listen and download Techno (Raw, Deep, Hypnotic) – [19-Apr-2021]

3phazegenerator – Nano Planet [Instate]
Andrea Onorati – Alcantara [Deepmode Records]
Arnaud Le Texier – Deform (Original) [Emphatic Records]
Arnaud Le Texier – Dusty 21 (Original) [Emphatic Records]
Arnaud Le Texier – Electric Fence (Original) [Emphatic Records]
Arnaud Le Texier – Morning Remote (Original) [Emphatic Records]
Atimo – Muse Melete [Atimo]
Bilateral Motion – K3p0 [High Pressure Systems]
CYP3R – It’S Black [Beats HD]
Dima Gastrolër – Construct [UNCAGE]
Dima Gastrolër – Eclectica [UNCAGE]
Dima Gastrolër – Irritation [UNCAGE]
Dima Gastrolër – Neurasthenia [UNCAGE]
Dima Gastrolër – Toroplivaya [UNCAGE]
dngdwn – Bretton [High Pressure Systems]
Dubocio – Under Lights [Oxytech Limited]
FLIPSILV3R – Space Goove [Beats HD]
Hollow Points – Titania (Light Version) [High Pressure Systems]
Ijon Muça – 6000 Mi Axis (Negastiv Remix) [SMSH]
Ijon Muça – 6000 Mi Axis [SMSH]
Ijon Muça – Influx [SMSH]
Ijon Muça – Orthonormal as Always [SMSH]
[intentionally left blank] – Multicellular [High Pressure Systems]
Javier Poblete – Crystal Sand [Raion Records]
Klotz – Fine Machine (Dykkon Remix) [Signal LTD]
Klotz – Fine Machine [Signal LTD]
Klotz – Hidrosfera [Signal LTD]
Klotz – Notch [Signal LTD]
La Quica y Limón – El Águila [Minimal Kids]
La Quica y Limón – Laberinto [Minimal Kids]
Lucas Wirth – Bang On [Pure Dope Digital]
Lucas Wirth – Funky Pills [Pure Dope Digital]
Martin Jarl – Darkwood [High Pressure Systems]
Mateo Dadario – Dreamy [Oxytech Limited]
Methodub – Cat – Fox (Spanless Remix) [Dog And Man]
Methodub – No Milk (Mechanical Fusion Remix) [Dog And Man]
Nabla – Do you Want It [dib records]
Ozgur Uzar – Fear Factory [GoldenTears]
Ozgur Uzar – Technological [GoldenTears]
Sathurnus – A Strange Experiment [Simplecoding Recordings]
Sathurnus – Homunculus [Simplecoding Recordings]
Sathurnus – The Alchemist [Simplecoding Recordings]
Sathurnus – The Body Is Alive (JXXXO Remix) [Simplecoding Recordings]
Sathurnus – The Body Is Alive [Simplecoding Recordings]
Save – Redundant [Minimal Kids]
Save – We Are the Robots [Minimal Kids]
S.Ink – If She Can’t Kill Me [High Pressure Systems]
South Diamond – Fractal Theory [Aesthetica Records]
Subduxtion – Ambience [High Pressure Systems]
Tom Harrison – Continuous Physical Waves (Chris Nord remix) [Kollektiv Black]
Tom Harrison – Continuous Physical Waves [Kollektiv Black]
Uncrat – Clear Quesy (Original) [Moral Standards]
Uncrat – Clear Quesy (P.E.a.R.L. Remix) [Moral Standards]
Uncrat – Exclaim (Original) [Moral Standards]
Uncrat – Pelog (Original) [Moral Standards]