Hardcore Best Songs – [10-Jun-2021]

1Vision – You Lost Again [1st Division Hard Recordings]
1Vision – You Lost Again (Radio Edit) [1st Division Hard Recordings]
Abel Effect – Harmony Prayer [C58 Records]
Boris the Noss – Trouble – Shock Tribute (Radio Edit) [Shock Records]
Boris the Noss – Trouble – Shock Tribute [Shock Records]
Chronic Distortion – Shinobi [Akkros Records]
Devastate – Terrabeat (Remastered 2021) [feat. MC Sharkey] [Uprising Digital]
Distorted Voices – Bietn [Hell’s Recordings]
Distorted Voices – Freek in het Wild [Hell’s Recordings]
Distorted Voices & Outrage – Up & Down [Hell’s Recordings]
Distorted Voices – Trekker [Hell’s Recordings]
Dj Metix – Eternal [C58 Records]
DJ Nau – Uk Experience Vol.3 [C58 Records]
D-Tempo – Vol Gas met die Pony [Hell’s Recordings]
Exorcism – Exorcism [Hell’s Recordings]
Gutenberg – Emo Vision [U.G.JAMMIX]
Gutenberg – Love of the Transmission [U.G.JAMMIX]
Gutenberg – Marathon Fascho’n [U.G.JAMMIX]
Gutenberg – System Shift Up [U.G.JAMMIX]
Hellfire – Like a Cherokee Drum [Hell’s Recordings]
Krytax – Vermijd Alcohol [Hell’s Recordings]
Lady Faith – Speak My Mind (feat. Mary Sweet) [Scantraxx Global]
Lunatic & Abaddon – Warmachine (Exorcism Remix) [Hell’s Recordings]
Lunatic & Distorted Voices – Bad Boys [Hell’s Recordings]
Lunatic & Distorted Voices – Pain [Hell’s Recordings]
Lunatic – Like a Lunatic [Hell’s Recordings]
Medellin – Mfcwby [Hell’s Recordings]
Monny – Hardcore Girls [Hell’s Recordings]
Omkara – Slither Into Your Soul [Hell’s Recordings]
Radioactivity – FM Paradise [Previous Records]
Rider Rime – This Is My Style [Hardminds Recordings]
The 3Eyed – Zombie [Hell’s Recordings]
The Slayer, Naughty Kicks, Shard & Mc Kill Bubba – We Don’t Need Fame [X-tinction Recordz]
Toxic Inside & MBK – New Year Madness 2.0 (Toxic Inside vs. MBK) [Hell’s Recordings]