Hardcore best dj mp3 new – [03-May-2021]

666 – Bitch MF [Prototypes Records]
666 & Defracture – Immortal Knowledge [Prototypes Records]
Adaro & Crypsis – Legs in the Air (Cryex Extended Remix) [Roughstate]
Adaro & Crypsis – Legs in the Air (Cryex Remix) [Roughstate]
Adaro & Kronos – The Life (feat. Nikki Milou) [Radio Edit] [MORE Music]
Adrenalize – Midnight [MORE Music]
AM PM – Hopes & Dreams 2021 (Matt Wigman Remix) [BTID Music]
B-Front & Deetox – Cosmos (Radio Edit) [MORE Music]
B-Front – The Light of Darkness [MORE Music]
Bloodlust – The Assassins (feat. Carola & MC Livid) [Radio Edit] [MORE Music]
Conisbee – Isolation [Fatal Energy Records]
Demi Kanon – Wings to Freedom (Radio Edit) [MORE Music]
Devin Wild – Blinded [MORE Music]
Digital Mafia & JLF – Doin’ That (Energy) [Radio Edit] [Tidy]
Digital Mafia & JLF – Doin’ That (Energy) [Tidy]
Digital Mafia & Mike Taylor – Rave to the Grave (Radio Edit) [Tidy]
Digital Mafia & Mike Taylor – Rave to the Grave [Tidy]
Digital Punk & High Voltage – The Long Road (Radio Edit) [MORE Music]
Dione – The Way is Shut (F.Noize Remix) [Megarave Records]
Distortion & Paul Elstak – Motherfuckers (F.Noize Remix) [Megarave Records]
DJ Isaac – Follow Me [MORE Music]
Dougal & Summa Jae – Take Me Away (Summa Jae Remix) [OneSeventy]
Dr. Rude – Atlantis 2021 [MORE Music]
D-Sturb – Guts to Dance (Radio Edit) [MORE Music]
dubbleT – Player One [KOBBRA]
Ecstatic & Audiotricz – Wildest Dreams (feat. MERYLL) [MORE Music]
Envine – Voice of God [MORE Music]
Fancy Friends – Kingdem [Energy Hard Espana]
Frequencerz – Ecstasy (feat. Mark Vayne) [Radio Edit] [MORE Music]
Frontliner & Adaro – Deep in the Night [MORE Music]
Ghost Stories & D-Block & S-te-Fan – Inside My Head [MORE Music]
Hans Teeuwen & De Nachtbrakers – L-l in De Lockdown (feat. Haha Bier Jongen) [Power Hour Edit] [MORE Music]
Hardheads – I’m a Gabber Baby (F.Noize Remix) [Megarave Records]
Headhunterz & JDX – Transcendence [MORE Music]
Heatwavez & TESFY – Embrace [MORE Music]
Hellfish – The Cocaine Diet [Deathchant Records]
Hellfish – Zero Control [Deathchamber Part 2] [Deathchant Records]
Interfearence – Future Generation [Triplex Records]
KELTEK – The Alignment (Cinematic Version) [MORE Music]
Khaoz Engine – Cracked Out [Deathchant Records]
Khaoz Engine – Seperate the Weak [Deathchant Records]
Killshot – Horrorshow (Radio Edit) [MORE Music]
Killshot & The Straikerz – Here We Go Again (Radio Edit) [MORE Music]
Kronos – Warzone (feat. Last Word) [Radio Edit] [MORE Music]
Mark Stent – King of My Castle (feat. Grogu) [Radio Edit] [UFO Recordz]
Miss Enemy – Bring Me to Hell [Darkside Unleashed]
Nayvi – Existence of Time [My Way]
Pesnya – Dogs [UFO Recordz]
Phuture Noize – A New World [MORE Music]
Rabbeat – G.A.F.Y. (Radio Edit) [MORE Music]
Radical Redemption – The Last Bass (Radio Edit) [MORE Music]
Ran-D & D-Sturb – Dance with the Devil (feat. Xception) [Radio Edit] [MORE Music]
Rebelión & Sound Rush – Hypnotized [MORE Music]
Rotterdam Terror Corps – Raveworld (F.Noize Remix) [Megarave Records]
RVAGE – Haunted Eyes [MORE Music]
Sefa – The Omega [MORE Music]
Serzo – Feel It Tonight [MORE Music]
Silenzo – Ambush One [Dark Carousel]
Silenzo – Ambush Two [Dark Carousel]
Silenzo – Cross Impact [Dark Carousel]
Silenzo – Cross Impact (Vishscale Remix) [Dark Carousel]
Silenzo – Sonic Acceleration [Dark Carousel]
Simox – Let the Music [InfeXious Euphoric]
Simox – Let the Music (Reverse Bass Mix) [InfeXious Euphoric]
Stormerz & ElementD – Runaways (Radio Edit) [MORE Music]
Stylar – To Me (Radio Edit) [MORE Music]
Sub Zero Project – Enter the Realm [MORE Music]
The Prophet – Lay Low [MORE Music]
The Saraphim – Falling in Love (Radio Edit) [MORE Music]
Unit DVSN – Give Me Something [Hot Box Digital]
Warface – Bloody Valentine [MORE Music]
watboman – Insomniac (Radio Edit) [MORE Music]
Wildstylez & Ran-D – Warriors [MORE Music]
Zatox – I’m on Faya (Radio Edit) [MORE Music]