House Release dj Remix – [24-Dec-2021]

16 Pads – Pueblo Latino [Made In Miami]
2fox – Mi Casa (feat. Nandi) [Knee Deep In Sound]
303 Dreams – Airwave (Extended Mix) [Play Records]
303 Dreams – Airwave [Play Records]
Afrinetik – Phantom [NLM Music Group]
Afro-Cuban – Chango [Made In Miami]
afro drumz – Mambo [Made In Miami]
Agus Pazos – Push (Original) [Pick Me Up]
Alexander Bollinger – Our Lives in Future [Element Euphoria]
Alex Dam & Zambiancki – Manipuler (Original) [Pick Me Up]
Alinka – Disappear Into the Night [Freeride Millenium]
Anané – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming (Dave Lee Disco Not Disco Club Mix) [Nervous Records]
A.sihe – Baby in Grind [WARRIOR CITY RECORDS]
A.sihe – Clouds in the Sky [WARRIOR CITY RECORDS]
Audio Jacker – More Than That (Extended Mix)
BBwhite – Strand Guitar [Senssual Records]
Benjamin Fröhlich – Uff [Freeride Millenium]
Birdee & The Dukes – The Stars Are Out Tonight [Nervous Records]
Black Caviar, Your Favourite Garçon & Jaki Nelson – Thrill Seeker [Nervous Records]
Bonnie Mai – Chasing the Feeling (Acapella) [Groove Technicians Records]
Bonnie Mai – Chasing the Feeling [Groove Technicians Records]
Bonnie Mai – Chasing the Feeling (Instrumental Mix) [Groove Technicians Records]
Brian Power – Optimistic (feat. Lucita Jules) [Michael Gray Remix] [Nervous Records]
Captain Morgan – Old School Dance [Redisco]
Cashm Pilot – Dear Discos (feat. SCOOB DJ) [SCOOB & CASHMPILOT Remix] [ELECKTRA RECORDS]
Cashm Pilot – Falling (feat. SCOOB DJ) [ELECKTRA RECORDS]
Chaleee – Nqonqoshe (feat. Soulstar) [DM.Recordings]
Chaleee – Nqonqoshe (feat. Soulstar) [Instrumental] [DM.Recordings]
Chema Balsera – So Good (Marcos Silvestre Remix) [POOW RECORDS]
Close to Custom – Social Society (Original) [Pick Me Up]
CNTRL121 & Lore – Miami 85′ (feat. Billy Carter) [BarberShop Records Ibiza]
CNTRL121 & Lore – Miami 85′ (feat. Billy Carter) [Radio Edit] [BarberShop Records Ibiza]
Coco Street & Eddie Amador – Joy To the World [Nu Soul Records]
Cohn – Turn Ur Back (Oscar G 305 Mix) [Nervous Records]
Coreyography – Something to Behold [Supa Qween Records]
Cristian Avigni & Saxmode – Near You [Play Records]
Crush Club – Borderline [Nervous Records]
Dani Bagnasco – It’s Music DJ [Surbeats Records]
Danny C. Tone – Little Love (feat. Tiffany Sharee) [Big Mama’s House Records]
Danny C. Tone – Little Love (feat. Tiffany Sharee) [Radio Edit] [Big Mama’s House Records]
Dany Cohiba – Barrio Latino [Made In Miami]
Dave Foster – On Fire [BBop Music]
David Novacek & Allan Piziano – Mi Casa feat. Mathieu Ruz Lubo [Adelante Records]
David Novacek & Allan Piziano – Mi Casa feat. Mathieu Ruz Lubo (Radio Mix) [Adelante Records]
deejay a.d.r.i.a – Love Time (Radio Cut) [iM Electronica]
deejay a.d.r.i.a – Love Time (Sax on the Beach Mix) [iM Electronica]
Dian Solo – Baby Baby (Extended Mix)
Dim Chord – Sweet Harmony (Original Mix)
Dj Hermes – Let Me Tell You [Made In Miami]
DJ Jarell – La Parranda [Cuebans Records]
DJ Midimack – Move Your Body [Mack Tracks]
Dreamthis – Dreamthis [Surbeats Records]
Dvit Bousa & Pee4tee – The Toilet [Netswork Digital Records]
Each Other – For Them [Freeride Millenium]
Eddie E – Keep Quiet [Element Euphoria]
Ewan McVicar – The Rhythm (feat. Trinere) [Nervous Records]
FabioEsse & Marshall (UK) – Recall (Original Mix)
Facusan – I Wanna Be Your Slave [Surbeats Records]
Fadec – Trapped Pumpkin [Surbeats Records]
Fatima Njai, Jerome Sydenham, Roland Clark – Preacher feat. Ronald Clark
Fejer – Sunlight (The Rich Kid Remix) [Lip Recordings]
Fergal Freeman – Get Up! [Play Records]
Fond8 – Piano Direction [Metropolitan Recordings]
FOOTWURK & Reid Bourgeois – Amour [Play Records]
Ghem – I Wanna Go [Reaction Music]
Gorge & Oliver Schories – Oyama [Knee Deep In Sound]
Gruvee – One Life [HOUZ]
GUYZA – Stars [Love to Be Recordings]
Helguera & Dominicus – Valete (feat. MC Akash) [Original Vocal Mix] [S.M.A.S.H. Records]
Helguera & Dominicus – Valete (Main Mix) [S.M.A.S.H. Records]
Hot Bullet – Apache (Original Mix)
Hotknife & Pinkee Skylark – I’m Lit Up (Melleefresh Remix) [Play Records]
Hotknife & Pinkee Skylark – I’m Lit Up [Play Records]
Hot Since 82 & Big Miz – Rules (Big Miz Remix) [Knee Deep In Sound]
Hot Since 82 & Miss Kittin – Naboo [Knee Deep In Sound]
Hot Since 82, Miss Kittin, Nick Curly & Jansons – Naboo (Nick Curly & Jansons Remix) [Knee Deep In Sound]
Hot Since 82 – Rules [Knee Deep In Sound]
Houzzie Killa – About Me [theBasement Discos]
Houzzie Killa – Secret Disco Party [theBasement Discos]
Houzzie Killa – Together [theBasement Discos]
Hugo – XTC [Nervous Records]
Iag & Omoc – Spectra (Extended Mix) [Hindu Vision]
Iag & Omoc – Spectra (Radio Edit) [Hindu Vision]
Inb4 – Down [Play Records]
INSPIRA – Levitate [Melodic Bassment Records]
JackEL & Cypert – Malibu (Downlowd Remix) [Play Records]
Jack Truant – Rock That Beat (Extended Mix)
James Womersley – Work For Love (Original Mix)
Jason Hersco – Disco Lemonade [Play Records]
Jasper Street Co. – You’re My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration (Tensnake Short Remix) [Nervous Records]
Jay Gunning – Satisfy [Nervous Records]
Joaquin Barbat – Genesis [Surbeats Records]
Jona & Gaio – Ouye [Contrasts Music]
Jo Paciello – Sometimes (it’s you)
Jorkes – Transcend [Freeride Millenium]
Josh Butler – Roskill [Knee Deep In Sound]
Joshwa (UK) & Martin Badder – By My Side (Edit) [Nervous Records]
Juda Benzi – Spin Cycle (Extended Mix) [Play Records]
Juda Benzi – Spin Cycle [Play Records]
Juliet Sikora, Tini Gessler – Mandala Acid (Extended Mix)
Juravlove – K Tebe Idu [Noire & Blanche]
Juravlove – Mlad [Noire & Blanche]
Juravlove – Pepa [Noire & Blanche]
Juravlove – SCL Musique [Noire & Blanche]
Juravlove – Vse Kak Nado [Noire & Blanche]
Juravlove – Zoz [Noire & Blanche]
Kardano – Chameleon [Play Records]
Kenny Bobien & Wheeler del Torro – The Sun Will Shine Again (Kenny Dope Remix) [Nervous Records]
Kevin Andrews, K69 – All Over Me (Original Mix)
Kevin McKay – Sing It Back (I Feel Love) [Edit] [Glasgow Underground]
Kevin McKay – Sing It Back (I Feel Love) [Glasgow Underground]
Kicks – Murder [Surbeats Records]
KI Creighton – Love Affair (feat. Georgia Cécile) [Big Miz Remix] [Nervous Records]
Kirwan – Deep Nature [Monkey Stereo Records]
Kirwan – Feelings Good [Monkey Stereo Records]
Kirwan – Te Quiero [Monkey Stereo Records]
Klic – Disco Music (Medlar 2021 Remix) [Nervous Records]
Late Nite ‘DUB’ Addict – Life Is Life [Trax Records]
Late Nite ‘DUB’ Addict – Lounge Lizard [Trax Records]
Late Nite ‘DUB’ Addict – Samba, Samba [Trax Records]
Late Nite ‘DUB’ Addict – Zero To Hero [Trax Records]
Late Replies – Second Nature [Knee Deep In Sound]
Lester Fitzpatrick and I Am Dj Stretch – Sexual Encounter
LevyM – Makukhanye (feat. Lizwi & Benjy) [Ralf GUM Remix] [Nervous Records]
Lj Pepe – The choice is yours (feat. Kemit) [On Work]
Louie Vega – Another Day In My Life (LV Re-Touch) [Nervous Records]
Luyo – Lean Into It (Tedd Patterson Remix) [Nervous Records]
Madae – Karmen [Play Records]
Mama Droplets – Love to Hear You (Club Mix) [Disco Explosion Records]
Mama Droplets – Love to Hear You (Disco Mix) [Disco Explosion Records]
Manybeat – Jungle Of Music [Made In Miami]
Massimiliano Pagliara – I Feel Romantica [Freeride Millenium]
Matt Caseli – Guidance (Extended Mix)
Maxinne – Outta My Head [Knee Deep In Sound]
Maxwell House UK – Luvstruck (Original Mix)
Mazelo Nostra – City Life [Diventa Music]
Mazelo Nostra – For the Moment [Diventa Music]
Mazelo Nostra – For the Moment (Vocal Edit) [Diventa Music]
Mazelo Nostra – Moonlight [Diventa Music]
Meglajon – Sine Asylum (Club Mix) [Play Records]
Meglajon – Sine Asylum [Play Records]
Meglajon – Sine Asylum (Radio Edit) [Play Records]
Melleefresh & dj genderfluid – Better Off Alone [Play Records]
Melleefresh – Let’s Do It Together (Cactus 169 Remix) [Play Records]
Melleefresh – Memories (Melleefresh Electro Remix) [Play Records]
Micaela – Venus [Surbeats Records]
Milk & Sugar ft Paul Gardner & Peyton – You Can’t Hide from Yourself (CASSIMM Extended Remix)
Mojere – Wena Wedwa (feat. Lilac Jeans & a-Moh) [Lilac Jeans Records]
Mr. ID, Younes Akhraz – Track ID2 [Kaoz Theory]
Mr. ID, Youssef Grirane & Kerri Chandler – Track ID1 (feat. Rita Mdn) [Kerri Chandler 623 Again Mix] [Kaoz Theory]
Mr. ID, Youssef Grirane & Kerri Chandler – Track ID1 (feat. Rita Mdn) [Kerri Chandler 623 No Piano Mix] [Kaoz Theory]
Mr. ID, Youssef Grirane & Kerri Chandler – Track ID1 (feat. Rita Mdn) [Kerri Chandler No Piano Remix] [Kaoz Theory]
Mr. ID, Youssef Grirane & Kerri Chandler – Track ID1 (feat. Rita Mdn) [Kerri Chandler Remix] [Kaoz Theory]
Mr. ID, Youssef Grirane – Track ID1 (feat. Rita Mdn) [Kaoz Theory]
Mr. Kavalicious – Music Came First (Extended Mix)
Nenad J. – Dreaming [DeepStitched]
Nenad J. – Heating [DeepStitched]
Nenad J. – Welcoming [DeepStitched]
Neuronphase – Could Seinfield Have Tasted This [Porridge Bullet]
Neuronphase – Get It [Porridge Bullet]
Neuronphase – Gotta PLay [Porridge Bullet]
Neuronphase – Here We Go Again [Porridge Bullet]
Neuronphase – Imagine That [Porridge Bullet]
Neuronphase – Lon [Porridge Bullet]
Neuronphase – Psychik [Porridge Bullet]
Neuronphase – Roasting [Porridge Bullet]
Nick Curly & Jansons – Go [Knee Deep In Sound]
Nuyorican Soul – The Nervous Track (Ballsy Mix) [Harry Romero Edit] [Nervous Records]
Oliviero Vivarelli – Angelik [Play Records]
Oscar G – Dios Mío [Made In Miami]
Patient Zero – Moroccan Tea Party [Aquamelon]
Pigsnatchers & Mikey T – Your Number (Original Mix)
Project Vibez – Lunar Eclipse [Play Records]
Rafa Barrios – Housick [Nervous Records]
Ram – Orbital Selection [Surbeats Records]
Raniero Kay – Gangstermusic [iM Electronica]
Raphael Schön – Healing [Freeride Millenium]
Rastargull – Jamaica [Ak Tape 65]
Rastargull – Spongebob Superdreads [Ak Tape 65]
Rastargull – We Remember Bob Marley [Ak Tape 65]
Rhyze – Do Your Dance (Moodena Remix) [Nervous Records]
Ricardo Reale – Acid Moments (4Matt Acid Remix) [4Matt Productions]
Ricardo Reale – Acid Moments [4Matt Productions]
Ricardo Reale – We Have Disco [4Matt Productions]
Richard Grey – Tainted Love (2022 NYE Mix)
Rich Hall – Sweet Mind [Noise Reduction Records]
Rich Hall – Sweet Mind (radio edit) [Noise Reduction Records]
Ricky Erre Love – Jingo Bhan [Metroklang Records]
Ricky Erre Love – Lovely Trouble [Metroklang Records]
Ricky Erre Love – My Night Shift [Metroklang Records]
Robin S – Show Me Love (Emmaculate Remix)
Roby Arduini & Pagany – Joy and Pain (feat. Barry Stewart & Ivonne Shelton) [Sunflower Remix] [Nervous Records]
Rodney Hunter – Dance (Extended Mix)
Roxy – The Contagion (Baronhawk Poitier Masked Mix) [Nervous Records]
Saliva Commandos – We Only Watching The Stars [Made In Miami]
Sammy Deuce & Treasure Fingers – Fooled Me (Treasure’s Version) [Nervous Records]
Sammy Sax – Who You Are [Play Records]
Santè – RawHyte [Knee Deep In Sound]
Sardis – Statisch Deep House [Sardis]
Sardis – Statisch Deep House (Vocal Mix) [Sardis]
Sardis – Statisch Disko Miracle Harps [Sardis]
Scoom Legacy – Flow [Knee Deep In Sound]
SHA – Around the World (feat. Stevie C) [SHA Recordings]
SHA – Give Me That Beat (feat. Stevie C) [SHA Recordings]
SHA – Manhoar (feat. Stevie C) (feat. Stevie C) [SHA Recordings]
Siege & DJ Boris – Journey (Extended Mix)
Silvez – Play It For Me [Noise Reduction Records]
Silvez – Play It For Me (radio edit) [Noise Reduction Records]
Simon Doty – The Beacon [Knee Deep In Sound]
Simon Vinyl – Taming Beasts [Gold Image Recordings]
Sllash & Doppe – 1, 2 Step (Extended Mix)
Smart Wave – Indecis [TRIP and emotions]
Sosa UK – What’s Your World (feat. Gloria Ann Taylor) [Nervous Records]
Sr. Saco – Tambores Negros [Made In Miami]
Stephen Day – Let’s Groove [Seven Music]
Stephen Day – Let’s Groove (The 505 Remix) [Seven Music]
Steve Lawler – That Sound [Armada Music]
Stoim – Dancing On 3rd Street (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Remix) [Nervous Records]
Sue Avenue – Ibiza Blue [Nervous Records]
Super Paolo – Mini-Plug (Baldelli & Dionigi Remix) [Disco Milk Records]
Super Paolo – Mini-Plug [Disco Milk Records]
Super Paolo – Mini-Plug (Funkadiba Remix) [Disco Milk Records]
Tech Us Out – Get On Down [Play Records]
TedC – Do Nothing (Original Mix) [Kief Music]
TedC – The Melody (Original Mix) [Kief Music]
That Kid Chris – El Mundo [Made In Miami]
Thurman – Acid Melon (Original) [Pick Me Up]
Timmy Regisford – 2AM Jam [Nervous Records]
TKR – Active Day [Surbeats Records]
Torres De Lara – Gortuls [Sativa Music]
Trutopia – A Brooklyn Sesh [Nervous Records]
Tute D’Andrea – Galactic [Surbeats Records]
Two Lee & Michelle Weeks – To The Sky [Nervous Records]
Vincent Caira – 4AM in Toronto [Robsoul]
Watsche – Just a Game (Original) [Pick Me Up]
Wolvero – Sky Fall [Play Records]
Yass – Deliver Us (feat. Lt Brown & Jay Sebag) [Nervous Records]
Yousef & CamelPhat – April [Knee Deep In Sound]
Yousef & CamelPhat – One Summer [Knee Deep In Sound]
ZAV – People Are Dancin [Phunk Traxx]