latest music mp3 Afro House, Afro Beat – [21-Jan-2021]

Balata, K.O.D – Devine
Balata, K.O.D – Endless Solutions
Blaq Huf – Epic Of Djongo
Blaq Owl, SKay Muzic – Billie Jean (Original Mix)
Christos Fourkis, Mikele – Stored City (ADDFX Remix)
Connie B – Shining
Damian Cruga, Replicanth – Treasures (Rossteaux Remix)
George Vibe – Tambe
Hypnosis, Afrikan Roots, Busi N – I’m gonna do me(O tla ipona) (Original Mix)
Hypnosis, Afrikan Roots, Mel D – Inkondo(War of the Drum) (Original Mix)
Hypnosis – Captured (Original Mix)
Hypnosis, Decency, Thebe – Slay Queen (Gabba Cannal Remix)
Hypnosis, Dvine Brothers, Mluu, Miss Twaggy – Ngim’tholile (Original Mix)
Hypnosis – E don do (Afrobeat Mix)
Hypnosis – My Roots of Asia (Original Mix)
Hypnosis, Nickson – Something like this (Major Crepitate MusiQ Amapiano Remix)
Joni DiP – 7 De Laan (Original Mix)
Kabaka – L’Adieu (BNJ Edit)
Kabaka – Sérail (BNJ Edit)
Kabaka – Spiritual Affair (BNJ Edit)
KiingPraiise, Gubu Noir – Spheres (Original Mix)
Lukulu – Call
Lukulu – Dubai
Lukulu – Hell Boy
Lukulu – Ithemba
Mr Norble Guy, Vetties Roco – Drums Of Africa (Original Mix)
Nico de Andrea, Darla Jade – Ghost in Me (Extended)
Shona SA – The Only Way (feat Jay SoulO) (Original Mix)
SORRYCAT – Mind Speech
The Angels (IL) – Bailar (Extended Mix)