Hardcore hottest music – [04-Nov-2021]

Audiorider – Someone To Forget [State Of Madness Records]
Borja MD & Starbass – Old School Baby [Energy Hard Espana]
ColFearz – Dreamsphere (Remastered) [Regular Records]
Deluzion – Break Him Off 2021 (Original Mix)
Digishock – Still Alive (Extended)
Digishock – Still Alive
Distrix – In My Head (Original Mix)
DJ Depath & M-Project – Hxcx Junkieee (Makinastomp Remix)
DJ Depath & M-Project – Overpowering Enemies (Joey Riot Vs Jaw-D Remix)
Empyre One & H2K – Summermelody 2k21 (Stereo Faces Extended Mix)
Frontliner ft. Insali – Incredible (Extended Mix)
Frontliner ft. Insali – Incredible
Jebroer – Bloody Mary (Harris & Ford Extended Remix)
Jebroer – Bloody Mary (Harris & Ford Remix)
JNXD Ft. Elyn – The Sound Of The Wolf (Extended Mix)
Marc Acardipane – Atmos-Fear (Original Version) (Remastered)
Marc Acardipane – At War (Remix) (Remastered)
Marc Acardipane – Doin’ Drugs (Original Version) (Remastered)
Marc Acardipane – Ey Fukkas (Original Version) (Remastered)
Marc Acardipane – Flash Nights (Feat. The Horrorist) (Original Version) (Remastered)
Marc Acardipane – Hell-E-Copter (Original Version) (Remastered)
Marc Acardipane – We Are From Frankfurt (Mayday Anthem 1993) (Remastered)
Marc Acardipane – World Evacuator (Original Version) (Remastered)
Matt Brzydcore – Play It Loud! [UGT Core]
Mescalinum United & The Mover – We Have Arrived (Miro Remix) (Remastered)
M-Project & Daniel Seven Feat. Zoe Vanwest – Rainbow Lights (Powerstomp Mix)
M-Project – Dig It
M-Project – DJ Rock
M-Project & DJ Skye – Mosh Pit
M-Project & DJ Wyld – Hype The Funk
M-Project & DJ Wyld – Lonely Man
M-Project & Eufeion – Mad As Hell
M-Project & Eufeion – Out Of My Life
M-Project Feat. Jonjo – Pure Powerstomper
M-Project Feat. Jonjo – Razor Tongue
M-Project Feat. Mc Steal – Hardest Bass Around
M-Project Feat. Unity Mc – Beast Mode
M-Project Feat. Yuki – Laugh With Your Heart (Powerstomp Mix)
M-Project Feat. Zoe Vanwest – Lost In The Rave (Powerstomp Mix)
M-Project & Ganah – Devastated
M-Project – Hyperactive
M-Project & Jaw-D & Joey Riot – We Got To Ride
M-Project & Lady Dubbz – Drop It
M-Project – Let The Music Play (Refix)
M-Project & Liqo – Drop The Beat
M-Project & Muzik Servant – Freak In The Discotech
M-Project & Riko – Make Some Fukkin Noise
M-Project & Riko – The Underground
M-Project & Riko – What’s Up
M-Project & Scar & Mc Vibrance – Hybrid
M-Project – Shiny Disco Ball
M-Project & Signal – Ouroboros
M-Project & Signal & T4tsuya – Skank In The Rave
M-Project & Steve Heller Feat. Jonjo – Power To The Stomp
M-Project & Steve Heller Feat. Jonjo – U Know I’m Hardcore
M-Project & Steve Heller – Hardcore Motherfucker
M-Project – We Rave You
M-Project – X-Riot
Nik a.k.a. NKM – State of Confusion [NKM Records]
OBSIDIAN Project – Rave (Partygreser Remix) [Mediterranean Music]
Partygreser – Teknogirls (Harder Mix) [Mediterranean Music]
Partygreser – Teknogirls [Mediterranean Music]
Revelation – Harder (Original Mix)
Septimo – Let Me In
Shanti – Day of the Dead
Stephen Game – Ex Machina (Extended Mix)
Stephen Game – Ex Machina
The Scarfaces – Don’t Stop [TCK-MUSICRECORDS]
The Scarfaces – HANDS in the AIR [TCK-MUSICRECORDS]
The Scarfaces – Keep Focus [TCK-MUSICRECORDS]
The Siberian – A Fox’s Journey (Out of My Mind) [DENAR RCRDS]
The Siberian – A Fox’s Journey (Out of My Mind) [Extended Mix] [DENAR RCRDS]
The Siberian – A Fox’s Journey (Out of My Mind) [Orchestral Mix] [DENAR RCRDS]
Timmy Trumpet x Dimatik x Overdrive – Mosh Pit (Extended Mix)
Timmy Trumpet x Dimatik x Overdrive – Mosh Pit