Soundtraxx – The Confinement [Nothing But]
The Baron Of MishMash & TCHIE – Frogs On Acid (Wip My Frog Remix by Matthieu-F) [Nothing But]
The Maniacs – System [LETS TECHNO records]
The Maniacs – Ultra Instinto [LETS TECHNO records]
Timmy D, DJ Bullskull & Jay Nas – Changing World [Munich Monkey Beats]
Timmy D, DJ Bullskull & Jay Nas – Hard Trumpet [Munich Monkey Beats]
Tim Wermacht – Mein Mac und Ich [Wicked Waves Recordings]
Tocadisco – Symbiotikka [Dolma Records]
Tom Wax & Michael Wells – DiscoLights (Michael Wells GTO Mix) [Dolma Records]
Tony Romanello & MiSinki – Reaktor [Dolma Records]
Toxic D.N.A. – Escape [Naughty Pills Records]
Twins Project – FCKIN Break Me (Twins Project Rework) [Dynamic Mind Records]
UNFORG1VEN – Desecration of a Crip [SMR Underground]
UNFORG1VEN – Humanity [SMR Underground]
Wolk – Parallel Universe [Nothing But]
Zoltan Katona (Kato) – Elements (Dan Ruffle Remix) [LETS TECHNO records]
Zoltan Katona (Kato) – Elements (Ellie(GR) Remix) [LETS TECHNO records]
Zoltan Katona (Kato) – Elements (Kraust Sonido Remix) [LETS TECHNO records]
Zoltan Katona (Kato) – Elements [LETS TECHNO records]
Zoltan Katona (Kato) – Elements (Niell Remix) [LETS TECHNO records]
Zoltan Katona (Kato) – Elements (Source Code Remix) [LETS TECHNO records]
Absurd – Automated Defenses
Amstra – Too Sad
BFVR – Crushed by a Speedster
Blame the Mono – 55 Hertzquake
Decadance – Despite the Provocation
Dictent Vroom – Never Without My Diabolo
DRVSH – Rate Yourself
Eastel, BEHZAD – Hurtbeat
ILIVOR – Discovering the Inside
Kamavosian – Inventable Light
Kenny Campbell – Cinq
Ket Robinson – Providing Needs
Koszmar – The Greatest Nightmare
Laren – Cetaceans
Lethal M – Rush, Rush
LLY – Random Morpheus Quotes On
LOUISE – Holding the Quiet’s Hand
Matrheim – Arkenstone
Monsieur Nobody – Run for Your Life
Process404 – Stimulus
Seventh Sea – Strzyga
SVNT – Onlyfans Ordeso
TRBL – Blackcypher
Audioklinik – Breakthrough
Audiowarp – 31 Seconds
David Moleon – Animal Lust
David Moleon – Bandits
David Moleon – Beforebang
David Moleon – Black Hand
David Moleon, Boriqua Tribez – Dale Duro
David Moleon – Catanya
David Moleon – Cockroach 2019
David Moleon – Creature
David Moleon – Dick Hairs Rework
David Moleon, DJ Lukas – Triplekick
David Moleon – Future
David Moleon – Green Patterns
David Moleon – Hard Ribbon
David Moleon – Hypothalamus
David Moleon – Isolator
David Moleon – JELLYFISH
David Moleon – Machine Gun (Original Mix)
David Moleon – Monotension
David Moleon – No More Lies
David Moleon – ParacetaMOL (Original Mix)
David Moleon, Primus V – Sidetensis
David Moleon – Pure Love
David Moleon – RANICOR
David Moleon – Reptile (Original Mix)
David Moleon – Snapback (Original Mix)
David Moleon – Stage Down (Original Mix)
David Moleon – Union
Primus V – The Corruption (Original Mix)
Primus V – The Outsider
Reaky – Optimal Penetration (David Moleon Rework)
Trashman – Overheating