House Latest Singles MP3 Download – [01-Apr-2021]

Alessandro Lega – Fight This Feeling (feat. Jackie Narciso)
Alkali – Over You (Original Mix)
Andrew Novelli & Nicola Serena – Fresh
Anthony Attalla – Agendas (Extended Mix)
Anthony Attalla – Agendas (Moreno Pezzolato Extended Remix)
ANT LaROCK, Tone Troy – Makem (Edit)
ANT LaROCK, Tone Troy – Makem (Original Mix)
Ash Summers – Night Queen (feat. Pamela Fernandez)
Benny Dawson – Shut Up That Ghettoblaster
Benny Dawson – Stuff In My Mind
Benny Dawson – Walking On Sunshine
Blaise feat. Poppy Baskcomb – Moments (Extended Mix)
Block & Crown, Paul Parsons – Something Special (Club Mix)
Bloque M – Music Box
Bloque M – Music Box (Super Gay Remix)
Bruno Browning – Swing Up (Doc Link-‘s Jacking After Midnight Mix)
B-Sights – Music (Extended Mix)
Capricious – Another Club Mix
Careless – Rumah Kasih (Klang Valley Eastern Disco Dub)
Carlos Mantilla & Cassetro – I Wanna Be
Carlos Mantilla & Cassetro – Say Zay (Instrumental)
Carlos Mantilla & Cassetro – Say Zay
Carlostella & Ejay Rook – Till of Dawn
Carlostella, Ejay Rook – Till of Dawn (Original Mix)
Clubshaker – Overdrive
Clubshaker – Overdrive (Radio Mix)
Crazibiza – Take It High (Original Mix)
Criss Hawk, DJ Macho – Emotion Cut (Original Mix)
Criss Hawk, DJ Macho – Take My Hand (Original Mix)
CRISSY.P – Elevate Your Love (Club Mix)
CRISSY.P – Elevate Your Love (Radio Edit)
Dan Corco – Got U (Extended Mix)
Dan Corco – That’s Luv (Extended Mix)
Dave Moyle – Trumpets & All That Jazz
David Manso – My Love (Luqe Remix)
David Manso – My Love
Deaf Lion – Cairo Streets (Extended Mix)
Deeplomatik – Here I Come
Deeplomatik – This Generation
Diariuz – Speechless
Diego Antoine, De La Trinidad – Oludum (Extended Mix)
DJ MKK – Right in the Night (feat. Jenny) [Extended Remix]
DJ MKK – Right in the Night (feat. Jenny) [Radio Remix]
DJ MKK – Right in the Night (feat. Jenny) [Remix]
D-Sundee – The Sun Is Rising
D-Sundee – The Sun Is Rising (Radio Edit)
Dwayne W. Tyree – I’m Not M.I.A (Original Mix)
Dwayne W. Tyree – Stop Me From Falling (Original Mix)
Edinho Chagas – Never Stop (Original Mix)
Edinho Chagas – The Groove is Mine (Original Mix)
Eduardo Bravo – Make You Happy
Eduardo Bravo – We Can
Ether Drift – Falling
Fabio Pierucci, Eleonore – Love Motivation (Extended Mix)
Feder Funk – She’s Coming (Original Mix)
Filta Freqz – Real Smooth
Flowersons – Banner (Crack D Remix)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Nero Edit)
FuBu & The Melody Men – Perfect Rush (Extended Mix)
Fun Fun – Baila Bolero (Robbie Rivera Extended Remix)
Gary Caos & Kide (IT) – She Drives Me (Original Mix)
Gary Tuohy – Shake That (Original Mix)
Gianni Matteucci – Ordinary House (Gianni Matteucci Remix)
Hardcopy – Must Be Dreamin (Original Mix)
Hatiras – Rhymes Against Humanity (Original Mix)
Homo Novo – Many Chances (Extended Mix)
Homo Novo – Many Chances (Radio Edit)
Infrasoul – Keeping You (Boogietraxx Remix)
Infrasoul – Keeping You
Infrasoul – Love For Free
Itu – Obverse
Jack & Riche – Not Today
Jack & Riche – Not Today (Not Vocal Mix)
Jack & Riche – Not Today (Radio Edit)
Jinadu, Malive, Dee_Vision – On My Knees (Extended Mix)
Joe Ventura – I Had A Dream (feat Sulene Fleming) (Eric Kupper & Kenny Summit Remix)
Jowy – Call It love (Extended Mix)
Juannan – Love Time
Juannan – Make It Hot
Julz Winfield – S a Double D
Kate Stables – Crack Ankle Lane
Kornum & Karma & Gregers – Underworld (Discotron Remix)
Leadkraft – Blue Eyes
Leadkraft – Horizon
Leadkraft – No Time
Leadkraft – Progress
LEE O C – Retrospect
Lombard Street – Only You Babe (Silverfox Remix)
Low Steppa, Guy Burns – Lay It On Me (Extended Mix)
Luigii Nieto – Now Or Never (Original Mix)
Malcom Beatz & Shane Tyler – Need to Grow
Manny Evans – Coventry
Manny Evans – Hyperactive
Manny Evans – Momentum
Manny Evans – Yard Man
Marco Corvino – HO2 (Original Mix)
Mark Funk, Danny Cruz – Down Down Down (Original Mix)
Melleefresh – Memories (Danny Jay Remix)
Melleefresh – Memories (MXJ Remix)
Miishu – Voices In My Head (Extended Mix)
Miishu – Voices In My Head (Radio Edit)
Mike Chenery – Dizzy Disco (Original Mix)
Mike Chenery – Thinking ‘Bout (Original Mix)
Mike Chenery – Try It Out (Original Mix)
Mike Zoran – Discosteria (Original Mix)
More Than Friends, Victor Bari – Be A Man (Vanilla Ace, No Pants Party Remix)
Mosaic Musiq & Penzo Omu Tall – Mali (feat. Master-Pee)
Mybe ∆ Yi3ld – With U
Neale Stuart – What Did You Say (Original Mix)
New Element Music – No Time
Nick Manning – You Know It (Dave K Remix)
Nick Manning – You Know It
Nightly Closures – Go All Night
Ninetoes – Same Same (Original Mix)
Norenoise – Little Diamond (Original Mix)
Olav Basoski, The Cube Guys – Manero (Studio 54 Remix)
Oliver Pan – Cafè Med (Original Mix)
Paul French – I Believe
Paul Najera & Jr. Quijada – Changes (Original Mix)
Paul Parsons, Block & Crown, Lissat – Winners No Losers (Original Mix)
Paul Sirrell – Want To Do (Original Mix)
Pete Flame & FlyMyk – Aliento (2021 Rework)
Phatt Freddy – Everybody
Product Of Us – To The Left, To The Right (Club Mix)
Prospa – Ecstasy (Over & Over) (India Jordan Extended Remix)
Richie Jones & Eric Kupper – Calling You (Bagdad Cafe)
Robosonic, Big Shug – Ghetto (Extended Mix)
Rod Koppar & Benny Bolognino – Something Wrong (Extended Mix)
Rod Koppar & Benny Bolognino – Something Wrong
Roxe – Catch My Breath (Extended Mix)
Rubber People – Disco weapon (Edit)
Ruff Loaderz, Mila Falls – Easy Love (Extended Mix)
RYNO – Down to the Wire (JOSES Remix)
RYNO – Down to the Wire
RYNO – Feel It Now
Sak Chaime – So Easy (Extended Mix)
Sak Chaime – So Easy (Radio Edit)
Salade Tomate – Peace (NEWDAYZ Mix)
Samma – Mamacita (Club Extended Mix)
Samma – Mamacita (Club Radio Edit)
Sanaa – Calling
Sanaa – Drmz
Sanaa – Goodge (feat. Funky Smith)
Sanaa – Like the Sound
Sarah Wilkinson – Won’t Give Up
Sasa Di Toma, Karmina Dai, The Deepshakerz – Step Aside (Main mix)
Seemann, Sunroi, Kendall Birdsong – All the Time (Extended Mix)
Seven Beats – I Can Do It feat Cendy (Extended Mix)
Shaun Dean, Gemma Fox feat. Bomma B – Boxers (Future Kings Extended Remix)
Shaun Dean, Gemma Fox feat. Bomma B – Boxers (John Gibbons Extended Remix)
Simon Pagliari – Free Ride
Soulmain – Set Me Free
Soundsider – Vivre
Superflat – Caribbean Booyah (Original Mix)
Supertons – Last Spirit (Original Mix)
The Big Bear – One Night Stand (Extended Mix)
The Disko Starz – A Deeper Fascination (Original Mix)
The Disko Starz – Foxy Lady (Original Mix)
The Disko Starz – Teardrops in Yokohama (Original Mix)
TheDjLawyer – Clyde’s Melody
TheDjLawyer – Shake Body Now
The Stoned – Can’t Understand It (Original Mix)
The Stoned – Let’s Get Ourselves Together (Original Mix)
The Stoned – What I Say (Original Mix)
Thomas Milles – Party Rock (Club Mix)
TIGER MINDD – On My Mind (Extended Mix)
Tonbe – Rotate Original Mix (Original Mix)
Toni the MmG – Back To The Disco (Original Mix)
T.U.R.F. – Whatcha Gonna Do
Ulysse Riverside – I Can Feel It
Vasily Umanets – Hear Sound Stack (Original Mix)
Vlada Asanin – Piano Rise (Original Mix)
Wazo – My Soul
we.amps – Adagio (JP Disco Astromix)
we.amps, Samuele De Santis – Davantis (Original Mix)
Zulu Natives – Come With My Love (Original Mix)

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