listen new exclusive Fidget House, Bass House – [29-Apr-2021]

Alex Gaudino – Destination Calabria (Juicce & Domme Remix)
Axel Boy – Magnetism (Cooky Remix)
Blvckmore – Mic Check (Original Mix)
Blvckmore – On Sight (Original Mix)
Broh – The Man (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Claybrook – Headshot (Bermal Edit)
Claybrook – Headshot VIP (Original Mix)
CRSD UP – High’s N’ Low’s [G-Mafia Records]
Dario Rodriguez & Point Blvnk – Hyphy (Extended Mix) [RH2]
DJ Vavvá – 3 2 1 Lets Gol [Dj Vavva Records]
DJ Vavvá – Block Ready [Dj Vavva Records]
DJ Vavvá – Sound Bass [Dj Vavva Records]
DJ Vavvá – Sound Bass (Dub Mix) [Dj Vavva Records]
DJ Vavvá – Up and Down [Dj Vavva Records]
DJ Vavvá – We the People [Dj Vavva Records]
DJ Vavvá – You Ready [Dj Vavva Records]
Eveningperple – That Wolf-Ish [MudPie Records]
Eveningperple & The Schmidt – We Out Here [MudPie Records]
F3rry & Jenee Hanako – Underground (Extended Mix) [RH2]
FR13ND – F With Dis (Extended Mix)
Funkin Matt feat. Tom Breeze – Hope (Original Mix)
Heat Ledger – Act Like That [Electric Love Records]
Heat Ledger – Losing My Mind [Electric Love Records]
jORA – Macronom (Instrumental Mix) [RH2]
Just Jack – The Way [RH2]
KHAG3 – Making Money [Phunk Junk Records]
KHAG3 – Spacewalk [Phunk Junk Records]
Loud.Drop – Real [FUTURETRXX (Plasmapool)]
Loud.Drop – Real (Original Mix)
Luis Rodríguez & Vursov – You Don’t Know (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Luke Miller – Do This (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Martin Oakson – It’s Like That (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Mazara – Level Up (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Merger – Miss Molly (Extended Mix) [RH2]
NALYRO – Feel Me [RH2]
NØM4 – Rave (Original Mix)
NØTAMUSED – Don’t Stop (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Qbist MC – Paris Versailles (Original Mix)
Sam Collins & Salkin – We Can All Dance (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Sasha Steel – Velvet (Extended Mix) [RH2]
Simon Fava – What It Is About (Code3000 Intro Remix) [RH2]
Skiavo & Vindes – Waiting For [TurnItUp Muzik]
Steve Walls – Takey Body [Skink]
Storm & Pawax – Stressed Out (Extended Mix)
Victor Nillo – Back Is Long [RH2]
Westley – The Gun
Adln – Why are you leaving me (Electro-Swing Mix) [MCT Luxury]
Adln – Why are you leaving me (Hey Alan! Mix) [MCT Luxury]
Fake Bricks – Guilty [Trench Bass Music Records]
The Real Alcapone – Get out My Way [YosH]
The Real Alcapone – Ironic [YosH]
The Real Alcapone – Tame This [YosH]