listen new exclusive Electro House Vol.1968 – [29-Apr-2021]

Amour & Oing – Funk You Want (Original Mix)
Ausso & Ovylarock – Tequila Shot [Satsuma Music]
AVMA – Look Inside [Format V]
Behr $quad – Candle Wax [Format V]
Bergis – Satellites [Sick Dance]
Craxxxtar – Get Down Low [Durp Supera]
DeFreight – About You [Format V]
Dipstep – Heartbeat [Front Artillery Records]
DJ Bostan – La Baile (Extended Mix) [AURA RECORDS]
DJ Bostan – La Baile (Radio Edit) [AURA RECORDS]
DJ Elephant Power – Slowdown [Elephant Power Records]
DJ Gorbunoff – Fatality [Format V]
Doctor Neiman & Micah Martin – Nothing Without You
EFH – Mess [Format V]
Fab From Toulouse – Apnea [F#cklite]
Fakerz – Back For You [DENAR RCRDS]
Fish Scale – Unholy (feat. neverwaves) [THRIVE MUSIC]
Galbeh – Get Down [Format V]
Giuliano Daniel – Young 4 Ever [Format V]
Ilussha – Acid Release [Glitchworld Recordings]
InDual – Stvcks [Sub 49 Records]
Kraddy, KillWill & Eko Zu – Soul Killa [Motherwolf]
Lime Pie & Ellon Donni – Road Line [Format V]
Lion Pagi – Lte [Format V]
LVNDL – Try On [Format V]
Mark Fluxx & SkiDropz – Dr. Love [Zuiki Records]
Modis Chrisha – Catch Me [Modis Records]
Naffecy & The Provence – Jaco [Format V]
Onur Enfal – Feel Bad [Satsuma Music]
Owl Vision – Dreamz [Comorbid Records]
Owl Vision – DREAMZ
RIOHTZ – Bloody Breaks (Original Mix)
Saltov – Sltv [Format V]
SGRN – Fly (feat. Jazmin Williams) [Closer Music]
SGRN – Just Wanna Know [Closer Music]
Sound Diller – Alone Samurai [Format V]
Stonebank feat. Nino Lucarelli – Strength Unknown (Original Mix)
The Bassdraketh – The Universe [Format V]
The Provence – Masquerade [Format V]
Tim Hox – Toxicus (Extended Mix) [Storm Music]
Tim Hox – Toxicus [Storm Music]