Jackin House, Funky House popular Songs – [08-Nov-2021]

Boogietraxx – Le Sentiment 2000 (C. da Afro Remix) [feat. T Sounds] [theBasement Discos]
Boogietraxx – Le Sentiment 2000 (feat. T Sounds) [theBasement Discos]
Boogietraxx – Southborough ’06 (feat. T Sounds) [theBasement Discos]
Corrado Alunni – Disco Light [Onako Records]
Corrado Alunni – Disco Light (Radio Edit) [Onako Records]
Scoopy – Devil Blues [Smokin Joe Records]
Tommy boccuto – Can I Feel It [Rhythm Vibe]
2sher – anytime (extended mix)
charly angelz – bounce with it
chemars – in the place to be
chemars – summer break
cj reign – go to the floor (4 2 da floor bumpy dubb)
corrado alunni – my business card
disco ball’z – city life
dj lazz – minds 2021 (greg paris remix)
dj vincenzino – ring the alarm (extended mix)
erik bo – chicago
galaxy of disco – higher
jackin box – funk you
jo paciello – it’s in your mind (extended mix)
lebon (uk) – don’t give up
meems – cats cypher
mike chenery – dancing
mishш – get funky
nero grey – about you (extended mix)
norberto acrisio – if you wanna 2.0
paul parsons – when u wannit
sound dome – wanna house
stanny abram – feel so good
tgw – let it groove (extended mix)
tokyo cartel – cicero ave
will back – old school
adln – b.swing 2 (electro swing mix)
afro carrib – kapola (hey jack mix)
alan de laniere – amin buzz (hey jack mix)
daweird – cloud (hey jack mix)
hey alan – crazy (electro swing mix)
lady of victory – i do (hey jack mix)
medizan – siwo
mr berbar – lourd a (new mix)
newdayz – planet x
yssy – no money (hey jack radio mix)